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Is led flood light 200w energy efficient as compared to normal lighting?
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Is led flood light 200w energy efficient as compared to normal lighting?

led flood light 200w
For light design experts, installation flexibility represents one of the greatest strengths of led flood light 200w. But for those who are not in the sector, it is often difficult to concretely imagine how LED lights are good to use.

Can they really be applied everywhere as information portals and blogs claim? Are there really no limits even outdoors with rain and bad weather? We want to give our small contribution and demonstrate examples in hand, how LED lights are common:

  • In home
  • in the office
  • Moreover, in the garden
  • on the terrace, in a shop… in short, everywhere.

So let’s see in this article a roundup of 5 ideas with photos to get inspired. Let’s start!


The first suggestion on how to use LED lights concerns the classic use on walls and vertical walls. If we want it is the most “banal” of uses: a dark corner or a bare wall can change the appearance of the entire room thanks to a simple game of intersections between horizontal and vertical LED lights.

Applying the led flood light 200w on the wall also allows you to enhance static elements such as plants, sculptures, furnishing objects, antique furniture or other. The result is an original and different decoration, which enhances particular aspects of the furniture and stylistic choices.

2) Led flood light 200w ON THE FLOOR IN DRIVING FUNCTION

How many times do you wake up at night to go to the bathroom or to drink a glass of water and get hurt against an edge? In these and other cases, a path created with LED lights can be useful. It can lead from the bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen or small child’s room, making life easier when it’s dark.

As with many of the designer lamps on the market, even for LED lights the intensity adjustment is easy to manage with special dimmers.  Thus obtaining a soft light, sufficient to signal edges, obstacles and distances without glare. Ask our customer service how to make your LED lights dimmable!


Steps, stairs and handrails are not always at the height of the context that surrounds them. This is why knowing how to use LED lights can help improve these passageways.

Applying the led flood light 200w to the edge of each step, for example, can give a modern touch to an otherwise banal staircase, with surprising effects at cost. Ditto for the handrail, it will take on an avant-garde profile. Thanks to the luminous strip, especially in combination with soft ambient lighting.

4) led flood light 200w on the ceiling

A good light designer knows this: to illuminate a room, you don’t necessarily need to mount designer ceiling lamps. LED lights allow even better results because they do not take up space. Moreover, they do not accumulate dust, consume less and, last but not least, they also light up more.

Mounting them on the ceiling is not that complicated: on the net there are dozens of tutorials (including videos) and we ourselves have written an article about them with the 7 most common mistakes when installing a led flood light 200w. If you want advice or if you need a free light design, remember that our assistance service is at your complete disposal. Take advantage of it!


The last practical example of how LED lights are common is related to the garden, terrace or any other outdoor space. Yes, because the LED strips, despite being thin and flexible, are not delicate. The models with high IP (the maximum score is 68) are able to withstand driving rain, humidity, cold and atmospheric agents in general.

This makes it possible to install them also outdoors, for lighting the terrace or perhaps a walkway leading to the pool. There are really no limits to the use of LED strips: seeing believes!

How to improve home lighting?


If you need to improve your home lighting, you will have considered choosing LED lamps. In the previous guide we analyzed the various types of light bulbs and their characteristics. In today’s article we will try to weigh all the pros and cons of LED bulbs.

Let’s start by saying that many of the advantages of led flood light 200w derive from their operation which is based on the emission of photons by diodes, powered by an electronic circuit. This allows obtaining various colors of light, a very high yield and duration.

LED lighting: the advantages

Let’s see in detail the advantages of LED lamps.

Advantages led flood lighting

led flood light 200w 2021


LED lamps guarantee greater energy efficiency, as they consume up to 90% less than old incandescent bulbs. In fact, they use very little of the energy consumed by an incandescent or halogen bulb, generating a luminous flux of 5 times higher. The development of heat is also minimal.

They remain cold even after many hours of operation and we can power by renewable energies because they require minimal current draw.

led flood light 200w Provides Longer Duration

On average, LED light sources last 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs, and 133 times longer than incandescent ones. The duration is in fact estimated around 50 thousand hours and 10 thousand for those with monochromatic light.

An incredible difference when compared to the 750 hours of incandescent bulbs and 7500 hours of fluorescent bulbs. We can argue that an led flood light 200w under constant conditions of use could last up to 7 years before having to replace it . In addition, they have the advantage of immediate and non-gradual ignition as in other types of light bulbs.

Summary led flood light 200w

Unlike other bulbs, led flood light 200w are also very resistant to shocks and stresses. LEDs are resistant to heat, humidity and dust, as they do not employ fragile components such as glass and filaments or gas. The LEDs are well protected within an epoxy resin casing. This feature also makes them suitable for applications in extreme conditions.

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