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    Stadium lighting solution

    Stadium lighting solution


    There are many kinds of stadium lighting, such as 7-a-side football field, 9-a-side football field, 11-a-side football field, and badminton court, tennis court, blue court, football field, ice hockey rink, ice rink, Volleyball courts, etc., and are divided into entertainment level and professional level.

    The lighting requirements for sports lighting are generally high. If you need to broadcast live events, you have to pay more attention on the lamps position and quantity. MIC LED lighting always give customized lighting solution according to customers’ specific requirements. It’s trend to replace old halogen lamps and metal halide light with LED lamps.

    So what is the difference of ordinary LED lamps and stadium lighting?

    Difference one

    Stadium lighting fixtures have strong cooling system that rejects light decay.

    A normal 500W LED luminaire will generates lots of heat after lighting continuously for several hours during the game. If the heat dissipation performance is not good, the material inside the lamp will have problem, then result in light decay.

    MIC high mast stadium LED floodlight adopts the military phase change heat dissipation technology, which solves the problem of difficult heat dissipation, and ensure that the illuminance level and uniformity are constant at 5000 hours.


    Difference two

    Stadium lighting fixtures is with intelligent light control system, can avoid insufficient illumination.

    As we all know, ordinary LED lamps do not have a light control system. A single lighting design can not meet the needs of all kinds of stadium lighting.  But MIC G series high mast LED floodlight is with intelligent adjustment system, can control stadium lighting through the Internet, GPRS or WIFI intelligently, which avoid the phenomenon of too dark light on the cour effectively.


    Difference three

    The optical design of MIC stadium lighting products eliminates glare to our eyes.

    As an important part of the core technology, MIC high mast stadium LED flood light have solved the problem of glare, uneven brightness, and spillover on normal LED lamps. Ordinary LED lamps do not have professional anti-glare treatment, and its dazzling light directly affect the game.


    Below are some of project case of MIC G Series LED floodlight finished recently.


    led flood light Front and back 

    1500w led flood light front and back



       图片 1Course installation case 1

    图片 1 

    Course installation case 2

    Special features of MIC G series LED floodlight

    Beam angle

    The module’s beam angle can be adjustable:

    1, Left and Right: it can adjust 30˚

    2, Upper: 15˚图片 12

    5 type lens provide you with 5 illumination angle for optional.


    Lens optional

    20˚ 40˚ 60˚

    90˚ 100˚*140˚

    图片 13


    Post time: Oct-11-2019