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t8 5ft 1500mm 22w led tube light-01

T8 5FT 1500mm 22w LED Tube Light

Min. Order Quantity: 100pcs

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Since the establishment of our own brand MIC LED, with strong R&D capacity, professional technical team and rich experience in the industry, we launch new products beyond the customers' expectation every year, which always lead the industry trend.

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T8 5FT 1500mm 22w LED Tube Light

Different light source

  • Fluorescent light source – life span around 8000 hours; energy efficiency 40%.
  • Incandescent light source – life span around 1000 hours; energy efficiency 10%.
  • T8 5FT 1500mm 22w  LED light is a great alternative light source with life span at least 30 000 hours and energy efficiency up to 90%.

Energy and cost saving

The key to energy and cost saving are light emitting diodes (LED). When electricity is passed through LED’s, they convert 90% of energy to light. Rest of energy is transferred to heat. If you use incandescent tubes, they convert 10% of energy to light only and rest of energy is lost producing heat. This simple description of light sources features shows how LED lighting can reduce your electricity bills up to 90%. LED tubes are not cheap to buy, but much cheaper to run over their life span than incandescent tubes.


  • Long Life: 50, 000 + hour lifespan exceeds even the highest quality fluorescents.
  • Extreme Efficiency: Over 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescents.
  • Flicker-Free Lighting: Eliminate eye strain and headaches associated with fluorescents lighting.
  • Shatter-Proof Design: Will not break even if dropped.
  • Double Energy Savings: LED tube requires no ballast saving even more energy.
  • No Mercury Inside: Allows the use of lighting when mercury contamination is not an option.
  • Flexible Voltage: Use lighting AC 85-300V Input Environments.
  • No Interference: Perfect for settings where precise instruments can be disturbed by fluorescent.
  • Instant Starting: Starts right away no matter the temperature or conditions.


Instead of the indoors ceiling light; School, universities, hospitals; Conference or meeting room, showroom; Commercial complexes; Factories/offices; Supermarkets; Residential/institution buildings.

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