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Wall-mounted energy storage 51.2V 220AH 11.59+KWh

MIC-WM 52.7V 220Ah

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Cycle life: 4000 Times (50A Charging/discharging current 80% DOD)

Suitable for homes, farms, small businesses, offices, small public spaces, etc.

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Wall-mounted energy storage 52.7V 220AH 11.59KWh (3.7v 220AH Lithium ion Lifepo4 Battery)

The 52.7V 220Ah battery system is applicable to home energy storage,small or medium sized shopping mall energy storage, which uses 14 pieces of 3.7V 220Ah battery cells in 14s1p configuration. Built-in Seplos smart BMS support maximum of 14 packs of battery in parallel to achieve higher capacity. The system cannot be connected in series. And do not mix use a MIC battery with any other battery brands or models.


Flexible copper connections


Packing in wooden boxes

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 C14-cell battery voltage sampling test, with deviation of ±20mV.


 Battery and ambient temperature detection: 4 battery temperature sensors, 1 ambient temperature sensor, and 1 MOS temperature sensor,with a deviation of ±2°C.


 Battery capacity and cycles: Complete a full charge/discharge cycle to set the actual capacity. The remaining capacity of the battery is monitored with a capacity estimation accuracy within 5% deviation. Additionally, charge and discharge cycle times as well as full charge and discharge cycle times are configurable.


 Intelligent cell balancing: The charging and static balancing strategies can be set flexibly to effectively extend the service life.


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