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Which type of street glide led lights you should install?
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Which type of street glide led lights you should install?

Ideal Street Lighting: Types and Tips

street glide led lights

Choosing a street glide led lights is not an easy task, there are so many wattages and models of fixtures, which one to choose??

I have been through this and I promise you that in this article you will find everything you need to know to choose the ideal led light for your street.

First of all, I want to ask you to share your experience in the comments, it will help other users and enrich this article.

Below are some of the most used street lighting options.

Street Recessed Luminaires

If your street has plaster or pvc lining, and you want your lighting fixture to stay close to the street ceiling, use LED Recessed Lighting.

They have an excellent lighting angle, are easy to install, and will make your street look modern.

Here’s a tip: if you’re like me, who prefers a well-lit environment, choose higher power lighting fixtures. These luminaires have a greater luminous flux which makes the street brighter.

Street glide led lights

For streets with hard ceiling (slab) where it is not possible to embed a light fixture (without plaster), use overlapping ceiling light, they have a fastening system using screws and dowels.

As well as the built-in ceiling light, they also have an excellent lighting angle.

Street LED spotlight

Highlight special areas of your street using directional street glide led lights, they have a closed light spot.

Being widely used over the street sink in order to enhance the lighting in this location.

Cool White or Warm White street glide led lights?

But why cold light? the cool white light facilitates the viewing of objects, in addition to leaving these environments with a cleaner look.

Always remembering that your home lighting should be the way you like it, regardless of expert recommendations.

Now you have all the knowledge you need to choose the best lighting for your street.

We have a huge catalog of LED ceiling lights that can serve not only the street, but also the entire lighting project in your home.


Talking about lighting is always an interesting topic and one that is not restricted to personal taste, as there are important technical specifications that we must consider to make the most of the lighting project.

For houses, apartments, offices, in short any environment to receive the ideal street glide led lights; we need to know its peculiar characteristics, such as what will happen in that space, right?

Therefore, in today’s article, we think that tips on ambient lighting will be very useful, both for those who are building, renovating, and certainly for you, who are noticing the somewhat gray, colorless, opaque environment and suspect that the reason is the wrong lighting.

street glide led lights in black and white colors

Attention to the overall lighting design

There are several aspects that must be taken into account when choosing between the ways to light, not only highlighting the aesthetics, economy, functionality, but finding in a single project, the sum of all positive factors for the best lighting project lighting.

How do you get to this information? Simply, through a survey of the particularities of each environment, which considers?

  • The best position for the luminaires
  • The decoration as a whole
  • Room  functionality
  • Area to be lit
  • Characteristics of each environment.

Anyway, small details, but with great value for the best result, in addition to analyzing the cost-benefit of course, because saving should always be on your priority list, do you agree?

street glide led lights 2021

The important procedures of ideal street glide led lights for each environment

To avoid mistakes, which you believe is quite common. Moreover, it can be dichroic in the TV room, or light bulbs that transmit too much heat in the bathroom, without hesitation, the peculiarities of each environment should be considered.

Exactly! Respecting the functional characteristics of l street glide led lights is essential for project success.

How should the lighting in the street be?

Regardless of whether you like to cook or not, the  kitchen should be well lit , as it is important to see the food while it is being sanitized and prepared, where the utensils are and so on.

The ideal lamps are with IRC – high color rendering index.

Living room with street glide led lights

The living room is one of the environments where everyone meets, to talk, watch TV, and warmth is its peculiarity, so you can choose street glide led lights s with the same shade.

Sophisticated lamps add beauty to the room and suspended lamps match the

Dining room lighting

Look how interesting! In the dining room is where you can “play” with lighting, because for every occasion, a

For example, if the dinner is for the family or a reception for friends, you can choose more diffused lighting, that is, a soft light, with less intensity and brightness than the direct light, and therefore it does not cause shadows

Now what about just a spot of light, if dinner is romantic.

*  Spotlights  look great in the dining room, you can choose sconces, hanging in the center of the table, or even focused spotlights.

Spotlights on a dining table

The bedroom is the private environment of the house, and everything happens there too, calmly I’ll explain: watching TV, reading, dressing and other things, so  uniform lighting  is feasible.

* An efficient feature is the dimmable street glide led lights, which is to use lamps possible to regulate the intensity of brightness, perfect for environments where various things happen.

What type of street glide led lights is suitable?

Attention! The street also requires specific lighting care, definitely avoid  reflective lamps , which are lamps with a concentrated beam  and high performance, as the shadow makes shaving, face care and even makeup difficult.

Lighting for study environments

Definitely in environments such as the office or study room, glare is not allowed, a common fact with reflector lamps.

The focus on points of interest such as: table, shelves, computer deserve special attention.

Light up the garden with street glide led lights

Common sense must be the main rule for gardens. And the street glide led lights design must be sustainable, maintainable and specific.

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