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Development History of UFO Highbay Light

April 11, 2020

In addition to the various lighting lamps used in the general environment, highbay light also includes explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments.

According to the functions, highbay light can be divided into general lighting and local lighting

General lighting lamps are usually evenly arranged on the upper or side walls of the work site to illuminate the entire working surface. It is necessary to use high power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps or a large number of fluorescent lamps. Most high bay light belong to this category. General lighting lamps has high requirements on the distribution of light, and two types of light distribution of the direct illumination type and the semi-direct illumination type are widely used, especially the latter. In the semi-direct lighting type, part of the upward light illuminates the ceiling, which can increase the brightness of the ceiling and create a more comfortable and bright environment.

Partial lighting is a kind of luminaire that improves the illuminance of a certain working part. Its role can be to strengthen and supplement lighting on the basis of general lighting, or it can be used as temporary lighting in some places (such as equipment maintenance and maintenance) that do not normally need lighting. Most of their light distributions are not strictly regulated. Local lighting is usually installed near the work area, using incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps with safe extra-low power (<= 50V, AC effective value) as the light source. There are (portable) running lights, hanging lights, work table lights, machine tool work lights, etc. In some tall buildings, spotlights are sometimes used for local lighting.

Use requirements: In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and the needs of lighting installation conditions, the reflectors of highbay light should be able to produce various widths of light distribution. The surface is painted and glazed to make it appear white, and the reflector is made of aluminum, glass mirror, prism glass and other materials. Both can get a wide light distribution, suitable for large-area, vertical or nearly vertical workplaces. For tall buildings and places with tall machine tools that require separate lighting, reflectors made of materials with strong light control properties, such as prism glass, mirror glass, and polished aluminum, can be used to obtain a narrow beam distribution.

In order to work reliably for a long period of time in places with poor environmental conditions such as dust and humidity, highbay light have special requirements in terms of structural design, housing and reflector. In dusty environments, closed lamps or convection lamps with upward light flux should be used; in humid environments, attention should be paid to the tightness of the enclosure and the surface treatment of the reflector; in general, open lamps are commonly used indoors, with enamel reflectors, surface oxidation Aluminum reflector with thicker aluminum layer or coated with silicon dioxide protective film; considering the inevitable vibration in the production place, the fixed light source should use anti-loosening lamp holder, etc.

There are many ways to fix high bay lights. The general lighting has the forms of ceiling, embedding, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain) and suction wall. Removable partial lights are equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, clip feet, etc .; fixed partial lights are generally locked firmly on the working machine with screws or fixing mechanisms.

One famous highbay light is called UFO LED high bay light because of its unique shape and beautiful appearance like UFO (unidentified flying object). Adopt high-precision fully automated equipment to form an aluminum fin heat dissipation shell at one time, and the heat dissipation effect is good.It adopts multiple patch-type high-power high-efficiency and high-indicator LED 3030/5050 LED beads, with even light, and is equipped with Taiwan Meanwell driver. And the respirator can effectively prevent the generation of mist due to environmental temperature difference, and has good waterproof and dustproof performance. Long life and low light attenuation, can be widely used in various harsh outdoor and indoor application environments.

ufo highbay light-detail-1

As a new type of highbay lamp, it adopts lens with light distribution design, no additional reflector light distribution is needed, so there is no phenomenon that the reflector of traditional LED highbay light is easily deformed during transportation, and the transportation cost is relatively lower.

Composition introduction of UFO highbay light

Aluminum fin heat sink with high thermal conductivity; Meanwell driver with integrated aluminum die-casting case; high thermal conductivity aluminum PCB; high light transmittance PC plane sealing cover; multiple imported high brightness 3030/5050 chips; dual safety installation with hanging hook and steel wire rope component.

composition introduction of UFO highbay light

Features of UFO highbay light

1. Adopt multiple high-power LED (303 0) as the light source, with the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, pure light color, high indicator, no ghosting, etc.

2. Unique fin heat dissipation design, lighter weight, perfect combination of light source and radiator, effectively spread heat out, thereby reducing the temperature of the lamp body, effectively ensuring the life of the light source and power supply.

3. Green and environmentally friendly, free of pollution elements such as lead and mercury, without any pollution to the environment.

4. Good color rendering, more realistic representation of the actual color. A variety of light colors are available to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, making the visual experience more comfortable and improving the work efficiency of workers.

5. Adopt top quality Meanwell driver with constant current and constant voltage, and with voltage(AC90-305V) overcomes the power grid, noise pollution and light instability caused by the ballast, and avoids the irritation and fatigue caused to the eyes during work.

6. The decorative effect is excellent, using a special surface treatment process, the appearance can choose a variety of colors, simple installation, convenient disassembly, and a wide range of applications.

7. The induction system is available according to the installation place. MIC UFO high bay light can be with integrated mobile sensing. We can also install light sensor, microwave motion sensor, and even wireless receiving systems according to the actual situation to form an AI intelligent control system.

Application of UFO highbay light

School auditorium, hotel, factory building, gas station, indoor stadium, exhibition hall, railway station waiting room, library, logistics warehouse, cold storage, etc.

ufo highbay light-detail-2

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