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Learn All About Solar Led Street Light Tender: Top Benefits
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Learn All About Solar Led Street Light Tender: Top Benefits

Embed and Overlay LED for Streets: The Complete Guide

The solar led street light tender is a lighting fixture from China, which has as its main feature being extremely thin (on average 1cm thick), and emit a large amount of light with low energy consumption (thanks to LED technology).

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Its main advantages in relation to its predecessor led street lights are due to its ease of installation, low energy consumption, high lumens per watt ratio and rare need for maintenance.

If you want to learn all about solar led light tender, keep reading this article.

We have prepared an extremely comprehensive content, so that you, the consumer or retailer, leave at the end of the text, understanding everything about the subject.

In this article we will be covering:

Types of solar led light tender

Basically there are 2 types of solar led street light tender, the recessed led street lights and the overlapping lights, see below for the characteristics of each led street light.

Built-in led street light

The recessed led street light is an extremely thin panel, in most parts it is only 1 centimeter thick.

This panel has clips for fixing to a false-bottom ceiling (plaster, pvc and wood lining).

Thus, the luminaire is very close to the ceiling, causing minimal interference in the aesthetics of the environment.

When accessing, you only see the light source that comes from the ceiling, as if it were a sun.

You will find this led street light in the most diverse formats, light colors and finishing colors, as we will see throughout the article.

Overlap solar led street light tender

The overlapping solar led street light tender is a thicker panel, on average 4.5 cm in height, and is often used in environments with a hard ceiling (slab).

Its use in these environments is due to the fact that it has a fixing rod with a screw and bushing, so that the led street light is easy to fix to the rigid ceiling, eliminating the need to embed the luminaire.

The driver (source) is well accommodated inside the luminaire, so that the overlapping led street light can be installed on any wall, even without that hole in the slab.

Some people who have a plaster ceiling still prefer to use the overlapping ceiling, as there is no need to cut the plaster for its fixation. What makes the renovation easier if you want to replace the led street light with some other type of lamp, for example: a chandelier?

You will find overlapping solar led street light tender in different formats, but the most common are:

  • Led street light superimpose square
  • Round Overlay Ceiling
  • Led street light Overlay Rectangular

There are overlapping led street lights with different colors of light, and different colors of finish, as we will see in the course of the text .

Many names, same item…

It is noteworthy that there are many names for the same product. Some of them are:

  • Ceiling
  • Light fixture
  • LED Downlight
  • Led panel
  • spot

So you don’t get confused when searching for the product. Always remember to evaluate the image of the same to know what you are buying.

Solar led street light tender Tags


In the market, you will find solar led street light tender from different brands. Each company seeks to produce a LED street light that best serves its target audience.

Some people look for quality above price, so they should look for brands that manufacture LED led street lights with

Quality over the price

Some brands prioritize quality over the final price, thus providing products with longer shelf life, better heat dissipation, greater light emission efficiency and lower energy consumption per lumen produced. The price of these products tends to be more expensive, precisely because of the better benefits that are delivered.

Price comes before quality

Other brands seek to provide low-cost (more affordable) led street lights, which, in turn, tend to be of lower quality, with shorter lifespan, less heat dissipation, lower ratio between emitted lumens and consumed watts (Lumens/W). In other words, they are panels that do not represent all the potential that LED can deliver.

The customer must assess their needs, and pay attention to these details in order to find the offer that best fits their expectations (cost/benefit).

It is not up to us to evaluate the objective of each brand, whether it is quality or price. However, we will give you the necessary tools so that you can evaluate for yourself which product best meets your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Material Composition of solar led street light tender

Today you will find solar led street light tender of the most diverse materials. Some for aesthetic purposes, others for technical purposes, and others for the sole purpose of reducing the price of the piece. Among the materials we can mention.

  • Aluminum led street light
  • Cast Metal Ceiling (mix of metals)
  • Wood Ceiling
  • Polycarbonate led street light (plastic)

Aluminum Ceiling

Ceilings that use pure aluminum in their composition tend to be of better quality. They are light products, with high resistance and tend to have better heat dissipation. Brands that prioritize quality tend to use this material in the composition of their products.

Cast Metal Ceiling for solar led street light tender
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It is a cheaper raw material than aluminum, generally used by brands that prioritize low price over quality. It has good rigidity and finish.

Wood Ceiling

The wooden solar led street light tender are an excellent option for those who want to create a more sophisticated air to their environment. We still don’t have information about the functioning, strength and efficiency of the product when produced with wood. I will include this information in the near future.

Polycarbonate led street light

They are lighter ceilings than aluminum, but with less resistance. Some recessed ceilings is easy to transform into overlapping ceilings, with the use of an accessory that closes the finish and allows it to fix to the ceiling.

Led street light with Glass Frame

They are usually aluminum solar led street light tender that have a glass (edge) finish. Moreover, they are sophisticated led street lights, widely used in residential environments. They generally have a good heat dissipation structure. Pay attention to the points, so that you know how to assess the quality of the ceiling that we purchase.

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