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Solar LED Street Light Vs Old Street Light
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Solar LED Street Light Vs Old Street Light

Progressing from Old Street Light to Eco-Friendly Solar LED Street Light

The Solar LED street light is no more an envisioned technology because it has increasingly become the need of modern-day urban infrastructure. The need for safety on the streets, especially at night, had always prompted the town planners to install electric street light poles for the convenience of both the pedestrians and drivers.

The old street lights, or precisely speaking, the electric street lights have illuminated the streets for years and decades. However, with the passage of time, it was revealed that once considered handy infrastructure, these electric lamps were hugely a part of carbon dioxide emitting sources that have polluted our environment.

In addition, the cost of electricity continued to rise and waste of energy became a growing concern for the authorities due to the use of expensive means of lightening the streets.

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The failure of old street lights set the stage for more technological development to find an efficient lighting system that was primarily workable at night besides being cost-effective, durable, energy-saving, and above all, non-pollutant.

In today’s world, the technological scene changes rapidly and there is no doubt that technological advancement was impossible without the discovery of electricity but the discovery of solar LED street lights was itself a huge breakthrough in electricity.

In recent years, this discovery has shown phenomenal contribution towards the reduction of environmental pollution besides becoming a big source of energy-saving equipment. Today, we encounter this automation on the streets of almost all the big cities. Initially, looking at a costly investment, the long-run benefits of this street light are commendable and worth its price.


solar LED street light

Composition and Functioning of LED Equipped Solar Street Light

This light relies on original sources of energy.  It is made up of a solar penal, lighting source, battery, smart controller, bracket, and lamp post, etc.  The solar panels save solar energy in the battery during the day time, and when solar irradiance decreases at night gradually, the smart controller controls the battery to illuminate the LED light. The smart controller protects the battery from over-charging and over-discharging. It also controls the working time of the LED light.

We can briefly look into the reasons why manufacturers such as Mic-Led are inclined towards better street lights while foregoing the old street light and why this innovation has become an irreplaceable tool of modern infrastructure.

Low Cost and Easy Installation

Since the old street lights take electricity from the grid lines, their installation in terms of cables, trenching, and labor, etc. is always complex and leads to a high cost of production. They also needed a battery box for storing heavy batteries. On the other hand, solar LED street lights are easy and cheap to install. Besides, they are independent of the power grid.

Energy-Efficient and Reliable

Contrary to the old street lights, the LED lights come with intelligent features. They are highly energy efficient because they use solar energy, which is renewable. On the other hand, frequent power outages limit the old street lights. As they use nonrenewable electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Human and Environment Friendly     

Preventive measures were the crux in the making of solar LED street lights because it has been proved technically that these lights do not pollute the environment since the lens used in them automatically adjusts the brightness of light according to the battery voltage.  As a result, these lights eliminate carbon footprints and emit clean energy received from the sun. On the other side, the sodium or halide lamps used in old street lights are a source of producing toxic carbon dioxide that is extremely harmful to the environment and human health.

Low Maintenance

As the old street lights consume more electricity, they require frequent maintenance. If you do not regularly top the batteries with water, they may get redundant. This further adds to the cost of maintenance. However, the LED lights require minimum maintenance because their rechargeable battery stores solar energy for a longer period of time.

The mechanism is simple. The PV panels of solar lights transform the heat of the sun into electricity. The rechargeable battery stores the solar energy, and when darkness arises, the solar lights work using the energy stored in the battery.

Weather Resilient

The solar LED street lights are durable as they withstand the harshness of extreme weather. They are technically designed to remain water-proof and weather prod. The typhoons or consistent harsh weather would have an adverse effect on the longevity of the old street lights.

Clear Visibility

Due to built-in LED’s solar street lights have the potential to illuminate like the sunlight during the night time. These lights use minimum energy to give ultimate brightness. But the yellow light of old street lights often makes it difficult to see for the movers on the streets. The glare of the old street lights usually causes poor visibility.


There is almost no risk of any short-circuiting in the case of the solar LED street lights. As they do not require wires. On the contrary, the old street lights have a direct connection with electricity through a number of wires that may cause an accident in case of any negligence, or during consistent rains.

Incomparable Reliability in terms of Lifespan

The reliability aspect of any product is purely based on its durability. The estimated lifespan of old street lights is approximately less than a year or a maximum of 8000 hours. On the contrary, a LED solar street light has the ability to last for almost 5 to 7 years.

solar LED street light

Conclusion on Solar LED Street Light

The abstract of the above discussion is that solar LED street lights have a cutting-edge advantage over the old street lights. The former addresses the modern infrastructure requirement in a much better way because they are far more reliable. In addition, it is energy-efficient, environment-friendly adopts a low voltage DC power supply. Carries a longer life than the old street lights.

The future remains unpredictable, but broadly speaking, the staggering growth in the use of such street lights is an embodiment of human desire to keep this planet environment friendly and a pleasant place to live on.  This invention will definitely continue to shape our lives.

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