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Weighing The LED Street Light For Sale Cost

March 05, 2021

Benefits And Considerations Of LED Street Light For Sale

LED street light for sale is the most cost-effective solution to lighten-up the streets. LED lights are an energy-efficient and sustainable way to reduce criminal activities at night. Each panel contains several LEDs which in turn provide uniform lighting to the vicinity. It is the cost-effectiveness, sustainability, durability, and flexibility of LED street lights that have resulted in the extreme popularity of LED lights in street lighting. Hence, several cities have started switching their existing fixtures to LEDs.

The LED street light provides colossal benefits. However, certain considerations make it difficult for cities to switch to LEDs. This article discusses the weighing of the LED street light for sale costs.

LED street light for sale

Light-Emitting Diode Technology

Light-emitting diode technology has taken over the world in the last few years. Nowadays, every technology employs the LED system for instance TED TVs, LED bulbs, etc. The LED technology is a sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution to provide improved and quality light wherever installed. This technology works on the semiconductor or PN-Junction diode. The electrons divide themselves inside the diode. When the electric current passes through the diode the electrons flow from the higher electron region to the lower electron region and hence produce electricity. On the contrary, conventional Sodium halide lamps use fuel to produce electricity. Hence, LED is the least harmful and the most energy-efficient solution to help reduce risks associated with lighting.

It is due to the several benefits of LED lights that most commercial and residential areas are replacing their electricity sources with LEDs. The use of LED in industries and homes has shown an effective reduction in electricity bills. Moreover, LED light technology does not generate lighting harmful to the atmosphere.

LED Street Light For Sale

LED light has proven its efficacy in commercial sectors since the electricity consumption in these areas is much more than in any other sector. Therefore, cities are shifting towards LED technology to light the streets. LED street lights for sale are ideal means to lighten the streets at night. The crime rate during the night is particularly higher in the night. Moreover, it is essential to ensure the safety of individuals traveling at night. Therefore, an adequate lighting source is crucial to illuminate the streets at night.

Benefits of LED street light for sale

LED street lights for sale ensure the safety of individuals and hence reduce the crime rate. Moreover, the security cameras installed in different parts of cities require adequate lighting to record the ongoing activities in the city. Thus, The LED street light for sale fulfills all the requirements to lighten up the streets at night. Let us discuss some of the key benefits of employing LED street lights for sale.


The LED street lights are flexible to almost every weather condition. Most conventional light sources run down during unexpected weather conditions like flooding and heavy rain or snowfall. Illuminated streets are more crucial in such weather conditions. Therefore, a light source that can resist extreme weather conditions is suitable to lighten-up the streets. LED street light for sale keeps working under harsh weather and therefore it is a reliable and flexible source of street lighting.


Lighting up the streets is not as economical as it seems. Conventional lighting sources have almost become obsolete as their consumption rate is much higher. Therefore, the cities have started switching their existing street lights with LEDs. Researchers have proven that LED is a cost-effective solution to illuminate commercial areas and saves up to 80 percent of the cost.

LED street lights have a longer lifespan compared to Conventional lighting bulbs. Moreover, the LED street light for sale does not need frequent maintenance. It can withstand extreme and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, once installed one does not need to invest in its maintenance for the next five to six years.

No delayed response

Conventional street light takes a few minutes before it starts spreading light specifically in cold weather. When it comes to lighting up the street lights, one must opt for something that does not require a warm-up time and starts as soon as it receives signals. The LED street light for sale starts immediately and does not require warm-up time.


The primary focus of street lighting is to ensure the safety of individuals. The crime rate is usually higher during the night due to poor lighting in the streets which provokes the criminals to carry out snatching. Therefore, durable lighting at night uniformly spreads itself ensuring maximum safety to the individuals as it provides visibility during the night.

To ensure safety in the cities, security cameras are installed at intervals. These cameras record the ongoing activities and help the concerned departments identify criminals. Therefore, an adequate lighting source will provide these cameras enough exposure to record all the activities and ensure visibility.

Weighing the LED street light for sale costs

Due to the unique efficacy of LED lights, several sectors have started shifting their existing fixtures to LEDs and most have already done that. However, the light produced specifically at night due to extreme brightness has resulted in a threat for human health and night driving due to glare. Let us have an analysis of the cost considerations of the LED street light for sale.


The old LED street lights do not provide an anti-glare feature. The absence of anti-glare makes it difficult for the drivers to drive at night. The huge glare can temporarily blind the driver resulting in accidents. Therefore to reduce the risk, the authorities suggest that the correlated color temperature should be equal to 3000 kelvin or lower to ensure safe driving at night. The 4000 kelvin or above emits light that is unsafe for human health.

Melanopsin Balancing

Melanopsin is a protein; a photopigment found in the retina that controls the effect of lighting. It describes what factors of lighting can reduce human productivity, and sleep. Therefore, all the street lights should be designed considering the optimum values of fixture distribution and type, luminaire output, and design. Besides Melanopsin, most researchers claim that exposure to LED light can even cause obesity.

LED vs existing fixtures

Due to the specifications mentioned above, most sectors are still reluctant to replace their existing fixtures with LEDs. However, the benefits discussed in this article regarding the LED street light for sale sums up why LED will always remain the top priority since no other technology has proven to be as sustainable as LEDs. The reduction in electricity consumption and longer life span is what the well-developed cities look for and that is why LED street light has been gaining the popularity it deserves.

LED street light for sale


To sum up, with the appropriate values of glare, CCT, and melanopsin values, the LED street light for sale is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting source to illuminate streets at night. LED street lights ensure maximum safety for drivers specifically at night. The other benefits of the LED lights include warm-up time, reduced consumption, and flexibility.

However, most cities still find it hard to change their existing fixtures to LEDs as the values above the optimum level of glare and CCT can make the drivers blind temporarily. However, the latest and the upcoming LED fixtures ensure the optimum value of all the considerate factors and hence provide quality brightness and safe illumination.

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