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What to consider before choosing the sports lighting led for outdoor?
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What to consider before choosing the sports lighting led for outdoor?

sports lighting led
When we talk about outdoor lighting sports lighting led automatically comes to mind. It is one of the main artifices to provide an effective luminosity to the garden, swimming pool, among others. But, after all, what is the best outdoor LED spotlight?

As there are many varieties of this product on the market, it is normal to have doubts about which is the most suitable for the context. To help you with this question, we’ve brought you some tips on how to choose the best outdoor LED spotlight. And thus set up your lighting project efficiently.

Garden sports lighting led

So, if you want to know more about the subject, follow the reading – we have amazing suggestions for you to acquire the best luminaire for your space.

You are curious? So let’s go!

What to consider before choosing the sports lighting led?

Before making any decision, it is essential to understand the sports lighting led subject very well. It is to ensure a good purchase. In the case of lighting in your home, several topics must consider so that functionality and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand.

Each product has specific elements and characteristics, and it is essential to know them before making the purchase. But don’t worry – below, we’ll show you the main things to consider. So that you have the property to choose a reflector that meets your needs.

Sports lighting led are Economical

Unsurprisingly, LED lamps revolutionized the electronics market. The advantages of this type of lighting go far beyond the economy, which makes the electricity bill weigh less on your pocket at the end of the month.

More efficient and durable than conventional ones, LED lamps are more sustainable, as they reduce energy consumption, do not generate toxic waste or emit gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

Understand now all the benefits and how LED works so that you can be convinced that this is the best choice for your home!


LED is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, that is, Light Emitting Diode, and that’s how it emits light. But what is Diode? Diode is an electronic component made of germanium or silicon. There are several types. But the sports lighting led has this characteristic of emitting light when an electric current passes through it.

This way of transforming electrical energy is quite different from incandescent light bulbs, for example. These old light bulbs have a metallic filament that is heated by energy and thus emit light. In LED, illumination occurs when electrical current flows through the material. So the most important part of an LED is its chip, which measures about 0.5 mm.

Low Electricity Consumption

Another feature is the ability to generate light with low consumption,  as it needs a smaller amount of power to provide the same luminous flux as an incandescent or fluorescent lamp, for example. These products do not need a reactor to function.


In addition to all this technology, sustainability is another strong point. The sports lighting led are made up practically only of recyclable materials, which makes disposal much easier. They do not contain lead and mercury, which are two elements present in older technologies, but extremely harmful to the environment.

The fact that they consume less electricity is another important point regarding sustainability. Hydroelectric power plants, the main form of energy generation, cause great damage to the ecosystem in the places where they are installed. So, the less electricity the population needs, the less new hydropower will be needed.


The benefits of LED are superior to other lamps available on the market. Choosing this type of technology will reduce your expenses with energy bills and maintenance.

The lifetime of sports lighting led can reach up to 50,000 hours of use. It is double that of compact fluorescent and triple that of a tubular model. Less need to change reduces maintenance costs — an important point for industries and offices.

LED Lights are Energy Efficient

The products available on the market today provide energy efficiency superior to other technologies, as they are able to light more, with less power, and thus save energy.

sports lighting led 2021

The unit of measurement that measures the luminous efficiency of a lamp is called the lumen. Watt, or power, refers to energy consumption. So, the best lamp is always the one that illuminates a lot (in lumen), with few Watts.  This is exactly where the LED advantage lies.

It is because of this luminous efficiency that you buy 18W LEDs to replace 60W incandescent bulbs. And it is exactly in this difference that your economy lies.

In addition, the manufacturer must include technical information on power (W), flux (lm), color temperature (K) and luminous efficiency (lm/W) on the packaging.

  • Pay attention to power
  • house garage reflector

Any electrical equipment has a different power. With the sports lighting led it couldn’t be different. There are options from 10W to 1000W of power, so it can be challenging to choose which power is most suitable.

Therefore, we need to understand how each type of power is used for practical purposes. The three main ones used by the item are:

10W LED sports lighting

This is the most subtle model for home use, perfect for those looking to light up specific points in the garden. They’re small and economical, but that doesn’t mean they’re inefficient: their luminous flux is between 700 and 1000 lumens, providing simple, satisfying lighting.

 30W LED spotlight

The 30W option is also widely used in homes. It is the intermediate between 10W and 50W, ideal for those who want an average luminosity: its flow is 2000 lumens, so it is not as weak and subtle as 10W and not as intense as 50W, which will be dealt with below.

50W LED spotlight

Finally, we come to the 50-watt reflector. Reflectors with this power are the most popular on the market, precisely because of their remarkable lighting capacity.


It is suitable for those looking for wider sports lighting led, as its luminous flux revolves around 3500 lumens. Thus, it is quite versatile to environments: it is widely used by parking lots, gardens, garages and much more!

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