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g series 480w led street light-01
g series 480w led street light-02
g series 480w led street light-03

G Series 480w LED Street Light

Min. Order Quantity: 100pcs

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Since the establishment of our own brand MIC LED, with strong R&D capacity, professional technical team and rich experience in the industry, we launch new products beyond the customers' expectation every year, which always lead the industry trend.

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g series street light-01

MIC G series LED streetlight/floodlight

Super bright 160lm/w LED floodlight 240w-1440w, add adjustable arm and transform to LED street light, which ranges from 240w-720w.

g series street light-02

Excellent heat dissipation performance

Adopt top-quality aluminum fin design, greatly increase the area to take the heat out.

g series street light-03

Multiple beam angle lens optional

Symmetrical beam angle 8 degrees to 90 degrees optional and asymmetrical beam angle 140*100 is available, to meet different lighting requirements

g series street light-04

Module direction adjustable

Each module is 35 degrees adjustable and the U bracket is 180 degrees adjustable

g series street light-05

Module group adjustable

Every 2 modules for one group, which can be 35 degrees adjustable.

g series street light-06

Floodlight installation

U bracket installation.

g series street light-07

Street light installation

Rotatable plates and adjustable arm allow this product can be used as an LED street light.

ITEM No. MFL-G240-A MFL-G360-A MFL-G480-A MFL-G600-A MFL-G720-A
LED Power 240W 360W 480W 600W 720W
LED chip 5050 LED 92pcs 5050 LED 138pcs 5050 LED 184pcs 5050 LED 230pcs 5050 LED 276pcs
Luminous Flux >38400LM >57600LM >76800LM >96000LM >115200LM
Product Size 250*332*180mm 480*350*180mm 628*350*180mm 776*350*180mm 924*350*180mm
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