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LED Corn Light: Comparison between Different Types of Corn Lights

January 27, 2021

Different Types of LED Corn Light

Are you looking for a corn led light? If yes, then you have made the right decision as the led corn lights are a modern lighting solution for various reasons. But before you buy one, you need to know what precisely a led corn light is and what benefits it offers. You should also know the different type of corn led bulbs available so that you can choose the right option. Here is a guide that will help you understand some crucial aspects of this smart lighting solution. We will also let you know how to choose the right bulbs for indoor or outdoor use.

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A led corn bulb or light is named for its appearance as it looks very similar to the corncob. It has straight lines of light diodes attached on its tube. There are approximately 80 – 108 led lights a normal cob, depending on the bulb size and style requirements. These lights are a perfect substitute to metal halide and HID lamps. Typically, these lights are used for purposes such as high-bay lighting, street lighting, and parking areas.

The Reason for Popularity

We have seen an immense increase in the demand for led lights in recent years. There are multiple reasons why people are now more interested in corn led lights than old-fashioned light bulbs. A primary reason is its simple installation. Another big reason is that it provides greater luminance in an area than a same-size incandescent bulb.

Additionally, the led corn lights save more energy when we compare them with the other types of bulbs. The replacement cost is also low, and they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Among all the benefit, the corn led light’s longevity is simply the most significant advantage you will get. High quality led corn light has an expected lifespan of 25 years, which is five times greater than ordinary lights. Therefore, these lights prove cost-efficient in the long run.

Different Types of LED Corn Lights

A corn led light comes in two different types; a flat bulb and a 360 bulb. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the right type according to your specific use. A flat-bulb offers 180-degree of light, while the other type comes with 360-degrees light. Most people get confused about which type they should buy.

If you need light in an area where the light direction needs to be downward, then a flat bulb is all that you need. The 180-degrees light focuses downwards, and this will fulfill your lighting requirement. If you need light in all directions, then go for a 360 bulb to provide light on all sides. Interestingly, a 36 bulb is also more cost-effective. You can also use a reflector if you want to even the bulb light. They are an ideal choice for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Buying the Right Corn Led Light Bulb

When it comes to buying the right corn led light bulb, there are several factors to consider. Here are all the essential elements that you should be aware of before buying one:

  1. Right Fitting is Important

The corn led bulbs are available in many fittings because of their large size. Before you buy a new light, you should know the exact reference number of your fitting to match the new bulb. You can find the reference number and such details on the product packaging or the bulb.

  1. Enclosed Fixtures

Many led lights come with specific warning instructions. It may include a warning that you must use your light in a completely enclosed fixture. Before you buy, you must make sure that the bulb is rated safe for use in an enclosed fixture for industrial and commercial applications. Keep in your mind that you must leave a little space.

  1. Voltage

The bulb voltage is another important thing that you should focus on while buying a new led corn light. These bulbs are designed to work between 90 – 277V AC. Following are the safest bulb voltages that you can use for your specific application:

  • 277 volts
  • 240 volts
  • 220 volts
  • 208 volts
  • 120 volts

If you have a 480-volt fixture, we won’t recommend using a high voltage bulb.

  1. Correct Base

There are two types of bases for the led corn bulbs; E39 and E26.

E39: This base is usually termed as Goliath Edison Screw and Mogul Edison Screw. Here, “E” represents ‘Edison’ and the number “39” is the base diameter. The E39 base lights are best for farm or industrial applications. They are widely used in warehouses, barns, and factories mainly because the bulb wattage is 250W.

E26: This is known as One-Inch Edison Screw or Medium Edison Screw. The E26 is a traditional base for many bulbs. This is a regular base for the 120-volt lights, so they are used widely in homes. Therefore, if you are looking for a home solution, you should choose E26 instead of E39.

  1. Lumens

Another vital thing to keep in your mind is choosing the lumens. You must look at the lumens rather than watts if you want to buy the right corn led light. Watts measures the released energy by the light and indicated how bright the luminance would be. When comparing HID with LED, the LED is the right option. Therefore, you can replace your HID lamps with LED lights. The brightness of LED is measured with a different unit called ‘lumen’.

If you have a 400-watt ordinary bulb that you need to replace with a LED bulb, you should choose a LED bulb with 12000-18000 lumens. In the same way, you should buy a 9000-12000 lumens LED bulb to replace a 250-watt metal halide bulb. If you are not sure, then you can also ask the seller for their recommendations.

  1. Colors

You can buy corn led light in different colors. Here are the most common led corn bulb colors that you can choose from:

3000K LED: A 3000K led bulb offers a warm-white color. This color is suitable for restaurants and houses because it creates a relaxing and softer environment.

4000K LED: It offers natural white light and suitable for work areas and businesses. The reason why it is the right choice for working environments is that it replicates daylight.

5000K LED: A 5000K led bulb is best for large areas. If you are looking for the LED lights for large outdoors areas, you should opt for this color.

Using higher colors than the above-mentioned colors can be dangerous for the environment and humans. According to ‘American Medical Association’, we should not use colors such as 6500K and 5700K because blue light obstructs melatonin production. So, you must keep this thing in mind before selecting the color.

It would help if you choose corn led light very carefully by going through all the important aspects mentioned above. Once you chose the right led light, you will be enjoying the many great benefits that this light offers. You can select led lighting not only for indoor but also for outdoor applications. Choosing the right light will make your area bright while saving a lot of energy.

In a nutshell, these lights are worth buying because they create a brighter environment while cutting down the energy costs. The only concern is to choose the right type and high-quality led lights from a reliable source. You can find many reliable sources online such as Amazon, to buy top-quality lights by the reliable brands.

Another brand that we can assure you would provide you quality is Mic-LED. They have been in the business long enough to deliver high-quality products. For more information, contact us today!

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