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Konsep Perkhidmatan

Latihan teknikal

Company will be based on user manual, system use guide and maintenance guide training.Training include system use, system maintenance and equipment protection.

After-sales service mode

1. The phone service

Our MIC after-sales service department to provide customers with 24-hour telephone service. When you contact us, please let us know the following information:

  • What’s your name and phone number
  • The warranty card number
  • The fault signal (if the fault can be expressed through pictures, you can take pictures as much as possible and sent to us), Our after-sales service engineers will be according to your description to provide technical support and guidance.

2. Real-time communication services

MIC service engineers will tour TM&MSN & Skype&E chat tools such as E-mail to customer service. Through MSN send the client computer, for example, set up & software operating video, showing the customer how to operate

3. Remote control service

MIC can be remote client computer operation, through the Internet to provide software installation and setup, LED lighting technical failure of the system software and disposal.

4. The postal service

During the warranty period, customers can send the defective parts to MIC, we will fix them as soon as possible and return to you. Specific please refer to some of our main components failure response time chart.

MIC adalah salah satu pengeluar, pembekal, dan pengeksport lampu LED dan solar yang terbesar di China, serta penyedia utama dalam penyelesaian penjimatan tenaga.
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