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What factors impact solar led street light price in 2021?
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What factors impact solar led street light price in 2021?

solar led street light price
The purpose of solar led street light price is clear to everyone. It is important for comfortable and safe movement of people in the dark. Moreover, you need a better guidance on purchasing latest leds for outdoor.

Generally, people prefer to pay attention towards online sources for solar led street light price. But you can save a lot on focusing wholesale purchase. And you can do this by contacting leading street light manufacturers in China.

Why do you need solar led street light?

Regardless of the method of travel – on foot, by bicycle, electric scooter, motorcycle, car, bus – the lack of an illuminated path threatens injury and damage to personal and public property.

Sanitary norms and rules establish clear standards for illumination (in suites) on highways, sidewalks, in parks, public, adjoining and other areas.

Types of street lighting

The main types of street lighting can be:

  • landscape;
  • front;
  • architectural;
  • road and sidewalk;

Solar led street light price includes: illumination of the entrance groups price, remarkable architectural elements of the structure, the contours of the building, the adjacent territory.

Features of landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is organized in public space zones and in private adjoining territories, landscaped in the form of miniature gardens or squares. The features of the organization of such zones and territories include the following points.

The color and intensity of the light, selected for each point, should ensure the comfort and tranquility of the visitors. In this case, direct rays falling into the eyes of observers are unacceptable. The light generated by park lights must either be reflected off a white screen or passed through a filter (white or colored glass).

A beautiful garden at night loses its charm, looks like a set of dark and inhospitable bushes and trees, behind which hidden dangers appear. It takes a lot of effort to make a green or landscaped area beautiful even in the dark.

Solar led street light is the best Light Replacement Options

To do this, it is worth acquiring several portable solar led street light price and, placing them in different places and heights, try to find the most successful angles. You also need to experiment with the color from these fixtures. After a number of attempts, as a rule, it is possible to find interesting solutions that can be supplemented by discussing them with intelligent assistants.

Characteristics and requirements for street lighting lights

Lights designed for street lighting are divided into types:

  • gas discharge;
  • LED;
  • incandescent, including halogen;

The main criterion for street lights is their efficiency. For this characteristic, incandescent lights are practically excluded from the list due to their low efficiency. Their light output is no more than 13 Lm / W (lumen per watt). This kind of lighting is very expensive due to high energy costs.

What should be the life of solar led street light?

Another important criterion for street lights is their lifespan. For incandescent lights, it is only 1-2 thousand hours. Therefore, even the low price does not save this outdated lighting element – its use is gradually being reduced.

Halogen is an advanced incandescent lamp. Their service life is 2-3 times longer than that of conventional lights, the luminous efficiency is also low – a maximum of 17 lm / W. They are common in small quantities in architectural, facade and special types of lighting.

Led Street lights are more economical

For limited solar led street light price, compact fluorescent lights (they are known to everyone as energy saving) with E27 and E14 bases are common. The luminous efficiency of such lights is quite high – from 40 to 80 lm / W. The service life is also considerable – 7-10 thousand hours.

The power of the lights produced is low; therefore, on the streets they are common mainly in facade and landscape types of lighting. At low temperatures, the luminescence of fluorescent lights decreases.
solar led street light price 2021

Install large scale street led lights

For large-scale lighting of roads and sidewalks, metal halide gas-discharge lights remain the most promising. Their luminous efficiency at the power level from 250 to 2000 W ranges from 78 to 105 lm / W, which is comparable to the most economical LED devices. Another type of gas-discharge lights – sodium power 430 W – has an even higher luminous efficiency – 113 lm / W. At the same time, gas-discharge lights serve for a long time – up to 10-20 thousand hours.

Modern LED Lights are Offering More Convenience

Solar led street light price have gained popularity in street lighting in recent years. Powerful devices appeared that were not inferior to gas-discharge ones, so they began to be common to illuminate roads and sidewalks. The light output of these lights is in the range of 95-115 lm / W. Today, they are actively equipping the most energy-intensive routes and street lighting zones, including parks, squares, and playgrounds.

What kind of street lights is there?

By the type of installation, street lights are divided into:

  • floor lights;
  • wall-mounted;
  • suspended;
  • columnar;
  • built-in.

Floor lights look like beautiful decorative pillars with a height of 3-4 m, on the top of which weather-resistant lighting elements are fixed. They illuminate the area below them with reflected light so that even when looking at them, there is no dazzle effect.

The lights come according to the shape of the plafond:


  • classic on a curved decorative bracket;
  • with reflector without shade;
  • in the form of a sphere and a hemisphere;
  • in the form of a cylinder, cone, rectangle;
  • directional searchlights;
  • Columnar on LEDs and solar panels.

Selection recommendations for solar led street light price

It is also important to match the style of the lamp to the architecture of the house. So, a stylish minimalist lamp fits well into the facade of a modern building with a flat roof and rectangular architecture, while a classic-shaped house is more suitable for lights that resemble ancient gas lights.

When choosing a luminaire, one should not forget about the economy: street lights should use the minimum possible amount of energy.

Automation should help solar led street light price also.

Choice of solar led street light price & design

The most popular are those types of street lights that not only illuminate the area, but also make it more attractive. The most popular types of street lighting are decorative lights, floodlights and solar-powered lights.

The largest assortment includes decorative lights. A wide variety of them allows you to realize almost all ideas of designers and architects. At the same time, performers should remember that the moisture protection of outdoor luminaires must be at least IP44. Otherwise, devices installed in an open space must be under a roof (terraces, verandas, balconies).

What are the purposes of floodlights?

The floodlights are equipped with halogen and high-power LED lights, which differ from each other in terms of service life and level of energy consumption. Searchlights are also chosen according to the angle of dispersion – the larger it is, the larger the area of ​​illumination.

LED floodlights are often equipped with a motion sensor that lights the device only when a person appears in the capture zone.

In the choice of solar led street light price, the group of solar-powered luminaires is becoming more and more important.  The latest samples give a decent enough light at night after a daytime charge. Among them there are also searchlights operating in economy mode with a motion sensor.

What temperature of light is better to choose outside?

There is no fundamental difference in what color range the night lamp will work. It all depends on personal preference.

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