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Guide for Buying the Latest LED FloodLight Bars

March 09, 2021

LED Floodlight Bars; Features And Tips To Buy

LED Floodlight bars serve as an additional light source to the vehicles mostly during off-road conditions. They are widely available for 4×4, trucks, and cars that travel in areas where there is extremely dark and the presence of wildlife is suspected. Therefore, to ensure maximum illumination during off-road drives, the vehicles need extra lights. The floodlight bars flood the areas with light to ensure visibility in the vicinity. LED technology being a cost-effective and energy-efficient innovation gives durability to the floodlight bars.

There are several options available in the market for different vehicles. Therefore, this article provides a guide to the buyers to what specifications they should look for before they make a purchase.

LED Floodlight Bars

LED flood light bars provide a convenient means to provide lighting, particularly in vehicles. One can find its wide applications in cars, 4×4 vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and heavy machinery. What makes LED flood light bars more prominent than the existing round and flat conventional lights is the adequate amount of lighting they provide. It consists of a bar carrying several LEDs ranging from approximately 1 to 48 LED bulbs. The bar comes with a mounting jack which allows the driver to mount the bar anywhere on the roof rack, or windscreen using the provided mounting bracket.

Why Does Your Vehicle Need An LED Floodlight Bar?

All the vehicles manufactured comes with factory headlights, then why should one invest in the LED floodlight bars? At night and particularly in off-road conditions, the factory lights are not enough to provide sufficient lighting to identify the bumps coming up on the way. Also, driving in areas where the presence of wildlife is expected, vehicles need to have LED flood light bars. This is one of the major reasons why people mount the light bars on their vehicles. Besides providing adequate lighting to make everything visible to drivers, LED flood light bars to have several other features as well.

Visibility At Night

The key benefit of having a floodlight bar mounted on your vehicle is to make the path visible at night. Sometimes, the existing headlights are not sufficient to lighten up the vicinity. Therefore, mounting the light bars provide adequate illumination to make things visible during off-road conditions. The light bar comes in different shapes and sizes for different vehicles. The area that a light bar illuminates depends on its shape and size. However, a bar containing several LED bulbs ensures uniform and widespread light around the vicinity of the car.


LED technology is a highly energy-efficient and sustainable means of providing illumination. The LED floodlight bars consume very little energy and therefore last longer than any other conventional lights. Once installed, you don’t need to worry about its replacement for a long span. The LED lights resist vibrations and shocks and are more durable than halogen or sodium lamps.

Distribution Of Light

This is one of the key benefits of the led floodlight bars. It ensures equal distribution of light and makes everything in the path visible to drivers. Most latest LED lights have rectangular shapes, unlike the conventional halide lights that are mostly round. This rectangular shape of LED bars floods the light evenly and provides quality and bright illumination. Moreover, the rectangular shape allows the user to mount the light anywhere on the vehicle that is not possible in the case of round lights.


The LED floodlight bars are extremely versatile and flexible when it comes to installation. One can easily mount the light on the front of the rooftop of their vehicle. The manufacturer provides a mounting bracket which makes it easy for the drivers to mount them with extreme convenience. Moreover, the shape of the bars is mostly rectangular that ensures uniform light distribution irrespective of the installation area.

Buying Guide

LED flood light bars have several features which make them ideal for the drive, particularly during off-road conditions. However, light bars available in the market have several shapes and sizes which make it difficult for the buyer to decide which bar they should purchase. Therefore, the specifications mentioned below will help the buyer to decide which light bar will be the most suitable option for their vehicle.

Height And Width

The foremost criteria to consider when buying the floodlight bar, one should opt for the one having adequate height and width. The size of the bar determines how much area the bar would illuminate. The lights bar offers several sizes since they are distinctive for different vehicles. Therefore, a height and width sufficient enough to illuminate the vicinity are preferable to mount on your vehicle.

IP rating

The IP rating is a standard practice to determine the level of dust and water resistance in electronic devices. Since the main idea of installing a floodlight bar is to illuminate the surrounding area to ensure enough visibility, the light should have an appropriate IP rating to resist water and dust to create hindrance for the driver. Therefore, analyze the conditions in the areas where you mostly drive before you buy a light bar. This analysis will help you determine what IP rating will be the most suitable for your light.


Another feature to look for before you buy the floodlight is the mounting options on your vehicle. The light bars are flexible and one can mount them easily on roof racks or above the windscreen. Analyze all the points on your vehicle to determine what type of light bar will be a suitable option to mount on your vehicle. However, most latest floodlight bars come with all the necessary accessories to provide the driver with an easy installation.


It is essential to determine the exact number of bars your vehicle needs to provide adequate illumination. You can mount multiple light bars to your car. The ideal locations might include the rooftop and both the right and left sides of your vehicle. Moreover, you should also consider how many diodes your light bar contains. The optimum number of diodes varies from 1 to 48. Therefore, the greater the number of diodes, the brighter the illumination.

Quality Materials

The high-quality light bars are more durable and have a longer lifespan. On the contrary, buying a cheaper light bar saves you money but the products do not last long. The light bars have reflectors that ensure even distribution of light. A high-quality light bar has quality reflectors that add durability to the product. Moreover, the housing material should either be stainless steel or aluminum to resist rust attacks. Also, the light bar must have the ability to resist the air pressure since it is mostly mounted on vehicles driven at a very high speed.

led floodlight bars


To sum up, the LED floodlight bars serve as an additional light for the drivers to drive safely during off-road conditions. There are multiple points where one can mount the bar. Also, depending upon the areas where you mostly drive, you can add as many bars as your vehicle needs for adequate lighting. There are several benefits of having a light bar. However, the bars have certain specifications depending on the application. Therefore, one should consider the tips discussed in the article to buy the most suitable bar for their vehicle.

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