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Features and Effectiveness of LED Down Light

January 15, 2021

7 Reasons Why You Should Retrofit LED Down Light Right Now!

Retrofitting your residential incandescent lights with modern-day LED down light can conserve 75% of energy. Hence, LED down lights are quickly replacing the commonly used CFLs and incandescent bulbs in all modern residential and commercial applications.

In this article, we will start by explaining what and LED down light is. Then we will discuss some of its most prominent features. And finally, we will finish off by highlighting the advantages you reap when replacing traditional lights with LED down lights.

LED Down Light

LED Down Light: An Introduction

LED down light belongs to the LED family and finds use mostly in homes with contemporary architecture and aesthetic-centric commercial buildings.

These lights utilize semi-conductors or light-emitting diodes which retrieve power from the mains electricity and emit light.

LED down light comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because its primary purpose is to make the interior of a building look beautiful, its exterior can be made to match the theme of your house, restaurant or whatever your application is.

Features of LED Down light

Apart from being available in various shapes, sizes and colours, there are many features unique to an LED down light. Below, we will discuss some of the most prominent aspects that make it an ideal residential and commercial lighting solution.

Three Different Types

Don’t we love variety? The idea of having the freedom to pick from many options is liberating. And when you get a variety in lighting solutions, the opportunity of having a customized lighting solution becomes more appealing.

LED down light presents variety not only in size, shape, and colour. But it also has different subtypes including fixed, adjustable, and surface mounted down lights.

·         Fixed LED Downlight

A fixed LED down light is ideal for general purpose applications like residential fixtures to light up rooms, living rooms, etc. Fixed lights are also suitable for commercial buildings with a flat ceiling.

These lights recess into the ceiling and have their lighting solution hidden inside the ceiling cut-out. Thus, once installed, they appear to be a part of the roof and look contemporary and very aesthetically pleasing.

·         Adjustable Downlights

Adjustable LED down light is, as the name give it away, adjustable. They can pivot about a hinge so that you can direct the light easily to where it is needed the most. You can tilt these lights by around 25 degrees or more. Therefore, they are perfect for sloped ceilings such as beneath a staircase or for directing light on a showpiece.

·         Surface Mounted Downlights

Surface-mounted downlights have an exterior casing which makes them protrude from the ceiling. Your electrician will install these lights into the ceiling fixtures, but these lights elongate out downwards with their exterior.

Since these lights do not recess into the ceiling, they don’t need ceiling cut-outs. Not having ceiling cut-outs prevent conditioned air from escaping the room or outside air entering the room. Thus, surface mounted LED down lights minimize the load on your temperature control system and prove more energy-efficient than recessed or fixed lights.

Aesthetically Pleasing

LED down light, once installed, lifts the entire aesthetics of the interior of your house. These lights are designed to look minimal and contemporary to keep up with your modern-day residential architecture.

These lights have trim rings which come in a variety of colours. So, LED downlights are capable of complimenting your interior theme and give your house a nice ambience.

Lots of Color Options

The time when your lighting systems were restricted by yellow light is long gone. Present-day LED lights, like the, LED down light, come in various colours like bright white, yellowish-white, amber, red, green, and blue.

Moreover, unlike incandescent lights for which one needed gels or filters to produce colours, LEDs can have a diode altered to emit different colours. So the colour does not phase out during use.

LEDs are Solid State Lights (SSLs)

Most of the advantages of an LED down light that we will discuss shortly are courtesy of this feature. LEDs are SSLs or solid-state lights. These lights do not utilize gases and filaments like incandescent lamps. But they employ light-emitting diodes that convert electricity directly into light instead of generating heat.

Effectiveness of LED Down Lights

LED lights in general and down lights, in particular, have lots of advantages. Following are some of the most prominent benefits that prove its effectiveness when you replace your traditional luminaires with LEDs:

1.      Long Life Span

LEDs durability tops the list of its advantages because it outlives all its counterparts when it comes to life span. LED’s light production method gives it extended life and most high-quality LEDs can last for up to 50,000 hours which is almost ten times higher than halogens and incandescent bulbs. Even the cheapest LED bulbs last longer than premium-quality incandescent bulbs.

2.      Lesser Heat Production

Halogen and incandescent lamps use electricity to generate heat which in turn produce light. Thus, they generate immense heat which makes them unsuitable for heat-sensitive applications.

On the other hand, LED down lights convert electricity directly into the light and do not produce any active heat. What heat these fixtures do produce, they dissipate off using efficient aluminium heat sinks. So, they are safe to use in heat-sensitive areas near flammable materials.

Moreover, their efficient heat dissipation also contributes to their enhanced life because their heat sinks direct the generated heat away from their diodes.

3.      Energy Efficient

An LED down light is many times more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lights. This efficiency is because unlike incandescent lights that convert 90% of energy into heat and use only 10% of it to produce light, LEDs convert more than 70% of the electrical power into light.

Moreover, LED lights offer a high lumen output per watt. A 40-watt LED bulb gives 4000 lumens compared to CFL and incandescent bulbs of the same power which output 2400 and 450 lumens, respectively.

4.      High CRI

LEDs have a high colour rendering index (CRI). CRI determines the light’s true colour rendering capabilities. Light experts measure CRI on a scale of 0 to 100, and higher CRI means better colour rendition.

Modern LEDs have a CRI as high as 90, making it perfect for applications that necessitate seeing true colours.

5.      No Warm-up Period

LED down light does not have a warm-up period. Unlike CFLs that need some time to warm-up before reaching their maximum brightness, LED lights to illuminate the room with maximum light the moment you switch them on.

6.      More Environment Friendly

As the impact of increased pollution manifests itself in climate change, the voices for more environment-friendly gadgets are gaining volume.

LED down light is very friendly to the environment. Replacing your traditional lighting fixtures will minimize your carbon footprint as replacing a single incandescent bulb with an LED light reduces 160kg annual CO emission.

7.      LED Lights are Safe

The biggest concern surrounding conventional lighting fixture is their UV emission. UV rays are high-energy invisible rays that contribute to sunburn and various skin diseases, including cancer.

Installation of LED down light mitigates this issue because LED lighting technology inherently emits an almost negligible amount of UV rays.

LED Down Light


LED down light is a comprehensive lighting solution for your domestic and commercial applications. These lights have everything. They are beautiful and contribute to a contemporary interior. With their LED lighting technology, they are energy-intensive and cost-effective.

Moreover, these lights are environment-friendly and offer a variety in shape, size, the colour of the fixture, and light colour. So, it is safe to say that there is no requirement that an LED down light cannot fulfil.

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