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6 Practical Tips to install led ceiling lights in a warehouse in 2021

February 16, 2021

How to choose warehouse lighting?

led ceiling lights

A warehouse is a technical room where you need to arrange everything correctly, orderly, and also correctly organize lighting. This is an important condition for the comfort and safety of employees. When we select warehouse led ceiling lights correctly, employees quickly find the right product. And it is easier for them to keep records.

Moreover, they confidently move around the territory of the structure, not being afraid to stumble and fall.

In this article, we have collected tips on how to choose lighting fixtures for warehouses.

What kind of led ceiling lights is in a warehouse?

Warehouse lamps are divided into 2 categories:


1.       General

They come on the ceiling and illuminate the entire hangar from above. Usually this is a system of luminaires that are mounted in several rows around the perimeter. Their number calculates based on the dimensions of the building.

2. Local

 It is good to highlight important functional areas: entrances and exits, stairs, tables, walls, shelves. These can be spotlights, lamps, spotlights.

Generally, the warehouse is often a spacious hangar without windows. Moreover, Led ceiling lights Lighting here is possible only artificial. To illuminate a space well, you need a combination of general and local light. Therefore, it comes into account sanitary standards.

Moreover, to fit into them, you need to draw up a detailed plan for the future led ceiling lights lighting system.

This takes into account:

● Total area of ​​the warehouse and separate functional areas;

● ceiling height;

● Type of goods in the warehouse, storage features;

● Dimensions and arrangement of racks.

Often, for these purposes, specialists come. Moreover, they design how to select lamps for the warehouse and correctly arrange them. Similarly, they also take into account sanitary standards.

6 tips for choosing warehouse led ceiling lights

led ceiling lights

1. For warehouses, it is better to take lamps with a high luminous flux – 1800-2500 lm. Hence, this will allow you to get the required light level.

2. The color temperature should be in the cold range – 4000-5000 K. Moreover, such lamps are good for industrial lighting, as they invigorate and increase performance.

3. The body of the luminaire, floodlight or plafond must have high strength so as not to break if they are accidentally touched.

4. Protection of led ceiling lights devices from dust and moisture must be at the level of IP 54-65. Therefore, this is important because warehouse luminaires often operate in an aggressive atmosphere.

5. When purchasing, consider the operating temperature. This characteristic should be between -5 and + 35 ° C. Hence, warehouses are often do not get heat in winter and not air-conditioned in summer.

6. When choosing the type of lighting fixtures, it is better to focus on LED.

4 reasons to buy warehouse led lighting

1. Durability – works up to 25,000 hours. This is enough for several years.

2. Quality – you get a bright backlight that illuminates the building well and does not flicker. Thanks to this, employees can easily find the necessary inventory numbers. Moreover, their eyes do not get tired.

3. Protection level IP 65 is an important parameter for unheated warehouses with high levels of humidity and dust.

4. Economical – LEDs consume significantly less energy than halogen, fluorescent and other warehouse lighting lamps. Similarly, with their help, you will be able to save on your electricity bills.

LED panel – what is it, where it is good to use?

An LED or led panel is a luminaire that consists of several LEDs covered with a matte or transparent plastic diffuser. The panel gets power from a 220 Volt network. The power supply is often installed behind the case to prevent the LEDs from overheating during operation.

Where is the LED panel used?

Led ceiling lights panels are an option for large spaces. Similarly, its major users are factories and warehouses, offices, schools, shopping centers and pavilions. In living spaces, designers integrate LED panels into openings and multi-level ceilings.

What you need to know when choosing an LED panel?

For comfortable work or study, it is important to create sufficiently powerful and uniform lighting. For non-residential premises, choose lighting devices with a neutral or cold light temperature:

●  4000 K – daylight neutral light is suitable for classrooms, reading room, office. It invigorates and helps you focus.

●  6 400 K – cool blue light is chosen for the workshop, corridor, utility rooms, offices and classrooms.

It is believed that LED panels are an effective analogue of raster lamps. For diodes, energy consumption is 3-5 times less at the same power:

● The 36W panel generates 3,000 lumens of light output. This light is enough to evenly illuminate a room of 5-6 m2. A halogen lamp of the same wattage produces 540 lumens of light. It is easy to find on sale.

● 72W panel generates 6,000 lumens. Therefore,  it is enough to illuminate 10 m2 of space in a room with a height of 5-6 m.  Hence, a halogen lamp of this power gives 1080 lumens of light.

For uniform illumination of a large area, several light sources come at an equal distance.

Generally, LED panels with built-in dimer change the light intensity. Similarly, this will help you feel more comfortable and reduce electricity costs. The lower the brightness, the less electricity the device consumes.

Led ceiling lights panel lasts 12 times longer than halogen bulbs. 

Benefits of LED panels

Led panels are mounted in Armstrong ceilings, suspended and suspended ceilings, plasterboard structures. This type of lamp is also installed as surface-mounted and pendant lamps.

LED panels are chosen because they:

Gives an even soft light

The diodes do not pulsate, and the plafond evenly scatters the light. It is comfortable to work with such lighting: vision is less tired.

Do not overheat

The diodes heat up during operation, but the design of the luminaire distributes heat evenly, so the device does not overheat. The lamps are fireproof.

Operates at different temperatures

The lamp will not deteriorate from high or low temperatures and operates in the temperature range from -20 to +40 degrees.

Help save money

The price of led lamps on the market is higher than the cost of halogen or gas discharge lamps. But on the other hand, LEDs consume less electricity at the same power, and they need to be changed 3-5 times less often.

How to maintain led ceiling lights Panels?

What is LED panel? First of all, it is simplicity and reliability in use. Once installed, the luminaire does not require any maintenance. For normal operation, it is enough to follow the rules of fire safety and work with electrical appliances.

When used correctly, the customer will not have to change lamps for two to five years. Check once a year for damage or heavy dirt. If the lamp works in a dusty place, wet cleaning is done no more than once every six months.

3 main reasons for the failure of LED lamps:

Cheap device

If branded products are sold for a penny, most likely, the manufacturer saved on parts and material. Such a lamp breaks down quickly.

Broken driver

The driver, or power supply unit, fails due to sudden voltage surges, which is a consequence of the uneven distribution of the load in the network.

 High humidity

For damp rooms, choose led ceiling lights devices with moisture protection. If there is no such protection, do not wash the lamps.

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