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A Guide to LED Corn Light

January 27, 2021

Best kind of LED corn bulbs for Lighting Projects

The flooding of the market with all types of brands for lighting solutions can get very confusing for a layman. Choosing the right LED corn light for any lighting project can become very difficult. Yet it is important to choose the right one.

LED corn light is becoming an easy solution in converting outdoor spaces energy efficient. Among all the LED options, the LED corn bulb is the most efficient one. The reason to choose LED corn light is that they have inbuilt diodes that emit light from hundreds of individual slots.  They have a high heat intemperance element which comes from a metal tube. These metal tubes fixate with the light-emitting slots that can transpire heat.

LED corn bulbs are becoming an efficient switch. It is effective to transfer from metal halide or high-pressure sodium luminous bulbs to LED corn lights. Their popularity is exceeding day by day because of their resourceful outcome for lighting projects.  It especially includes outdoor projects that need lighting in larger spaces.

LED corn Light


Basically, the LED corn bulb is a metal structure. This structure has diodes scattered all around it. There are hundreds of them attached to the metal frame. They release light. You can refer to them as corn lamps too.

The yellow light in the LED corn bulbs exactly imitates corn on the cob.  The reason they are designed the way they are serves the purpose of lighting larger spaces. The several light-emitting diodes make sure that plenty of light comes out of the LED bulb. The more the number of the diodes, the more will be the light.

The diodes attached with the metal frame are for a reason. They cover the full-frame from top to the bottom in order to stay cool.  One might think that the number of diodes may heat up the whole bulb dangerously but the insulation of the frame and the diodes make sure that the bulb remains at a normal temperature, not emitting excess heat.

Fixtures for a LED Corn Lamp

LED corn lamps are majorly generic. By generic, we mean that it is compatible with many screw sockets. Although most sockets are compatible with most screws, it is important to see which goes with which one. Each day with the availability of different and new options in LED corn bulbs new screw socket bases are being developed to cater to certain requirements.

The lamp can support E40, E27, E39, and E26 basis as of now. Developing more bases every day keeps the LED corn bulb production in full swing.

Installing a LED Corn Bulb

LED corn bulbs come in different sizes and dimensions. In fact, this is one of its qualities that it is available in so many different sizes.

The installation is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is determine the space in which you want to install these lights. After determining the area you must decide how many lights you require in the specified area.  Then make sure that proper fixtures are available in the desired area.

After making sure that the area has desired fixtures you can place the LED corn bulbs that fit into the fitting.  LED corn bulbs have a screw-like shape at one and can easily be screwed into one of the fixtures of your choice.  This is how the installation takes place.

Key Points in Choosing a LED Corn Bulb

Furthermore, research shows that it is important to keep some key points in mind before choosing the right LED corn bulb. You need to determine and establish a few factors that should go in the favor of installing a LED bulb. Some of them include the cooling, the LED quality, and the protective covering around the corn bulb. Hence, these are a few of the features that you must ponder upon before investing in one.

Cooling of a LED bulb

It is important for a good bulb to cool itself down. It must feature an Aluminum structure that has a lot of exterior areas to let the heat outflow. Small fans inside the corn lamp help in cooling the surface area. You need to make sure that the inside fan has a motor with a warranty.

Moreover, it is common for the fan motor to fail way before the LED light fades out. A warranty will help you in having leverage. This is of great help even in cases where insects might hinder the performance of a fan’s motor.  Thus, it is better to invest in aluminum structured LED corn bulbs rather than relying on versions that have fan motors.

LED Quality of a LED Corn Bulb

Next up is the LED quality of the corn bulb. We already know that it consists of LED but what matters here is the quality of the LED chip.  LED works on CRI. CRI stands for Color Rendering Index (CRI).

The chips that will have cheaper LED versions will have very low-quality CRI. The better the quality of the LED chips, the better will be the CRI.  It is important to buy LED corn bulbs from a reputed well-reputed company.  This is a foolproof way of getting the best-LED quality for a corn bulb.

The protective covering of a LED Corn Bulb

Another important factor when buying an LED corn bulb is its protective covering.  External factors can diminish the quality of a corn bulb. Not having a proper protective covering can lead to poor quality results. Henceforth, the thing to notice here is that the protective covering should not be so thick as to hinder the lighting quality of the bulb.

In fact, when buying one, you need to make sure that the outside protective covering is in a translucent way. This way it can prevent external problems like dust, insects, and weather conditions from affecting the corn bulb.  The better the quality of the protective covering the better it will protect the bulb for a longer time period.

Uses of a LED Corn Bulb

Over the years LED has taken over the world with much success. They have conquered the world of marketing, advertising, and many more.  And now it has taken over the field of lighting too.

LED corn bulbs are most favorable in areas that require a large number of lighting systems.  Some areas include street lamp lighting, street pathway lighting, lamp posts, external wall pack lighting, lighting on the motorways and broadways, parking spaces, high cove lighting, tennis playgrounds, and many such broad areas.

Miscellaneous points related to the LED corn bulb

It is interesting to know that a LED corn lamp can replace any kind of light without making any changes to the fixtures.  The only important thing that you need to take care of is the fitting of the lamp. Specific fixtures can only fit in specific-dimensioned corn lamps.  Therefore, make sure you notify the company about the fitting dimensions before buying the corn lamps.

Moreover, you can use corn lamps horizontally as well as vertically.  The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the lumens it operates on.  The more the number of lumens, the greater will be the weight of the bulb and vice versa.


It is always smarter to switch from previous technology to a newer one. The idea behind the LED corn bulb was to cater to lighting projects in very large spaces. Therefore, they can provide light with full dynamism without producing large amounts of heat thus; they are energy efficient as well as work-efficient.

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