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How Smart Poles are Transforming the Landscape of Cities with LED Street Lights?

November 27, 2020

LED Street Lights Transforming the Landscape of Cities

The adoption of environmentally-friendly LED street lights was a revolutionary step to contain the emission of CO2 by conventional street lights. But the revolution did not stop there. It led to the innovation of smart, small poles that completely transformed the landscape of cities. Before moving ahead, it is worth mentioning that towns’ terrain mainly comprises facilities like safety and security, lighting, clean environment, safe transportation, recycling of waste, etc.

The influx of modern technologies in cities landscaping, such as the internet, faster communication with 4G networking, power, and security is possible with smart poles. Below, we will discuss how elegant bars have very much congealed their place in the implementation phase of modern infrastructure and transforming cities’ landscape.

LED Street Lights

Envisioning 4G ConnectedStreets with Smart Poles

With an increasing internet connectivity provision in public places, the city planners use an integrated technology in street light poles. They want people to remain connected in protected environments that are smart and efficient in terms of technology.

Furthermore, there is a growing concern to monitor road accidents, crimes, and weather conditions for drivers’ safety. Smart poles provide the elegant perfect solution to their problems. By combining, the LED lighting system with high-speed 4G LTE technology, these intelligent poles have digitally transformed the public street lights into an indispensable combination of smart street lighting and security system.

 Why Smart Poles are The Prospective Building Blocks of Smart City Infrastructure?

Driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), the smart poles present both short- and long-term benefits. They help reduce street fatalities by 8-10% and boost emergency response times by 20-35%.

With the potential to contribute to significant improvement in the standard of living in urban areas, the IoT enabled smart poles to poise for a wonderful opportunity to invest by city planners and developers.

Boosting Internet Access to Outdoor Consumers with Wi-Fi Connectivity

 As there is a growing demand for internet among mobile users, the smart poles’ Internet of Thing facility through the 4G LTE network brings convenience to travelers who prefer cab services and require outdoor internet service to track the route.

Green Landscaping with Smart Poles

With smartly built sensitive sensors, the smart poles can detect any incident, monitor noise pollution, and operate the LED street lights according to the environment’s quality of air. The data gathered from sensors help the authorities to improve livability and urban landscaping.

Traffic Monitoring and Mobility Surveillance through Smart Poles’ Cameras

The cameras capture real-time data of the streets and become handy in deploying the emergency crew where necessary. They also monitor the roads to optimize traffic flows to resolve the issue of traffic congestion. Resultantly, there is no question of poor quality of life.

 Reducing Emergency Response Times

Time is of the essence when it comes to emergencies. With IoT connectivity provided in smart pole technology, the emergency response gap has improved. For example, microphones in the intelligent pole are equipped with pattern recognition technology to detect incidents such as cries for help, car alarms, breaking glass, gunshots, or other indicators of potential crimes or emergencies. When a smart pole sees such an event, it automatically brightens its LED street lights, records audio, and alerts emergency services.

Advertisements and Digital Information about Safety are Part of Landscaping

Besides serving the source of advertisement, the digital screen’s main function on the smart poles is to display important and relevant information in addition to emergency messages. For example, environmental data may appear on the intelligent poles’ screens to help the residents and travelers limit their exposure to ecological dilapidation.

LED Street Lights in Smart Poles Make a Healthy Impact on the Environment

While working on new technology, the designers always embrace incorporating the best elements in it. Since the conventional high-pressure sodium lights had flickering characteristics and were increasingly polluting the air, it became necessary to switch over to high quality LED lights.

The latter is more efficient, excellent energy savers, require less maintenance, serve for a longer period, and have the tendency to withstand harsh weather. Besides, they do not impede vision at night as the conventional bulbs did. The smart poles help identify spots and areas where urgent decision-making is required to improve overall air quality.

Smart Poles are Viable Source of Link to the Disconnected

Smart poles’ design involves an integrated antenna to enable the end-users to get connected with cut off and underdeveloped regions of the country.

With the smart poles’ installation in separate areas, the consumers find it easy to connect with the country’s already-connected regions. As a result, they get updates and emergency messages simultaneously. The smart poles will unfold industrial development in the less privileged areas.

Smart Poles Encourage Cleanliness of Cities

As smart poles use LED street lights operating on solar energy, they do not need electrical wires. Such an ambiance adds to the aestheticism of the cities’ landscape.

Luminance with Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance 

LED lights on smart poles need little maintenance based on their lifespan alone. LED pole lights are, therefore, viable solutions for every municipality. The authorities collect data about the frequency of peak and low traffic on the streets through smart poles. Then they adjust the street lighting accordingly.

Are 5G Smart Poles Paving their Way to LED Street Lights Cities?

In Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is already considering testing 5G smart poles to maintain intelligent street lighting. This will also help them to cut down on energy usage and costs. The bars have a sensor network infrastructure that effectively accumulates city-data. The authorities will outfit them with several functions, including digital signage and cameras, to analyze traffic flow.

The department intends to install 5G smart poles in the city as a part of the ‘Safer Cities’ initiative. The government department seeks to deliver infrastructure that enables the establishment of new community services throughout Japan.

LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights Abstract

The pervasive role of smart poles, with LED street lights, in transforming cities’ landscape cannot be ignored. Because they are factually one of the IoT infrastructures of a smart city. They are fully equipped with a 5G micro base station, weather monitoring station. In addition, wireless access points, sensitive cameras, LED display screens, online speakers, public help terminals, and other devices.

The departments responsible for a city’s safety can benefit from smart poles using their data-collecting sensors to develop a more efficient and integrated city management system.

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