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    • MIC Patent mode Post Top Led garden light launched in the market

            For our this kind of led garden light was design with many kind of installation ways   1, post top installation, which is best sold item.   UP & DOWN installation When it was face down then it can use for Led street light. Face up the use for garden light. The ...
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    • Solve the rapid aging problem of LED corn bulb

      Did you face problem of led corn bulb installed in the close fixture, after 6 months then the led started getting dark then dead step by step within 1 year? Our 2020 Upgrade LED corn bulb have solved this problem finally. First we used AT35 new kind 2835 led encapsulated by PPL technology, whi...
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    • MIC Lora intelligent control technology 2.0

        It is time to change your street light with intelligent LoRa control.   1, Wireless control 2, Dimming to set up the luminous 3, time phase function 4, mistake feedback and report 5, group control & single control   We MIC can provide full solution of LoRa and LoRaWAN full solution tog...
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    • 2500PCS LED shoebox street light shipment

      Product: LED shoebox street light Customer: from Belgium 200w 1255pcs, 300w 1255pcs   The original lamp for street lighting is HPS light. Our customer told us it was not bright enough. Pole height 13m, 9m, pole distance 50m, road width 30m, poles double row opposing. Our engineer worked out...
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    • Development history of UFO highbay light

       In addition to the various lighting lamps used in the general environment, highbay light also includes explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments. according to the functions, highbay light can be divided into general lighting and local lighting General lighting...
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    • MIC 720w flood lignting for Austria stadium project

      MIC 720w flood lignting for Austria stadium project

      Project Location: Grein AUSTRIA Installation time:December, 2019 Product Name: G series Led flood light 720w Item: MFL-G720 Material: Meanwell driver+ Philips led 5050 led 160lm/w   December, 2019 MIC success installed totally 18pcs MFL-G720 720W flood light in Austria Grein, with 6sets high mas...
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    • Development process of Street light

      Development process of Street light The development history street light is history of entrepreneurship for pursuing a bright outdoor night and a history of the exploration of a better life for mankind. 15th century London – the earliest origin of street lamps In 1417, in order to brighten ...
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    • Stadium lighting solution

      Stadium lighting solution   There are many kinds of stadium lighting, such as 7-a-side football field, 9-a-side football field, 11-a-side football field, and badminton court, tennis court, blue court, football field, ice hockey rink, ice rink, Volleyball courts, etc., and are divided into enterta...
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    • What is a corn light?

      Basic Information LED corn light is one kind of LED lighting. As the maximum luminous angle of LED chip is 120 degree, to improve the lamp’s uniform illumination, this lamp is specially designed 360 degree beam angle. Its shape is like corn cob, so be called LED corn light.     Prospec...
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    • 500W Juan Carlos-Project case-Chile

        MIC A-series led flood light 500w     Situation: The customer is new for led lighting products ,he is building a new shop for electrical materical and especially lighting products,he wants samples to test quality and market in Chile.   Solution: We suggest the customer our hot s...
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    • 250W UFO Tim Fileds-project case-USA

        UFO highbay light project     Product: 250w UFO highbay light Location: USA   THE SITUATION Tim has specialised in world-class linear shafting for many years. At their Roscoe location, weekly operating hours are upwards of 60 hours and with over 400 metal halide light fitti...
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    • 200W T sieser Kamran Chaudhry-Project case-Canada

        MIC T-series led flood light 200w     Situation: It is Mosque project .The customer need lights to lit up Minerate top of Mosque and Steel doms on the roof. He wants to install lights on parking light poles. The building is around 100 meters away,distance from parking poles to m...
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    • Koffy-project case-Cote d’Ivoir 200W MIC led flood light

        200W MIC led flood light —————–     The situation In Cote d’Ivoire sea port, the appearance of MIC led flood light. 200W led flood light will be installed on it, lighting the whole port. Abidjan sea port is a busy port. Every day, the go...
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    • John Heezen-project case-Netherlands

        LED flood light project   Product: 200w LED flood light   Location: Netherlands     THE SOLUTION John need LED lighting for the place for horse to ride. The illumanation area is W45m*L82m. MIC LED designed a layout using 12pcs MFL-S200 LED floodlight 200w. 6 poles and...
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    • 180w led street light project

        LED street light project ————–   Product: 180w LED street light   Location: Chile   THE SITUATION Techwave Ingeniería e Innovación Ltda. in Santiago Chile was interested in using led street light for the new train station in construction. &nb...
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    • 150w ufo high bay light in Slovakia

        Industry Warehouse —————-   Industry: Storage Place     THE SITUATION An indutry warehouse set up at 2018,located in SOPORNA SLOVAKIA,it is for the purpose of Hardware equipment storage,which is covering an area of 5000m2.Urgently needs Led type lam...
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    • UFO Nathan Bryan-project case-Japan

        UFO highbay light project —————   Product: 100w UFO highbay light Location: Japan   THE SITUATION Anchored Fitness and Performance is a gym in Kobe, Japan. Mr. Nathan was interested to replace the traditional HPS light with LED light. He complaine...
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    • Private Fitness Center in France

        Private Fitness Center in France —————-   Industry: Sport Center   THE SOLUTION New built Pricate Fitness Center in Martigues France,mosts of fitness machine in it,you can spend leisure time to keep healthy and calm down yourself there.Needs Led lamps fo...
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    • Motor Bike Sales Center

        Motor Bike Sales Center ————–       Industry:    Vehicles         THE SITUATION   Motor Bike Sales Center was well known for sells created design Motor bike at Local Country.The headquaters based on Martigues FRANC...
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    • 100W MIC led corn light in Phoenix Arizona

          100W MIC led corn light in Phoenix Arizona —————-   The situation In summer, Phoenix Arizona is one of most hot city in The United State. So the local People need a place to cool down at night. Park is most favorite of place to choose. But there ...
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    • City Express Holteles of Mexico

          City Express Holteles of Mexico   Industry: Five Star Hotel   THE SITUATION City Express Holteles of Mexico,based at Jalisco Mexico,covering an area of 30,000 square meters.This luxury five star hotel offers 500rooms ,all featuring with the viewing of broden horizon,and equipp...
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    • 60W LED street light project

        LED street light project ———   Product: 60w LED street light   Location: Surinam   THE SITUATION Our customer use the tradition high pressure sodium light for the garden lighting and interested to replace it with led street light to increase the brightness...
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    • HK shopping mall of Whampoa Garden

          HK shopping mall of  Whampoa Garden ———————-   Industry: Service   THE SITUATION HK,known as a place which called shopping haven in the world.So does HK shopping mall of Whampoa Garden.It is the largest places in kowloon,provided ...
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    • LED street light project

           LED street light project ————– Product: 40w solar LED street light Location: Romania THE SITUATION URBIO RO SRL in Romania was interested in replacing their existing Metal Halide lighting with solar streetlight to help reduce his factory operating costs....
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