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Alles in één LED-straat op zonne-energie

ALL IN ONE LED solar street light

The design of the integrated solar street light/garden light absorbs the inspiration and energy from the universe. Ir combines today's best green energy portfolio (solar energy, semiconductor LED light source, dedicated battery for street lights). It uses excellent practical control technology, such as a microcontroller, thermal infrared human body induction, etc. Then combines with the simple integrated structure design, perfectly achieve higher brightness with lower power consumption,
(average 6w power consumption equals 100w incandescent lamp's illumination) , long life span and free maintenance, excellent waterproof and heat dissipation, at the same time with convenient installation.

MIC is een van de grootste fabrikanten, leveranciers en exporteurs van led-verlichting en zonne-verlichting in China, evenals de toonaangevende leverancier van energiebesparende oplossingen.
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