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A Step to Step Installation of LED Panel Light

January 12, 2021


The latest trends when regarding lights show that led panel light is all that you need to make your place look chic. They are a great way to transform any place into a stylish surrounding. Whether you agree or not, lighting plays a very important role in making any place look drab or fab.

Nowadays, they are becoming the latest frenzy which is here to stay for long. Because of it, multifunctional use more and more people are investing in them. You can often see them in places like restaurants, offices, recreational places, malls, and many other public places.  But what is more exceptional thing is that even interior decorators for homes are opting for a led panel light.

led panel light

The led panel light can enhance the view and overlook of any area. It comes in different sizes that can accommodate all kinds of lighting needs. Their flexible shape is almost fixable in any kind of shape. They also have different colored lighting options. You can choose according to your need, preference, and requirements.

The Use of LED Panel Lights

When installing LED panel lights, most people just focus on their beauty and physical features. What most people don’t consider, actually do not know about, is that they can help you save 40% on your electricity bills. Hence it is the most commendable feature of a LED light panel. You do not have to compromise on the bright lighting when you are installing them.  They help you save energy with an average life that reaches up to 50,000 hours.

Moreover, when you use ordinary lights the heat-accumulating from those lights, adds up to the temperature of the room thus, increasing the use of air conditioning in summers. This in turn consumes more energy and rapidly increases your electricity bills.

Unlike ordinary light panels, LED panel light equips and uses thermal management technology. In Thermal Management Technology, the surface of the LED light does not heat up. It remains cool no matter how much time it has been running for. That’s the beauty of it. Hence, there is no accumulating heat at the back end so the temperature of the room remains unaffected and so does the electricity bill.

This not all, apart from saving energy, they have almost zero replacement rate. Once you have installed the LED light panel, you get totally free of any worry about replacing it any time soon. Their life expectancy is very long hence the maintenance cost is almost minimal.

They are light in weight so transporting it from one place to another is the least of your worries. Another added benefit that is beneficial for the environment is that they emit very less amount of Carbon dioxide. In today’s world where we are already facing several environmental issues like global warming, taking this step can visibly be a step towards helping the environment.

Installing LED Panel Light

They are a great way of adding a pint of style and luxury to any place. It helps in creating the right kind of aura that gives the apprehension of being trendy with modest means. Most people assume that since this led panel light is a very modern lighting concept, its installation is also alien to most of the people.

Some would even consider hiring a handyman to install these LED light panels. But what most people don’t understand is that installing them does not require much of a technical background. You can easily follow some simple guidelines and you are good to go. The main focus remains on the fact that the steps need to be followed to the dot otherwise you might face some issues.

Types of LED Panel Light

There are two main types of LED Panel Lighting. They are the Surface Mounted LED Light panel and Recessed Mounted LED Light Panel. Here are the differences between both so that you can easily understand what purpose each one serves and which one is better suited for your needs.

Surface Mounted LED Panel Light

Surface Mounted LED Panel Light is thick in size. It is designed to fit on surfaces that are wide and broad. They are fixable without cutting out a mounting hole at the designated place. You can screw them in brackets on the mounting surface so that you can easily attach the LED panel.

Recessed Mounted

Recessed Mounted LED Light Panel is very sleek and thin in design. They are the slimmest form of LED panel light that is available in the market. They are most suitable for places that need concealed lighting. Recessed mounted panels do not protrude out and fit against the mounting surface. You can use side springs to fit it completely. And you also need to put out holes in the mounting surface to conceal them completely.

Installing Surface Mounted/Suspended Mounting

They are perfect for installing in places like offices and homes without much of a hassle. You can achieve a trendy look in just a few steps. They are easily fixable on standard ceilings without cutting holes in the plaster frames.  There is a four-step easy guide that involves the following steps.

Suspended mounts have four parts. They form the frame in which a side is left open to fix the LED panel light.  When starting, makes sure that the power is off. Then plug the LED panel light in the driver. Then with the help of screws, conceal the hanging wires into the roof in such a way that the panel is horizontal. And that is all you need if you do not have a recessed ceiling.

Installing Recessed Mounting LED Panel Light

Installing a recessed mounting LED Panel Light is a tad bit more work than installing a suspended mounting LED Light panel. It involves six steps that are easy to follow. Always start with the power off to avoid any electricity mishaps.

Begin with lifting the recessed mounting module that is fitting into the screen.  Then, remove the fittings by disconnecting them from the ceiling itself. Make sure the wiring is stable and connected to the driver mains. After that, put the recessed LED panel in the concealed ceiling area and maintain a connection between the male and female connector. Lastly, place it in the correct position.


Many of you might want to switch to LED Light Panels. This Retrofitting is not an issue. You can easily add LED light panels to your already set up LED lighting. Find the right point of contact and add as desired. You can easily find the right kind of fit for your pre-installed system. You can also use LED Light panels in case of emergency. Plus, you must not use insulation on top of the LED lighting because it might cause the light to heat up unnecessarily causing a fire hazard.


When you are working with led panel light, keeping safety in mind should be the first and foremost step. Installing the panels can be intimidating for a layman but the step by step guide can help you achieve in some very simple steps. All you need to decide is what type of LED paneling you require; suspended mounted light panels or recessed mounting light panels. Moreover, this guide will help you to get the desired lighting that you want in your home or offices.

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