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LED Light Bulb Why So Expensive?

February 05, 2018

Today most lamps and lanterns and lamps use standard A19 specifications of the lamp, and now this kind of lamps have been LED version, but the price is high. For example, equivalent to the 40W or 60W ordinary light bulb brightness of the LED bulb lamp, the retail price of $40 and $20, respectively. Some LED lights are adjustable, and some are not adjustable, and some are only a few of the specific LED lights. Under the condition of usually 4, 3 hours, the LED light bulbs are claimed to have a life expectancy of 25000 to 50000 hours. If appropriate and save to use, these LED light bulbs may also live longer than the user. But why is the LED bulb so expensive? Are they really worth it?

In components analysis company MuAnalysis looking for scientific answers, we disassembled the five paragraph A19LED ball bulb: one paragraph is Philips products (12.5W/800 lumens), equivalent to 60W ordinary lighting; in addition to paragraph 4 were from feit, Ge, Pharox and Sylvania products, equivalent to 40W common lighting. We have found a lot of problems by dismantling these 5 light bulbs.

Each LED lighting have adopted the special package design, unlike incandescent and CFL bulb heat shrinkable film packaging. These led ball bubble lamp cool packaging increases the overall cost. Obviously, these lighting has yet to figure to condescend to ordinary commodities, their prices high, and the momentum is expected to continue.

However, in the current electronic product prices continue to decline rapidly in the environment, long service life is no longer the only focus of attention. So, why is a light bulb products more expensive than a low price digital camera?

For simple products such as light bulbs, the appearance is definitely a selling point. Our research dismantling every LED lamp appearance are new in order to be different. For example, the GE of the bulb uses a ceramic of the neck and the lining of the lamp, and with a glass stem base, which is higher than the use of plastic and metal products.

All bulb lamps are equipped with a small printed circuit board, a large volume of electrolytic capacitors and transformers? Is an integral part of the board. LED reliability coefficient has been greatly improved; however, the use of electrolytic capacitors in the working conditions, the use of electrolytic capacitors can be long?

Adjustable light bulb with a power transistor or Infineon stmicroelectronics. In these lamps, we have not found the silicon carbide technology. Each lamp uses the LED driver IC is different. Pharox uses four IC, 40 resistors, and 16 capacitors, with a transformer and a plurality of diodes. All of this is to make an equivalent to the LED 40W light bulb for dimming, of course, in some cases, when you may not be compatible with the old light regulator, to buy a new light.

PHILPS uses a fine phosphor, which depends on the wavelength of the light bulb. In more than one lamp was used as fluorescent medium lutetium oxide. Over the past few years, we noticed that many kinds of LED lighting, but has not seen with lutetium elements. The use of such as barium and cerium doped YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) and other more traditional fluorescent powder, there are other rare earth elements, such as EU and strontium.

Surprisingly, the LED lamp using blue Gan LED with RGBLED, No. In Pharox’s products, there is a red LED and a lens, but the red LED does not work when the light bulb is on. Obviously, the red LED is not used for color balance. Perhaps, only when the light bulb to bad, the light bulb is red; or to indicate the wiring of the bulb is wrong.

PHILPS uses many of its own LUXEONRebelLED, which use the modular configuration, so as to replace the broken module. We expect Sylvania to use OSRAM’s LED (perhaps the Dragon Series), but it is not the case. Two of the light bulbs used is CREE (Cree) LED core.

The light emitting area of the LED bulb of the 40W bulb is equal to that of 12mm2, and the power consumption is between 9W and 6W. Some of them contain 4 LED core; others are 48. Considering a lighting by dozens of single LED, then under what conditions can think lighting has “died”? On the packaging of the fancy, full of warnings, disclaimer, and guaranteed label, the use of the light bulb is not found. LED bulb “die in one’s bed will be accompanied by a blinding flash”? Or until the last second before the “sacrifice”, it will still work? Will there be light, so that the user decides to change the light bulb?

There are a lot of questions, but we have not answered the question at the beginning of this article: why is the A19LED bulb lamp so expensive? In the case of LED, the 50lm/W~60lm/W bulb lamp is equivalent to the 40WCFL, and the CFL is usually 560lm/10W; the CFL lamp can be used for 8 years. While the 1 LED bulb lamp can save the electric energy, which is equivalent to 2 or 3 CFL light bulbs in the next 25 years. Fortunately, the CFL light bulb has 2 or 4 packages.

No matter how long the service life, they are just a commodity. I haven’t seen a CFL that can reach the nominal life span. Usually, CFL bulb “weakness” is the neck of the electronic circuit; the LED bulb, or similar.

However, for the CFL, we have to avoid mercury pollution at the expense of energy consumption. While the LED bulb lamp has a double attraction: it has no preheating time, it can be immediately lit.

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