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150w LED Corn Light: Choosing the Right LED Voltage

January 07, 2021

A 150w LED corn light claims to be up to 75% more efficient than its metal halides, sodium, and halogen counterparts. And this claim may as well be correct because these corn lights are quickly taking over every road, highway, and home exterior lighting .

LED corn lights are long-lasting and simple to install. However, when choosing a 150w LED corn light, there are a few factors that one must consider. These factors include light base, shape, and one of the most important, voltage.

This article will see if there is a relation between corn light and corn. Then we will explain why it is essential to choose the right voltage for an LED light. Finally, we will finish off with a few tips to help you choose your LED luminaire’s proper voltage.

150w LED Corn Light

150w LED Corn Light- Introduction and Its Relationship with Corn

A 150w LED corn light is a variant of bulbs belonging to the LED family. Every bulb from this family promises energy conservation and minimal electricity bills while providing maximum brightness.

You know how people name things after what they resemble? Like a turtleneck shirt is so-called because it looks like a turtle’s neck emerging out of the turtle’s shell, an LED corn light gets its name because it looks like a corn on the cob.

The 150w LED corn light has hundreds of square light-emitting diodes arranged along its tubes. The enlarged surface area of ​​​​these tubes gives these lights enough space for heat dissipation. The number of individual LEDs on a corn light depending upon various factors; However, they can vary from 80 to 108 individual diodes.

Why is 150w LED Corn Light Gaining Popularity?

LED corn lights are rapidly pushing their counterparts towards obsoletion because these lights have an effortless installation process. They are environment friendly and generate less heat. Moreover, like all its cousins ​​​​from the LED family, these lights provide brighter light at a lower voltage . Thus, they save a discrete percentage on the electric bills.

150w LED corn lights find numerous applications, especially in large indoor and outdoors areas. These lights are best suited for highway lighting, bollard lighting, post top lighting, interior wall packs etc.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Corn Light?

Choosing the correct voltage and hence wattage is critical to the life of an LED corn light. If your light’s operating voltage does not match your fixture’s voltage, the light will either not work or will be damaged completely.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that you choose the right voltage with respect to your fixture. Considering the bulb voltage before buying one also ensures that you get the maximum brightness from the bulb.

How to Choose the Right Voltage for your 150w LED Corn Light Application?

It is not too difficult to choose the right voltage for a 150w corn light. And after our comprehensive guide, it will become easier.

Now that you know what a corn light is, its applications and the importance of choosing the right voltage, here are a few tips to help you select the correct voltage to complete your luminaire:

Understand the Setting

Imagine how awkward it would be to go to a party dressed in your favourite pyjamas thinking it’s a pyjama party only to find out it is a sophisticated party with a formal dress code. Hence, it is important to consider setting and ambience of a place beforehand .

So, before you buy a 150w LED corn light for your application, take a minute to look at the setting, whether outdoor or indoor, small or large, confined, or open-air. Then, research on the available voltages and decide which voltage will perform best under your applications’ set of conditions.

Because if you buy a small voltage or low wattage bulb for an unconfined, large area, that bulb will look as misfit as a person wearing pyjamas to a formal dinner.

The Type of Bulb

There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to corn lights. You can choose from CFL lights, high-pressure sodium lights or the efficient and bright LED corn lights.

Each type of light has varying voltage ranges within which they operate. So, to choose the right voltage of your light, it is essential that you first understand the various options you have and their voltage range.

While CFL and other types of lights are seasoned players in the field of lighting, LED corn light belongs to the younger lot that is smart on savings and efficient in performance.

An LED corn light is available in a voltage ranging from 90 volts to 277 volts of AC. So, if you want to save on your electric bills while not compromising on the brightness, consider getting 150w LED corn light.

Consider Energy-Saving

Nobody likes wasting energy because wasting energy equates to contributing to damaging mother nature. Even if you hate the environment and want it to wither away and die, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on your electricity bill.

If you use a high voltage bulb in an application where a lower voltage one would work just fine, you may be wasting precious energy that will reflect in your bill.

Therefore, if you want to get the right voltage of your LED light, decide if you want to reap energy-saving benefits out of it as well or not. Then, you can pick a high voltage or low voltage bulb depending on whatever you have decided.

Luminous Intensity

The voltage of your LED light influences how bright it will shine. Therefore, in order to get the right brightness out of your 150w LED corn light, you must give due consideration to the voltage of your LED light.

Light manufacturers now measure the brightness of a light in lumens. Higher the number of lumens, brighter will be the light. And typically, increasing voltage increases the lumen output of a light, leading to a bright shining luminaire.

However, some manufacturers are now designing bulbs to provide higher lumen output at a lower wattage. To mitigate confusion, Energy Star recommends shortlisting a range of bulbs that offer your required amount of luminosity and then pick one with the least wattage to save electricity.

Determining the Voltage Supply of Fixture

Confirming that the LED light you buy is compatible with the fixture’s voltage output is important because using a misaligned bulb and fixture pair can be detrimental to the life of the bulb.

If you use an LED bulb with a high voltage requirement with a low voltage supply bulb fixture, your LED bulb will not light up. However, if you try to outrun the smartness of LED light manufacturers and use an LED bulb with low voltage requirement with a high voltage output bulb, your bulb will burn out and will be damaged permanently.

150w LED Corn Light


150w LED corn lights, borrowing their name from corn on the cob because of their resemblance, make for an efficient lighting solution to all indoor and outdoor lighting problems.

These lights find their applications in many places, including highway and high bay lights, and interior wall packs because of their high lumen/watt capacity. Moreover, they are highly efficient in their performance and save some significant dollars on the electricity bills.

However, to choose the best-LED corn light for your applications, it is important to give due consideration to its voltage requirement. As an LED light’s voltage and power requirement hold significance.

So, to choose the right voltage for your 150w LED corn light, take a minute to think about the setting you will use it in. The number of lumens, and other factors that we have discussed here.

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