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New Energy Storage

New Energy Storage

We are now introducing devices that can store power storage systems generated by wind, electricity, solar, flywheel, geothermal, fire, etc. As times have changed, so have batteries. The old lead acid batteries stored less power, had a shorter storage time and a shorter life. Nowadays lithium batteries can store more power, have a short charging time, a long service life, can be combined in series or parallel to produce different power, voltage, a wide range of use and are more efficient to manage. It is possible to manage the charging and discharging of each cell inside the battery pack more intelligently.
We are now also producing energy storage solutions for different uses, such as home use, wilderness camping, as well as power batteries, electric bicycles, and even solutions for large public places such as schools and hospitals.
We produce high quality batteries with a cycle life of 6,000 cycles, and are not like other companies that use recycled batteries, which have a short life span.
This is one criterion to distinguish good from bad batteries.
If your country has frequent power cuts or unstable voltages that cause disturbances to your household electricity, then our energy storage systems for home use, such as the 51.2V 200Ah system, can provide a minimum of 2-3 days of electricity supply for the average household.
Of course, we do not only have electrical storage devices, but also lighting fixtures, so if you want lighting fixtures, you can also find them on our website. All products are delivered to you via a professional shipping company.

MIC is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of LED lighting and solar lights in China, as well as the leading provider in energy-saving solutions.
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