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C Series LED Tunnel Light

MIC LED tunnel light

LED tunnel lights are the first choice for tunnel lighting at the moment. Most new tunnels use LED light source tunnel lights, and old tunnel lighting reforms basically use LED tunnel lights. The LED tunnel lights on the market now vary greatly in quality, and the prices are of course different. For customers, how to choose high-quality LED tunnel lights is a very difficult problem. So, what parameters or matters should be paid attention to when choosing LED tunnel lights? Let's talk about it in detail below.

Main parameters of LED tunnel lights

1. Chip brand. LED chips are the core technology of LED tunnel lights. At present, high-end LED chip technology is still in the hands of first-tier international companies such as Europe, America and Japan. The quality of domestic LED chips cannot meet the technical requirements for long-term lighting of tunnel lights. Our LED tunnel lights currently use American Bridgelux chips, Corey chips, and Osram chips.

2. Chip specifications. The size of the LED chip directly reflects the heat conduction and LED light attenuation speed. Large-sized chips have better heat conduction and slower light attenuation. For example, the same US Bridgelux chip, under the same use environment and use time, the light attenuation of a 45mil chip is much smaller than that of a 35mil chip.

3. Drive power. It is not the LED light source but the driving power that determines the life of the LED tunnel light. The life bottleneck of the LED light is actually the driving power. The theoretical life of LED is 110,000 hours, and the actual application life is generally 50,000 to 60,000 hours. The life of the driving power supply is much shorter than that of the LED light source. Therefore, in order to ensure the life of the LED tunnel lamp, it is necessary to choose a high-quality driving power supply. It seems very important. When choosing a driving power supply, from the perspective of safety, choose an isolated constant current driving power supply; from the perspective of energy saving, choose a driving power supply with high power factor. At present, Luna Lighting LED tunnel lights are driven by Taiwan MEAN WELL or Shenzhen MOSO.

4. Light effect. The LED tunnel lighting effects on the market are quite different, so you should choose LED tunnel lights with high luminous efficiency. At present, the LED tunnel lighting effect of Luna Lighting can achieve 130Lm/W, which fully meets the light efficiency requirements of tunnel lighting.

5. Lamp radiator structure. The heat dissipation effect of LED tunnel lights directly affects the light attenuation of LED light sources. Under the same conditions, the light attenuation of LED tunnel lights with good heat dissipation is less than that of LED tunnel lights with poor heat dissipation. Therefore, when choosing LED tunnel lights, try to choose an integrated radiator structure, and the radiator fins have stripes, so as to maximize the heat dissipation area.

6. Color rendering index. Under the same light efficiency, LED lights with high color rendering index are more clear and bright. For example, the traditional sodium lamp tunnel lamp, although the luminous flux has been achieved high, but the color rendering index is low, so the light looks dim and not clear enough, causing inconvenience to the driver. This is why the 100W LED tunnel lamp can completely replace the 250W sodium lamp tunnel lamp.

7. Anti-glare. From the perspective of driving, the glare problem of lights has a great impact on the driver's vision, and is often easy to cause accidents. The anti-glare LED tunnel light can solve the glare problem of tunnel lights, and the light is soft and uniform. Lunar Lighting’s anti-glare LED tunnel light uses professional anti-glare glass, which completely solves the glare problem.

8. Color temperature. The color temperature should be selected according to the specific conditions of the tunnel. For example, in areas with heavy fog in mountainous areas, low color temperature should be used, such as warm white light with 3000K color temperature, because the penetration ability of warm white light with low color temperature is better than that with high color temperature; tunnels without fog, Including urban underground passages, etc., you can choose 5500K-6500K color temperature, because this color temperature section has the highest luminous flux and good brightness; generally 4000-4500K color temperature and natural white light can be used in tunnels, both.

9. Protection level. Because there is generally water vapor or dripping in the tunnel, the protection level of the LED tunnel light cannot be lower than IP65.

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