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Does street light led retrofit save money? Step By Step Guide 2021
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Does street light led retrofit save money? Step By Step Guide 2021

Modern LED street lights: choose wisely!

street light led retrofit

Street light led retrofit is one of the most popular and demanded light sources today. They are energy efficient, practical and have a long service life. That is why more and more Ukrainians prefer these innovative light bulbs. If you decide to switch to these light sources, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with the simple but important rules for choosing them.

Main characteristics of street light led retrofit

When choosing suitable LED street lights for organizing lighting in a home, office, institution or on the street, it is important to pay attention to a number of parameters, the main ones of which are:

  • light flow;
  • Colour temperature;
  • power;
  • base type;
  • Moreover, degree of protection;
  • Operating temperature range;
  • Similarly, ripple indicator;
  • operating voltage;
  • life time;

Light flow of led solar

Luminous flux is one of the most important characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing an LED lamp. The value of this indicator directly depends on the type of LEDs used and varies from 80 to 190 lm per watt. So, street light led retrofit with a power of 5 W are capable of providing a light flux of 400 lm, and with a power of 22 W – 2100 lm.


The power consumption of these light sources consists of the consumption of the drivers and LEDs. The former consume an average of 1-2 watts. In terms of power, a 5 W LED lamp replaces a 40 W model with an incandescent filament, and a 14 W LED lamp will become an analogue of a 100 W Edison bulb.

Colour temperature of street light led retrofit

Today on sale you can find street light led retrofit with different color temperatures. The whole range of these characteristics is divided into three types:

  • white light (2700-6200 K);
  • warm white light (up to 2700 K);
  • cold white light (6200 K and above).

Warm white light is the most pleasant and comfortable for a person, therefore, to ensure a cozy atmosphere in the house, it is worth purchasing LED bulbs with a color temperature of about 2700 K.

Base type of led light

Most often, street lights with E27 and E14 sockets are used in street lights, chandeliers and sconces. If we are talking about spotlights that operate on a 12 V network, then you will need light sources with GU4, GU5.3, GU10 bases. In this case, the number near the letter G means the distance in mm between the contacts.

Operating temperature range

When choosing street light led retrofit, be sure to pay attention to the operating temperature range, especially if you need to use them in special conditions, for example, outdoors at -35 degrees or in a production room at +90 degrees.

Ripple factor and degree of street light led retrofit protection

To get even, comfortable light without pulsation, you should choose LED street lights with a high pulsation rate. This characteristic is often indicated in the product passport. In addition, protection from moisture, moisture and dust is also important.

Its degree is often indicated directly on the packaging in the form of an IP indicator. For bathrooms and rooms with high humidity, it is worth staying on models with a characteristic above 44. For outdoor use, you should choose LED street lights with IP 65.

Life time

Most LED bulbs have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. Some budget models are designed for 30 thousand hours of work. Therefore, it is best to give preference to light sources of well-known manufacturers, which can work normally up to 100 thousand hours.

Supply voltage of street light led retrofit

You can buy street light led retrofit that operates on a voltage of 220 or 12 volts – it all depends on the lamp model. If you need 12 V light sources, consider buying a voltage step down transformer.

Dimensions (edit)

Most LED bulbs have standard sizes, but if you wish, you can purchase interesting models that have unusual shapes.

At the same time, it is important to carefully measure the dimensions of the previous light sources so as not to be mistaken with the choice of the best option.

Today you can find not only classic pear-shaped models, but also original LED street lights in the form of candles, which will become an original decoration for forged street lights and lighting fixtures in vintage style.

Street Lights are revolutionizing the world

You may have heard of them because they revolutionized the lighting industry, radically changing the lighting industry. If you are new to the world of street light led retrofit, or if you are already familiar with them and want to know what’s new on the market, in our guide you will find useful information and practical advice for the best purchase.

What is important to know about LED bulbs?

street light led retrofit 2021

LED street lights are a practical example of how technological innovation can enter our homes and improve their comfort and efficiency, starting with small and everyday items like a light bulb. Why are we talking about a lighting revolution? Because LED bulbs work in a completely different way than their predecessors, be they incandescent or halogen bulbs.

How do street light components work?

Using LED technology ( Light Emitting Diode ), they work based on the physical phenomenon of electroluminescence. This means that the LED lamp emits light thanks to electrons set in motion by an electric current / electric field in a semiconductor material, in this case germanium or silicon.

The innovation consists in the use of an electronic chip, that is, an LED diode composed of nanoparticles of chemical or synthetic elements such as gallium and natural sapphire, superimposed and fixed on a ceramic base.

What are the advantages of LED street lights?

The concept of energy saving and energy efficient street lights is probably not new to you, but how does this translate into savings on bills? With street light led retrofit, this is easy to understand as the upfront costs are amortized by the long service life.

Moreover, they provide a lot of value with little energy consumption. For your convenience, we present the main benefits of LED street lights, answering some of the most common questions:


Does street light led retrofit save money? Yes, because they consume little, with high efficiency. Their energy class is A, there are models A + and A ++. The savings on bills are due to the excellent energy / light output ratio and the LED lamp life, which can exceed 30,000 hours.

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