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LED Tunnel Light: Common Problems and Their Solution with LED Panel

January 13, 2021

5 Common LED Tunnel Light Problems and Their Solutions

The LED tunnel light is an all-encompassing lighting solution for dark and dim tunnels. It vastly contributes to traffic control and minimizes the probability of accidents by keeping the tunnels lit with appropriate light.

These lights are quickly taking over other lighting alternatives because of a host of benefits that LEDs offer over their counterparts. An LED tunnel light can keep shining for up to 50,000 hours. It is built with state-of-the-art material that imparts durability and strength against tough outdoor conditions.

However, since we don’t live in a perfect world, therefore, seemingly perfect LED lights are also prone to developing problems. So, we have dedicated this article to discuss some of the most common problems associated with LED tunnel light and their solutions.

LED tunnel light

LED Tunnel Lights: Some Common Problems and Their Solutions

All LED lights promise efficient performance, long life, and energy conservation that reflects in the electric bills. However, certain factors can contribute to the development of problems in an LED tunnel light. These problems can minimize the lifespan of the light, defer its performance efficiency. And may trigger more serious problems like short circuits and fires.

Following are some of the most common problems that can occur in an LED tunnel light. And their solutions to ensure that your LED tunnel light keeps shining as long as it promises to.

1.      Problems Due to Improper Installation

The benefits of LED tunnel light appear with its installation. However, problems in the fixtures can also begin with installation if it is not done properly.

Improper LED tunnel light installation can lead to lose and exposed wires that can cause short circuits. And a short circuit can lead to fires that can be detrimental and fatal.

Moreover, improper light installation equates to incorrect power distribution and incompatibility with the supply voltage. Both these conditions can prove to be detrimental for the life of the lighting fixture and your light can fail sooner than it promises under such conditions.

Furthermore, if you do not pay attention to installing lights beforehand, you may be left with an underperforming, inefficient luminaire.


To avoid problems associated with an improper installation that we have mentioned above, make sure to plan before you buy and install your LED tunnel light. Planning includes determining the exact number of lights your electric supply can support.

Secondly, determine the operating voltage of your lights and their drivers to ensure their compatibility with the supply voltage. And lastly, ascertain that the LED tunnel light you are using is compatible with circuits, switches, and dimmers that you are using.

2.      Problems with the Light Drivers

All LED lights come with drivers that have a very important responsibility of bringing the supply voltage down to the light’s operating voltage.

It is a common saying in the LED lighting field that an LED light is only as good as its driver. Because low-quality drivers can overheat quickly and lead to malfunctioning in the fixtures. Moreover, if the light driver isn’t working properly, it won’t be able to convert the supply voltage to the required voltage. Thus, exposing the lights to an increased risk of burnout.


There are multiple solutions to avoid LED tunnel light issues relating to faulty drivers. You should consider buying LED panel lights in which LEDs mount the panel instead of the edge. These panels have built-in drivers which people often say minimize driver-related issues.

If you have already bought an LED tunnel light, then ensure that it does not operate at a higher temperature and is well-ventilated as over-heating can also contribute to driver failures.

Moreover, since drivers convert supply’s AC to DC, ensure that the drivers of your LED tunnel light can provide an efficient conversion to maintain a regular and smooth supply of light. Also, it is imperative to ensure that the driver is capable of handling power surges.

3.      Improper Wiring or Incompatible Dimmer

If the wiring at the backend of an LED tunnel light is loose or undone, the light may not work at all. Or may not deliver the brightness that it promises because some LEDs may not turn on due to disconnected wires.

Moreover, as far as dimmers are concerned, LEDs are very specific when it comes to dimmers. An incompatible dimmer can cause LED lights to flicker. And leaving a flickering LED light unattended can result in LED failure.


Always hire certified electricians to install your LED tunnel light so that they can ensure that none of the wires are loose or disconnected.

As for the dimmers, always use a dimmer that is designed for the LED tunnel light you’ve chosen. Generally, it is best practice to use LED dimmers that your LED light manufacturer endorses.

Problems Due to Bad Quality LED Tunnel Light

Normally, LED tunnel lights are designed with state-of-the-art components and function efficiently for a long. However, if you decide to save some money on your light-shopping, which is a bad idea as you will see in a bit, you may be stuck with a low-quality LED fixture.

Poor quality LED lights come cheap. And to compensate for their price, manufacturers use low quality, plastic frames, and heat sinks. These lights are capable of dissipating the accumulated heat properly which results in fixture overheating, driver failure, and panel burnout.

Moreover, bad quality LED tunnel lights contain low-quality LED chips that produce low brightness and can compromise the light color quality. These chips can also produce a blueish hue which can make the room look colder.

Furthermore, low quality LED light often uses low-quality light guide plates and diffusers. A bad light guide plate will impact the angle and amount of light that reaches the diffuser. While cheap plastic diffusers will fail to distribute the light properly. These diffusers may as well discolor over time, thereby reducing the quality of light.

Lastly, LED tunnel light cannot afford glare because it can cause tunnel accidents. And an LED tunnel light with a low-quality reflector plate is susceptible to producing glare which can be harmful during application.


Price is not something that you should compromise on when buying LED lights. Because, as their price goes down, the quality drops as well and the fixture not only becomes more expensive in the long run but presents more serious issues as well.

Therefore, make sure that the lights have an aluminum frame and heat sink that dissipates heat more efficiently. Also, ensure that the diffusers are of polycarbonate material and the light guide plate is made using PMMA or methyl styrene.

Lastly, always buy LED lights from a trusted manufacturer and make sure that they are offering a long warranty. The best practice is to buy an LED light that has a longer-than-two-year warranty.

4.      LEDs Dimming Due to Hot Environment

LED lights thrive in cool ambient conditions. An optimal operating temperature of an LED light is around 25 °C and the luminous efficacy of light increases with a drop in temperature. However, as the temperature increase beyond 25 °C, the brightness of the light gradually decreases. And LED fixtures operating in hot environments (temperature ranging between 40 °C to 60 °C) may see a white light reduction of up to 20% to 35%.


So, if your LED tunnel light is not shielded against high temperatures, don’t use it in temperatures that are too high above the optimal operating temperatures. And if you must use them in applications with a heated ambiance, ensure that the lights are reinforced against the operating conditions.


An LED Tunnel light has important applications; thus, they have a responsibility to operate optimally for longer periods. But no matter how efficient an LED light is, it can sustain damage if not used with proper care.

Therefore, you must ensure their drivers are well-designed and that the lights do not have any loose wires. Moreover, ascertain that they are not being used in a hot environment without proper safety precautions.

Moreover, if you go for a cheap LED light, know that you are compromising on its quality. And needless to say, low quality LED light fails sooner than the high-end ones.

So, if the LED lights are of good quality. And the problems that may arise in them are taken care of beforehand, be rest assured that your LED light will never desert you in the dark.

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