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100w LED Flood Light: Importance and Impact

December 25, 2020

Why is a 100w LED Flood Light Important for Your Applications?

Since its invention in 1879, light has undergone many innovations and illuminates our life today in the form of LED lights. The most common type of outdoor LED lights are floodlights which are available in different power ratings like 10w, 50w and 100w LED flood light. LED floodlights to find numerous applications in various scenarios and are contributing significantly towards building a well-lit, safe, and environment-friendly atmosphere.

We have dedicated this article to the importance of a 100w LED flood light and the impact that it has on its users’ applications.

100w LED Flood Light

What is 100w LED flood light

A 100w LED flood light is a power-packed, high-intensity, super-bright light. It is capable of illuminating the darkest of places and the largest of areas. It is a broad-beam artificial white light that emits high-intensity light. This light spans over a broad angle and floods a wide area.

LED lights have succeeded the conventional metal halide lamps or sodium lights and have pushed them toward extinction. Their popularity over their predecessors is courtesy of their low power consumption and bright illumination capabilities.

A 100w LED flood light can compete with a 250w sodium or halide metal lamp and win over it owing to its power-saving aspects. Moreover, LED floodlights also flaunt their durability and can last thirty times longer than their counterparts, the halogen floodlights.

The illumination technology that stands behind the 100w LED flood light is the Light Emitting Diodes. These diodes in combination with high transmittance glass, reflectors to improve lumens and IP-65 rated Aluminum frame brighten up outdoor areas, parking spaces, buildings, and recreational areas.

Additionally, more often than not, LED floodlights to find applications outdoors. This means they come in contact with intense sunlight, wind, and extreme temperatures. Moreover, rain and snow also pelt down on the lights. Therefore, these lights are tough and sturdy. Lighting engineers design them to withstand extreme weather conditions. Thus, these loyal lighting devices keep serving their purpose come rain or shine.

Importance and Impact of the 100w LED flood light

LED floodlight has become a star in the lighting industry owing to its low wattage high lumen rating. But apart from its low power consumption, the 100w LED flood light holds great importance in many different fields. Let’s look into some of the factors that impart the LED floodlight its importance.

Ensures Security

Security of one’s property is something that no one likes compromising on. The 100w LED flood light has long served alongside security personnel. It has been an important part of the most high-profile buildings’ security equipment.

The 100w LED flood light illuminates the area with a uniformly distributed white light. Thus, there are no dim-lit zones when an LED light is shining bright. And the absence of dim-lit zones translates into an absence of pathways for burglars, thieves, and stalkers to sneak in.

Moreover, LED lights have no warmup and restrikes periods. Having no warmup time means that LED lights reach their maximum brightness immediately after they are turned on. Unlike their halide counterparts which take a few minutes to brighten up. While having no restrike period means that LED lights can be switched on and off immediately which is a feature that incandescent lights lack.

Furthermore, LED lights also allow feature compatibility with the latest technology. And in most security applications, people pair LED floodlights with motion sensors. Thus, when the motion sensor senses movement, it signals the light to switch on.

This motion-sensing technology combined with LED lights’ zero warmups and restrike period makes for very efficient security and surveillance team.

Supplement Sports

Post-daylight sports would not have been possible without floodlights. Because sports like football, golf, and cricket require a sufficient amount of the right type of light to commence.

While halogen floodlights were serving their purpose in stadiums and fields, they were consuming a lot of power and had their downsides. Then came the revolutionary LED floodlights which changed the outlook of sports lighting forever.

The 100w LED flood light produces a uniformly distributed light that works perfectly with the sports lighting requirement. It illuminates the grounds for players to play well, spectators to enjoy, and the camera and broadcasting crew to record and telecast the game properly.

Moreover, LED floodlights to support easy glare reduction techniques. Glare from a light induces serious discomfort and induces temporary blindness. No one wants discomfort and blindness during a game.

Therefore, LED lights with their efficient glare reduction, uniform light distribution, and smart power consumption have effectively replaced halogen floodlights in sports lighting applications.

Important for Billboard Marketing

Advertising on billboards is a critical part of any marketing team’s strategy. But have you ever thought about what would happen if the billboards didn’t have floodlights to keep the ad illuminated at night? Simply put, the ad would only serve its purpose during the daylight hours.

The LED luminaire setup illuminates smaller billboards to make the ad visible during the night and a series of floodlights are used to shine on the larger billboards so they can keep advertising after the sun has gone down.

Façade Illumination

Façade illumination is another critical factor that adds to the importance of a 100w LED flood light in lighting system design and applications.

Many buildings use either a single high-powered floodlight or a series of low-powered floodlights to project a focused or wide beam of light on the exterior of the building thus keeping it lit and bright during the night.

Moreover, many organizations and institutions capitalize on the uniform light distribution capabilities of the 100w LED flood light and use it to illuminate their business logo and signages.

LED Floodlights are Cost-Effective

If you are looking for a lighting solution that comes down heavily on the darkness of your outdoor area but lightly on your pocket, then a 100w LED flood light might be perfect for you.

A 100w LED flood light consumes only 100 watts of electrical power and in turn, gives brightness equivalent to 250-watt sodium of halogen lamps. Moreover, LED lamps convert a majority of the electrical power into light and less power is dissipated off as heat. Thus, they are extremely power efficient and can save more than 80% on your electricity bill.

LED floodlight’s cost-effectiveness is among one of its most important impacts and adds to their importance in various applications.

100w LED flood light is Durable

An LED floodlight’s durability is another aspect that leaves an impact on its users’ bank balance. LED lights have an operating life spanning anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 working hours which is much higher compared to 15000 hours of metal halide lamps.

Thus, LED floodlights don’t call for a bulb replacement which not only cuts down maintenance costs but also minimizes operational hassle.

Final Thought

LED floodlights have effectively replaced halogen and other types of lights for good. A 100w LED flood light finds extensive use in various applications in a vast variety of areas including security and surveillance, sports, and marketing.

Furthermore, adding to the positive impact of the floodlight is its cost-effectiveness and durability. A 100w LED light is equivalent to a 250w incandescent bulb. This means it can provide much brighter light while consuming much less power.

Thus, it is safe to say that LED floodlights are here to stay. So, expect them to keep flooding your life with bright white light for a long time.

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