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Europe – To Speed Up The Market For The Use Of LED Lighting Products

February 05, 2018

The first measure of the European optoelectronic measure will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on 20129 27-29. The theme of the meeting is to speed up the market for the use of LED lighting products.

Brief introduction

In the energy conservation, environmental protection, coupled with the rapid development of today’s LED technology, the global photovoltaic industry is experiencing a significant change. The meeting will focus on the above issues discussed. Members to participate in the discussion are: Optoelectronic design department, LED manufacturing supply chain, policy formulation department, the relevant standards organizations and other stakeholders. The main agenda of the main agenda of the meeting will be held in September 28th and 29.

The main issues are as follows:

1. To promote the use of LED lighting products, the main challenges and obstacles in the process
2. Regulatory matters and standards
3. Government support and support
4. Technology update and blueprint
5. Supply chain E financing scheme
6. Competitive landscape
7. Discussion will cover the LED system and end products (especially LED lighting lamps), LED products, power supply, module, light source and other major components such as drive, controller, etc., optical, thermal management, detection and measurement. Meeting the theme of this meeting will mainly discuss the LED lighting industry continued to send the relevant important real-time theme. The following are some of the topics that are included in the agenda, and other related topics are also discussed.

Below are some of the topics covered in the conference:

1. Markets and Applications.
2. LED product market share growth and its major application of the breakthrough.
3. The reasons for the introduction of LED, the development of barriers and further market breakthrough.
4. Case analysis: cost and performance analysis, user feedback, and lessons learned.
5. Non lighting market development of LED products: background light, projection lamp, car light and medical light.
6. Market changes.
7. Europe’s outlook on the value and benefits of LED lighting.
8. Lighting designers and experts: they are required to agree on how to reach a consensus with LED lighting.
9. Quality index and standard lamp, terms and legislation.
10. How can the European directive affect the LED and the lighting market?
11. Quality control and label planning L, customer’s cognition and acceptance, motivation and support.
12. M LED and OLEDs, the government’s financing and other investment sectors will dominate the future?
13. Supply chain and related technologies.
14. The opportunity and possibility to reduce the cost of LED products.
15. Supply and demand constraints and extensions.
16. Advanced chip design and low cost production as well as 6 inch wafer growth S consistency; control scope color segment and color temperature point.
17. Driver, dimming and control functions.
18. Thermal management, advanced packaging and optical concepts.
19. Replaceable module and power supply.
20. Test & measurement, photometric test.
21. LEDs and other competitive technologies.

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