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180w led street light project-1
180w led street light project-2
180w led street light project-3
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180w LED-straatlantaarnproject

Product: 180w LED street light

Het resultaat

Techwave Ingeniería e Innovación Ltda. in Santiago Chile was interested in using led street light for the new train station in construction.

180w led street light project-detail-1

180w led street light project-detail-2

180w led street light project-detail-3

MIC engineer worked out the solution of 38pcs MSL-C180 LED street light 180W and 10pcs MSL-C300 LED street light 300w. These lamps with top quality aluminum heat sink structure and Meanwell driver, and the expected lifetime over 10 years, which will help the train station recover the streetlight cost in 1 year. MIC LED street light can save more the 50% electricity bill. And ZERO maintenance fee is exist in the coming years.

MIC is een van de grootste fabrikanten, leveranciers en exporteurs van led-verlichting en zonne-verlichting in China, evenals de toonaangevende leverancier van energiebesparende oplossingen.
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