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    • MIC analysis: green energy saving lighting practical significance?

      Green energy saving lighting for the protection of the environment is very obvious, including the reduction of pollutant emissions in the life cycle of lighting appliances, the use of clean light, natural light and green materials, control of light pollution. First of all, the significance of gre...
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    • LED lamps more efficient, replacing the traditional lighting appliances trend is obvious

      Now when consumers in Europe and the United States want to buy energy-efficient light bulbs, has a new choice, LED bulbs began to shelves in the shopping malls, their working life is 5 times the energy saving lamps, 25 times incandescent. On the other hand, due to the low luminous efficiency of i...
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    • LED street lamp energy saving and investment analysis

      LED and its characteristics LED (Emitting Diode Light), which is a light-emitting diode, is a kind of semiconductor solid light emitting device. It has neither a burning filament nor an ionized gas, so the temperature at which it works is also very low. Since the birth of Blu ray LED, the develop...
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    • LED power engineer must have common sense – (capacitance knowledge)

      Electrolytic capacitor Characteristics of capacitance (septum) Capacitor is a container for storing electric charge. It is composed of two pieces of metal, which is close to the plate, and the middle is separated by the insulation material. According to the insulation material, can be made into a...
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    • LED light bulb why so expensive?

      Today most lamps and lanterns and lamps use standard A19 specifications of the lamp, and now this kind of lamps have been LED version, but the price is high. For example, equivalent to the 40W or 60W ordinary light bulb brightness of the LED bulb lamp, the retail price of $40 and $20, respectivel...
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    • Semiconductor lighting knowledge of LED street lamp lighting

      Street lamps installed outdoors, lightning is a very big threat. Light will lead to street lamp damage, heavy damage caused by fire or casualties, resulting in huge losses. Here, we will introduce to you about the impact of LED street lights and preventive measures. Shenzhen MIC Photoelectric Tec...
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    • Malaysia provincial 330000000 ringgit, energy consumption next year phasing out light bulb

      Malaysia – years, 3.3 billion that Ji energy, power consumption of the electric light bulb next year and gradually stop Peter chin FAH Kui: yellow light bubble will begin next year and gradually stop using. (cloth city) energy, green technology and Water Minister Datuk chin FAH Kui said, th...
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    • Europe – to speed up the market for the use of LED lighting products

      The first measure of the European optoelectronic measure will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on 20129 27-29. The theme of the meeting is to speed up the market for the use of LED lighting products”. Brief introduction In the energy conservation, environmental protection, coupled with the ra...
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    • General lighting – the main penetration direction of LED lighting

      General lighting, including two major categories of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. These two types of applications require lamp has high luminous efficiency, long life, environmental protection and other characteristics, the main difference lies in the interior lighting light source for li...
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    • Activity of Alibaba

      This month MIC all staffs attend a huge activity held by alibaba,called”QuanZhan”,it’s a very special activity for all salesmen,for all companies. This special activity gives MIC all salesmen limitless energy and passion,all of us want to win in this big competition,because In a real warrior’s h...
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    • Shipping of Brazil cargo

      Many thanks to our respected client from Brazil, trust and support MICenough! MICfinished time after time cooperation with clients, now MICsent out two containers goods to him again on Oct 20th.       As for this two containers goods, 5000pcs 2.4m 36w T8 tube, 3000pcs 1.2m 18w T8 tube, 3000pcs 0....
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    • VIP client visited MIC

      On April 20th 2016, our long time cooperated VIP Brazil client visited us, Here shared with our friends. In this time, we hold meeting to offer solution for her some projects. Mainly talked about flood light, tube light, corn lamp, high bay lamp… 1,500pcs 200w and 500pcs 400w flood light. S...
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    • MIC newest design UFO LED High bay light come to the market

      Dear customer, MIC devotes its 30% annual sales to the R&D, and new product release every one or two month, now ournewest design UFO high bay light come to the market, it is widely received and loved by customer once published. New UFO high bay lamp Advantages: 1. Small size, weight light, ...
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    • GOOD NEWS- MIC S series led flood light get ETL certificate, No. 5002701

      Good news, dear old customers and new customers! MIC S series led flood light have got the ETL certificate! We have specialized in the flood light led business for many years. Our featured flood light includes 1000w led flood light, led flood light 500w, 400w led flood light etc. Full series rang...
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    • MIC newest design LED street light S series come to the market

      Dear Customer,   MIC super thin led street light with Osram Leds S series launch in the market, and it is very hot and popular among customer once it is published.   Advantages: 1, used Osram LEDs, Meanwell driver, 5 years guarantee 2, extremly high brightness, final finished product...
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    • Dragon Boat Festival

      Dragon Boat Festival is China traditional festival, with more than 2000 years history. Dating back two thousand years ago in the Warring States period, Qu Yuan Dragon Boat Festival day and coincidence; in the early Eastern Han Dynasty two thousand years ago, Qu Yuan and Dragon Boat Festival to ea...
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    • Third party inspection on MIC led corn light and flood light

      Third party inspection on MIC led corn light and flood light   We have an order for EU customer, on led corn light and led flood light, after finish production, third party come to inspection, the following is inspection details:   Order items: MYM-60W-3 (60w led corn light) MFL-S100W( ...
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    • In the hot summer, prosperous business take us cool and refreshing.

      This  month,  our corn lamp in busy producing and shipping. Total 8500pcs, 30w  50w  60w  80w  100w 120w all items are very welcomed by clients. Meanwell, our engineers updated the technique. The driver base, we add glue. Here share pictures for you, please check. Some corn lamp in producing, so...
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    • GOOD NEWS- new arrival L series led highbay light!

      Good news, dear old customers and new customers! We have one new arrival for you -MIC L series led highbay light Product Features: 1, aluminum heat sink+ copper heat pipes connect light source with heat sink, best dissipation 2, special Meanwell HBG driver, specially deisgn for highbay light, pr...
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    • Outdoor colleative activities-MIC LED

      Challenge and Opportunity belongs to someone who is ready. Passion and enthusiasm belongs to MIC all staff. In order to improve sense of collectivity and happiness for staff,MIC foreign trade department organize a group activity outdoor on 13 August ,2016.All salesmen take part in this activities...
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    • Shipping of 1550pcs 240W UFO High Bay Light

      1550pcs 240W UFO high bay for our client in the United States have been shipped after 48 hours aging and testing on Aug.10. With the effort of MIC lovely and hard-working colleagues,these UFO high bays are well finished after about 20-days-production. MIC UFO led high bay light widely...
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    • Notice for Mid-autumn Festivial

      Honorific custom, from 15th Sep. to 18th Sep. is China traditional mid-autumn festival. MIC all staff will be in holiday 3 days. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of China’s traditional festivals, because in the autumn lunar month being August and the 15th of August among the so called “Mid-...
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    • new bulk order 50w 6500lm MIC S series led flood light!

      Here share with you photos of new bulk order 200pcs 50w 6500lm MIC S series led flood light Featured of this series flood light as below *****Ultra Slim design, beautiful and can save much shipping cost for our clients *****Philips SMD3030 SMD, whole lamp high brightness over 130lm/w *****ETL/DLC...
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    • prices of 120w 120 watt solar LED street lights

      Recently, MIC LED launched sale promotion for UFO LED high bay. We will offer 5% discounts to the clients in Nov. However, our product quality are not changed at all. ****Used high bright Philips 3030 LED, >130lm/w, ****High quality Meanwell power supply with UL listed, ****Wattages: 100/120/1...
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