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What Are The Benefits Of Installing LED Street Light?

February 23, 2018

It isn’t only homeowners and businesses that are reaping the benefits of installing LED lights. Today many of the major cities around the world have now chosen to install LED street lighting. Not only because it has helped to bring down the costs of lighting our streets but has also helped to make them considerably safer.

This is down to the fact they produce a much cleaner whiter light making things so much more visible to those driving along the streets as well as those walking along them. However what you may not realize is that these types of lights do differ from those that you have installed in your home or where you work.

First of when it comes to LED street lighting these will be made up of hundreds of the tiny light emitting diodes where as the ones in your home will normally only have one or two in them. So of course the amount of light that these emit is far greater and so they illuminate a far larger expanse of area. Along with producing far much more light what other benefits are to be gained from the installation of LED lighting?

Below we take a look at just some of these benefits and which is why so many local authorities around the world are opting to replace their current street lighting with LEDs.

Benefit 1:

As already mentioned LED lights produce a light that is much brighter. As the light these types of lights emit is much more uniformed so it helps to make visibility at night on our roads much better. Not only do streets benefit from this but also parking lots.

Benefit 2:

As soon as these lights are turned on they immediately begin to emit a high level of light. Whereas with conventional types of street lighting you will find that it takes time for the filaments inside them to warm up before they begin to emit the correct level of light to make viewing areas ahead of you on the road, pavement or parking lot easier.

Benefit 3:

All LED Street lighting is directional and so as a result the light that these kinds emit is far more even compared to other forms of street lighting. Also the level of brightness that these types of lights emit is much more equal across the entire surface and this is what helps to make them significantly much brighter than other forms of street lighting currently being used. Yet they don’t need to use the same amount of power to provide the energy they need to emit this level of light.

Benefit 4:

When it comes to LED lighting it is far more environmentally friendly as they don’t contain any materials such as mercury or lead which are hazardous. Unlike other types of street lighting when it comes to disposing of LED ones there is not special handling of them required. This is because there is no risk of any chemicals being emitted by them once disposed of because they don’t contain any.

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