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LED Shoebox Light, Advantages, Application and Importance

January 12, 2021

LED shoebox light aims at an amiable lightening technology because of its angular covering mechanism for focusing on specific objects, areas, and locations

LED shoebox light is the new led lighting technology that helps in illuminating large areas. Unlike the conventional lighting technologies where HID lamps and filaments are the sources. In this technology, for lighting parking lots and street lights, etc., LEDs are the source. Shoebox LED lights are famous for their advanced applications for outdoor facilities. This is because they offer wide and exciting designs with amazing brightness. The devices are also waterproof that makes them reliable for outdoor projects. Hence, from now, lighting the outdoor area is a much easy task.

The purpose thereby is to illuminate maximum areas; therefore, they are large pole mounted lights. Shoebox LED light offers versatility with class. The best thing about these is that they are easy to fix devices in any lighting fixture. They carry the range of 50W to 400W with 62,000 lumens, making them energy efficient.

led shoebox light

Advantages of Using LED Shoebox Lights?

LED shoebox light shows a variety of benefits in terms of usage in large areas. The owners of large parking areas, sports arenas, streets, airports, and shopping malls are preferring shoebox LED lights. This is because of the amazing efficiency in terms of energy and costs. Though in comparison to the traditional HID lamps, they are available merely in 40W to 400W.

However, they are replacing 1000W HID bulbs. Similarly, energy-saving is another feature that makes these devices a hot topic. As the name shoebox suggests that they are of the size of the shoebox. The ranges these light from 12 inches to 16 inches in size. Despite their very small size as to their rival products, they are 80% energy saving efficient. One can easily adjust the shoebox light in any direction even in the mounting positions for covering a large area.

Furthermore, the long life of these lights is an amazing feature. These lights promise 155,000 hours of long running time. Even in this long-running time, they use less energy. now even the municipal authorities are very much attracted towards Showbox led lights.

This is because of the easy management and zero-maintenance factor. Also, the replacing mechanism of these devices is easy. They are easy to fix devices even in the traditional lighting system and fixtures. Upgradation however, involves photometric evaluation that determines if it is sufficient for the area or not. For those who can’t afford the entire up-gradation of the system, they can reply on retrofit kits.

Well-Lighting Large Areas:

There is one best advantage of LED shoebox light that some people may notice or not. This thereby is its ability to well lit the large areas as street, parking lots, stadiums, etc. This ability hence helps the user to easily navigate and roam around. Driver finds it easy to look and navigate for their cars.

Well-lighting the areas also helps in making me feel safe and sound. In the absence of which people find themselves unsafe at night. The safety also discourages crime incidents. For a business, the client’s first impression starts from the parking lot. At the night parking lot, its safety and convenience are the prime factors for businesses. Customers usually feel hesitant to stop by where there is poor lighting. A Well-lighting area also promises the safety and security of the people. It also improves the aesthetic feel of the places, gardens, and parks as well.

Prevention of Accidents

LED shoebox light also guarantees a considerable reduction in road accidents. Forget about the roads where daily accidents happen. According to the National Security and Safety Council, every year thousands of accidents occur in parking lots. These accidents are not vehicle-related alone. Walking in unfamiliar territory, people become the victim of a slip, injured, or fall without proper lighting.

led shoebox light

Similarly, in a poor lighting system, drivers find it difficult to see the obstacles clearly and may crash into unwanted objects. For business and commercial areas, it relies on the owner to keep their places UpToDate. Upgradation nevertheless means removing slips and fall and filling cracks. But it means to light up the areas whether indoor or outdoor. Accidents happening in your vicinity may lie on at your liability.

Lowering the Crime Rate

LED shoebox light if lighting the area well is causing problems for burglars and thieves. For those, if crime activities in their vicinities are causing hindrance shoebox light is the best solution. Also, for vandalizes and thugs breaking-in, these devices cause a real threat to their illegitimate activities. LED shoebox light makes their heinous crime difficult to carry out. This will make both the indoor and outdoor places brighter. Because crime and darkness go along together. Thieves and thugs feel easy to carry out their criminal activities in darker locations.

This is because dark places are sure heaven for as their hideout. This will make them unseen entities. Therefore, high-quality led shoebox light makes the area safer for the customers, visitors, and employees as well. This also will help in the reduction of legal exposure of the owners for the activities happening in their lots. One another way and advantage of installing will make the customer feel that you care about them and their safety.

Applications of LED Shoebox Light

The applications of LED shoebox light include a long list of places as:

For Area Lighting

LED shoebox light is ideal for a device for lighting large areas like parking lots, airport terminals, parks, garages, street lights, sports arenas, pavements, interchange, bus stations, etc. They are also ideal for places where there is a chance of large crowd gathering. This, therefore, makes it ideal for light-sensitive areas as hospital, restaurants, and hotels.

For Sports Lighting

Sports arena and stadium also use large size LED shoebox light. This helps them in illuminating the large areas where the crowd sits. These devices are ideal for welcoming the audiences of cricket, football, basketball, etc. Even the indoor sports stadiums get a huge benefit from these lighting devices.

For Security Lighting

The LED shoebox light is best known for its application in the residential sector.  However, it is still in huge demand by industries, commercial and institutions as well. Shoebox light helps in fulfilling their security needs. Ultimately causing and creating deterrence for the criminal activities. Furthermore, it also provides confidence to the public and the workers in these locations.

led shoebox light

Importance of Shoebox LED Light

Numbers of factors are making these lights an important factor in the lighting industry. This includes:

Easy Mounting

An easy mounting facility helps in the provision of easy installation of devices to the existing poles. This means that even in the poles for HID lamps, it is easy to simply replace them with shoebox lights.

Slip Fitting

By slip fitting, it means that you can install the light on the tops of the pole rather than along the sides. In this way, the wirings of the light go all the way up to the top. From there you can fix the wiring in the lamp. The advantage of this mechanism helps to allow the lamp to adjust, pitch, and even tilt easily.

Varying Light Patterns

One of the most significant advantages of LED shoebox lights is their varying light patterns. There are four different types of light patterns:

Type 1

In this type, a light emits a long and narrow shape of a flying saucer-like pattern. This is common for a light at walking paths, pavement, and sidewalks.

Type 2

This pattern is best for alleys and smaller roads. The pattern forms an oval shape like structure. To cover a small road the device is located at the edge of the roads.

Type 3

This pattern is shorter than Type 2 and is ideal for parking lots.

Type 4

This pattern creates a semi-circular pattern and provides an additional source to parking lights.

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