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12V LED Floodlights: Advantages of 12V LED System

April 07, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About 12V LED Floodlights and Its Amazing Advantages

Are you looking for low voltage lighting to emit the lamps outside your house? If yes, then the 12V LED floodlights are the perfect choice for you. These floodlights are one of the best low voltage lights that you will ever find out there. What’s more, they are a popular choice for your RVs and vehicles as well. That’s because your RV and other vehicles are not capable of running one line voltage. As a result, 12V LED lights have become the most preferred option for them. Want to know more about the advantages of using these floodlights? Stay tuned then.

12V LED floodlights

What are 12V LED Lights?

Primarily, LED lights were used for low power needs. These lights had a very small size of diode in them. As a result, they were considered the perfect option for tiny lights such as the red light in a power drill that indicates that it is plugged in. With the improvement in technology, these lights started becoming more popular for the applications where solar power and batteries were used. That’s because 12V LED floodlights have the ability to emit more light as compared to any other lighting. You will be surprised to know that a 12V LED floodlight has the power of emitting as much light as a 40Watt light would emit.

The Advantages of Using a 12V LED System

Although the primary use of 12V LED lights is still in automobiles, there is use is becoming popular in houses as well. 12V LED Floodlights are a common choice of a lot of people these days. That’s because of the many benefits these lights have to offer. So, if you are also thinking of purchasing them, then let’s go through some more advantages of these lights. It will help you in making an informed decision.

1.     A Common Voltage Platform

The 12V DC system is a common voltage platform on which most electrical appliances operate. A lot of batteries for floodlights and vehicles operate on 12V DC as well. This is why 12V LED floodlights are the most preferred floodlights for people. What’s more, using this system is quite easy as well. That’s because they do not require any additional transformer to convert the voltage. All you need to do is plug in the lights and job done!

12V LED floodlights

2.     Cool Burning

Cool burning is one of the hugest advantages of a 12V LED system. This is why the use of 12V LED floodlights is becoming popular for houses as well. You can even enclose the 12V LED lights in a cabinet or a refrigerator and they will not become hot. You can even use them as ceiling lightings because of the obvious advantage of cool burning. This is what makes these lights safe to use as well. So, if you are also looking for a safer option for both inside and outside of your house, then these lights are the perfect choice for you.

3.     Cost-Effective

The 12V LED system is one of the most is one of the most common voltage systems out there. That’s because these LED lights consume a lot less energy as compared to other forms of lighting. As a result, it reduces your cost of energy. If you use these lights efficiently, they can even last for years to come. This is what makes these lights cost-effective and budget-friendly. For this reason, the use of 12V LED floodlights is becoming more popular in homes as well. All you need to do is buy these floodlights once and stop stressing about the continuous need to replace them.

4.     Durable

Another huge advantage of a 12V system is that it is extremely durable. That’s because they are low voltage lighting and low voltage lighting often have a longer lifespan. The 12V system when combined with LED becomes one of the most durable and long-lasting 12V LED floodlights that you will ever encounter. As a result, you will not have to go through the hustle to replace them often. All you need to do is buy your sets of 12V LED floodlights and stay stress-free for years to come as some of these can even last for ten years.

5.     Lower Risk of Electric Shock

If you are looking for something safe for your house that is safe and has a lower risk of electric shock then the 12V LED floodlights are the perfect option for you. That’s because the 12V system has a much lower voltage in comparison to line-voltage. For this reason, the electric current in a 12V system is not able to overcome the resistance found in the human body and other objects. This is why they are becoming a common choice of homeowners who want something safe for the lighting of their house. What’s more, they are a safer choice for people who want to experiment with different products such as LED strips.

6.     Versatile

Are you looking for something versatile and stylish for the outdoor lighting of your home? Then you must get your hands on 12V LED floodlights. These floodlights are one of the most versatile lights that you will find out there. Since they are low-voltage lights, the LED bulbs can be as smaller as you want. As a result, you can light the spaces that are small and tight. This would not have been possible with other floodlights. What’s more, the designs of the LED bulbs inside the floodlight can be creative and varied as well.

7.     Reliable

The fault in any other LED system would mean that you will have to replace the entire system. That’s because of the replacement of the power supply ad transformer. But, this is not the case with a 12V LED system. In a 12V LED system, the power supply and the transformer are not located as close to the LED as compared to other systems. They are placed in a cool area instead. This is what makes this system more reliable than other systems. What’s more, in case some fault arises in the electronic system, you can easily repair or replace it. So, there is no need to dispose of the entire system. All you need to do is just repair the part that broke down.

8.     Perfect for Christmas Lighting!

Apart from using in floodlights, the 12V LED lights can serve as perfect Christmas lights for you. When it is time for Christmas, you can replace these lights with your old Christmas lights both indoor and outdoor. These emitting diodes lights have the ability to emit colored light. This is why they are becoming a perfect choice for Christmas tree lights. So, if you also want to make your Christmas colorful, just replace your old Christmas lights with these 12V LED floodlights. You will get the most beautiful effect out of them that will make your Christmas one of the most memorable ones.


Final Words

Although the main use of a 12V LED system is in vehicles and motors, the system is gaining popularity in houses as well. That’s because 12V LED floodlights are not only cost-effective but durable as well. What’s more, they do not get hot and you can use these lights even in smaller spaces because of their size. What more do you want?

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12V LED floodlights

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