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LED Corn Lamp Application, Usage and Choosing the Correct One

January 05, 2021

What Exactly a Led Corn Lamp is and where it is used?

Are you looking for an energy-efficient outdoor lighting solution? If yes, then the led corn lights are a perfect replacement for your SON and HID lights. There is literally no better option than the led corn lights if you really want to cut down your utility bills. A led corn lamp is approximately 80% more energy-efficient when we compare it with a metal halide, incandescent, high-pressure sodium, or metal halide bulb.

A led corn bulb consists of several individual LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that are attached firmly to a metal element. The small yellow color LEDs look like corn kernels so this is why it is named corn light or bulb. Unlike the SON lamps and halogen HID lights, the corn lamps provide a lot of light in an efficient way, while retaining a broad color spectrum.

You can use these lights in many areas including areas that require a large amount of light while preserving maximum energy. They are cheaper in price and more efficient than the SON/HID lamps and commonly used in:

  • High bay lights (interior)
  • Football stadiums
  • Car parks
  • Roads
  • Streets
  • Post top lamp
  • Bollard pathway lights
  • Exterior wall pack

A led corn lamp is a perfect replacement for all sorts of high-lumen lights, both inside and outside lighting solutions.

Choosing the Right LED Corn Lamps

When choosing a led corn lamp or light, there are different important factors that you must keep in mind. Here is what you need to know to make sure, you choose the right lamp:

  1. Cooling

The right quality corn lamp should have the ability to cool itself. This self-cooling process occurs because of the aluminum structure of the corn lamp with a wide surface area that helps the heat outflow. Some corn lamps also come with fans. These lamps are actually problematic and a cheap way to make corn lamps.

A major problem with the fan-based lamp is that the fan motor dies very earlier than the LEDs. When the fan motor dies and stops working the cooling ability of the light also dies and ultimately results in product damage. Therefore, you must make sure that the led corn lamp you buy has a self-cooling feature.

  1. Quality of LED

The LED chips come in different qualities. A cheap LED has a low CRI (Color Rendering Index). You need to make sure that the LEDs you buy are manufactured by a trustworthy brand, such as Samsung. The high-quality LEDs may be a little expensive, but they will prove cost-effective in the long run.

  1. Protective Covering

The diodes of quality LEDs are always protected with a translucent plastic covering which shelters the LEDs from insects and dust. This is important to ensure the proper performance of the lamp in the long run. So, make sure that the LED’s diodes are covered which will also ensure that the quality of the light does not diminish over time.

Corn Lamp Compatible Bulbs

Almost any bulb that has a matching base can be used with a led corn lamp. However, you need to make sure that the lamp can fit in the luminaire with its cover on. So, before you buy a replacement bulb, you should check and match the product dimensions that are available on the product packaging.

Fixtures that Accept a LED Corn Lamp

Most of the screw-in-sockets accept the corn lamps. But, you really need to confirm that you have an appropriate fixture. Generally, the LED corn lamps are designed for the fixtures, such as E40, mogul (E39), medium (E26), ad Edison (E27) base. However, manufacturers are designing more and more fixtures every day.

A Comparison among LED Corn Bulbs, SON Lamps ad Metal Halide

Here is a quick comparison of the three types:

LED Corn Bulbs Sodium Vapour Lamps Metal Halide
Energy Rating A+ B C
Ultraviolet None Small amounts Yes. Emits the UV radiation that needs a bulb filter
Cycling Instantaneous 5 to 10 minutes Can take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to get warm
Heat Emissions Produces a small amount of heat A major amount (15% of the total energy) A major amount (10 to 15% of total consumed energy)
Costs Starts from £22 From £22 and above Starts from £22
Average lifespan 50,000 hours 18,000 to 24,000 hours 6,000 to 15,000 hours
Colour temperature 2,700k (extremely warm) – 6,500k (daylight) (extremely warm) 2,700k 2,700k (extremely warm) – 20,000k (super daylight)


Metal halide creates light through the combination of metal halides and vaporized mercury. These lights are best suited for the large spaces, such as warehouses, car parks, and sports stadium. On the other hand, the sodium vapour lights are the high-pressure lights that are generally used for general floodlighting ad street lighting.

Corn Lights: By Lumens, Color Temperature, and Wattage


LED wattage – w Halogen equivalent Lumens – lm Colour temperature – k Available sockets Price – £
20-w 75-w 2,200-lm 6000k – daylight E27 £22.79
30-w 105-w 3,200-lm 6000k – daylight E27, E40 £23.76, £35.96
40-w 150-w 4,200-lm 6000k – daylight E27, E40 £41.57, £41.57
60-w 200-w 6,500-lm 6000k – daylight E40 £43.88
80-w 250-w 7,800-lm 6000k – daylight E40 £47.96
100-w 400-w 9,800-lm 6000k – daylight E40 £50.96
120-w 400-w 13,000-lm 6000k – daylight E40 £65.96
150-w 450-w 15,000-lm 6000k – daylight E40 £99.96
200-w 600-w 20,000-lm 6000k – daylight E49 £171.96


Lumens and Wattage

Lumens: It is used for the measurement of light brightness. Higher lumens mean brighter light, while low lumens mean low light. For the areas that require a large amount of light, you should look for a bulb that has at least 5,000lm. If space is darker and larger, then you need to increase the lumens so that the place should have sufficient light.

Wattage: It is the electrical power amount expressed in the watts. Earlier, we used to rely on watts to show bulb brightness. But, with the emergence of energy-efficient LED lighting, wattage doesn’t offer enough information. For instance, a 40w bulb produces exactly the same lumens that a 5w LED produces.

Best Cheap, Mid-Rage, and Top-Rage Corn Lights

If you are looking for the best corn lights around, then here are a few top choices according to different budgets that you can shop online:

  1. Cheap-Range Corn Lights

20w LED Corn Light E27 Cap: If you are looking for a 20-w cheap option in terms of price, then you can opt for this product that is available online at LAMP SHOP Online for £22.79. Its lumens, colour temperature, beam angle, and wattage reduction is 2200lm, 6000k, 360, and 73% respectively.

  1. Mid-Range Corn Lights

40w LED Corn Light: Looking for a mid-range led corn lamp? If yes, then this product is available for £22.79 online. The lumens, colour temperature, beam angle, and wattage reduction are 4200lm, 6000k, 360, and 71% respectively. Available sockets are E27 and E40.

  1. Top-Range Corn Lights

80w LED Corn Light E40 Cap: 7800lm, 6000k, 360 (beam angle), and 68% wattage reduction. The price is £47.96.

100w LED Corn Light E40 Cap: 9800lm, 6000k, 360 (beam angle), and 66% wattage reduction. The price is £50.96.

120w LED Corn Light: 13000lm, 6000k, 360 (beam angle), and 68% wattage reduction. The price is £65.96.

led corn lamp

Low Bay Fittings

The low bay fittings are specially designed for building structures that have high ceilings. Such buildings may include factories and warehouses. They come with the ballast removed and are ready to accept 240w LED corn lights and usually come with a 3-year warranty. So, if the product malfunctions within the three years of purchase, then you can claim the warranty.

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