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Top Benefits of LED Parking Lot Light

January 19, 2021

Led Parking Lot Light; Complete Buyer’s Guide

LED parking lot light is an excellent source to lighten up your parking lots. The LED technology has revolutionized every technology, and almost every innovation now employs the light-emitting diode technology. Lighting up parking lots is exceptionally crucial, especially for the business community. Low lighting can be a threat to the safety of employees, clients, and customers. Moreover, the security cameras instalLED to record the ongoing parking activities need illumination to record better quality videos. The conventional lights are not as effective as the specially designed LED parking lot lights. These lights are an all-rounder and offer colossal features.

This article sheds light on what features to look for when upgrading your lighting system. It also discusses the several benefits of using LED parking lot lights to lighten up parking lots.

led parking lot light

LED Parking Lot Light

LED lights have revolutionized the world, and every technology now employs LED technology. The conventional metal halide, mercury, or hid lamps use gas. When an electric current passes through this gas, it produces light. However, the consumption of energy is much more than the revolutionary LED lights.

The LED lights comprise a panel that contains several LED modules made up of semiconductors. When an electric current passes through the semiconductors, the electrons shift from higher energy level to lower energy level and emit even light. The semiconductor diode makes it consume less energy than conventional gas or fuel bulbs. Hid lights are a popular lighting source for parking lots, but the colossal features that LED lights offer have made the use of hid extinct. It might initially cost to convert the hid lights to LEDs, but since LEDs are cost-effective in the long run, the upgrade is worth it in the long run.

Key Features To Look For When Making A Purchase

The LED lights are excellent for lighting parking lots, which is why most businesses are shifting from conventional halide lamps to LEDs. However, before investing in something, you must be familiar with its pros and cons. There are several things to consider before upgrading your parking lot lighting system. Below mentioned are a few things that will help you better understand what you need to upgrade your lot.

Pole Placement

Parking lots employs poles to mount lights for better distribution and spread of light. Taller poles are better for large areas as they can spread the light evenly throughout the vicinity. However, you will need numerous poles to have denser lights. But LED lights do not require specially designed poles, so while upgrading your system, you can reuse the old ones too.


Retrofitting means not completely changing your fixture but adding the same technology without making any replacement. To upgrade your LED lights, you can install your new fixture to the same old fittings without adding any installation cost. However, your fixtures should be in good condition and must support the new LED lights.

Color And Temperature

Most LED parking lot lights produce yellow or white light. The white light temperature ranges from 5000k to 6000k, while the yellow light temperature ranges from 2800k to 3500k. White light is bright, so why most parking lots employ yellow lights? Yellow lights are good at penetrating fogs, so they provide visibility during foggy and smoggy days.


Your LED light fixture must be glare-free. Anti-glare means there must be an additional covering on the light that makes it comforting for the eyes. Most conventional LED lights have a much higher glare that can even blind the person. The anti-glare makes it easy for people to safely drive the car at night as it will not disturb the eyes.


Lights working on fuel energy spread pollution and emit harmful rays. These rays are detrimental to the environment. Therefore, the LED lights have additional coverage that keeps the harmful rays from leaking into the atmosphere.


The LED light must have photosensors, which means they can sense the dimness and start automatically. This automation will help reduce electricity bills as lights will only work when necessary. Moreover, there is no need for human intervention hence making the use of LED lights convenient.

Top Benefits Of LED Parking Lot Light

The safety of parking lots is crucial, especially at night. If the lighting source is not sufficient, the chances of criminal activities are higher. Moreover, if the light distribution is not even, the security cameras cannot detect criminals’ presence at night. LED parking lot light offers a wide variety of features that makes it excellent for light parking lots. Since the LED lights comprise a panel, several LEDs ensure even distribution of light throughout the site. This equal distribution spreads the light to every corner of the lot and provides a similar daylighting effect if instalLED numerously. Here are some of the top benefits that LED parking lot lights offer.

LED Technology

Light-emitting diode or LED technology has taken over the world in the last few years. From display applications to lighting systems, every innovation now employs the LED technology. What makes LED technology so famous is its lower energy consumption and durability. Moreover, the LED light comprises of a panel consisting of several LEDs. This even distribution helps the equal distribution of light throughout the parking lot. Hence they are ideal for outdoor applications.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Lighting your business parking lot is itself a business in terms of investment, considering your employees’ safety. You need to invest a lot to ensure a safe environment around your business’s vicinity. Installing conventional LED lights can result in increased expenditure and higher electricity bills. LED lights work using semiconductor diodes; therefore, they consume less energy. According to a survey, LED lights have proven themselves effective in reducing electricity bills up to 40 to 60%. Changing your entire hid lights initially seem expensive, but is extremely useful and cost-effective in the long run.

Low Maintenance Cost

LED lights are not only exceptional for their lower energy, but they are also cost-effective in terms of maintenance. Once instalLED, they last longer than the conventional hid lights. These lights are highly durable and flexible, and they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Hid lamps, on the other hand, runs out during heavy rainfall,  heatwaves, and storms. However, the LED lights can withstand these harsh weather conditions, so they are an excellent substitute for parking lots.


The conventional hid lamps contain mercury and work on fuel sources harmful for the environment in the long-term use. Parking lots not only cater to cars but they also employ plants. Thus fuel sources can be detrimental for these plants. However, LED lights do not work on fuel, so they are not harmful in any way to the environment. Moreover, bright LED lights can cause irritation in the eyes but LED lights are warm and ensure eye comfort.

Improved Light Performance

One must not compromise on the quality of lights even if the cost expenditure is less. LED lights are exceptional as they are affordable and provide better lighting, which most conventional LED lights cannot offer. This unique feature makes the LED light an excellent lighting source in parking lots. They sustain quality while offering much lower costs.


To conclude, this article discussed all the key things to look for when upgrading your system. The led parking lot light offers colossal features as they are not only cost-effective and energy-efficient but have several other benefits as well. It is highly durable and provides improved quality of light evenly throughout the vicinity. All the features mentioned above make led lights a must-have for parking lots.

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led parking lot light

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