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solar energy storage system LiFePO4 battery UL CE IEC VDE


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Solar energy storage

solar panels inverter LiFePO4 Battery 3Kw 5Kw 8Kw solar enery system

---solar energy storage system

The solar energy storage system is composed of solar panels, inverters, wall-mounted or stacked lithium iron phosphate batteries,
I am very happy to share our solar home energy storage system solution with you. We have been in this business for 13 years. We have rich experience to help you solve 3KW~5MW solar energy storage system power supply solutions. There are reference s all over the country. Get the project case. Our advantages are:

  1. The battery adopts positive A product (6,000 cycles)
  2. Complete inverter certification (UL\CE\TUV\IEC\VDE\NRS…)
  3. Solar light efficiency reaches 25%
  4. The whole set of product quality assurance is more than 3~5 years
  5. Local installation and after-sales service are available in some areas
  6. Exclusive solutions can be customized according to needs

Model number: MIC-W-48V/51.2V
Nominal voltage 48V/51.2V(OEM)
Nominal capacity: 100AH~300AH
Rated power: 5KWH~10KWH
Combination rule: 16S4P/15S4P
Battery strings in series and parallel: Use alone

Battery size (mm) : OEM
Battery weight (kg) : 40~100KG
Standard charging current : 40~100KG
Recommended charging current : <6A
Peak current : 20A,10Sec
Load power : <80W

Load power : T2
Internal resistance : <150mQ
Internal resistance : 36 to 60 months
Function customization : USB port back Bluetooth back LCD screen back

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Patented product

Appearance patent and utility model patent
Popular energy storage, power and all-in-one products are independently designed by the company, and has applied for external
patent, utility model patent, invention patent, and so on, both beautiful and practical novel.

Our strengths

Our products , wall battery, are very competitive with the standard peers and with UL\IEC/UN certification, wall-mounted energy storage cabinet: it adopts the A-type battery cell, which is suitable for household use, supports multi-brand inverters, waterproof grade and support customization for battery pack series-parallel connection, with its own BMS display screen, can support for Bluetooth, very professional production process: neat wiring, low failure rate

Intelligent charge and discharge managementDouble protection of charging and discharging by software and hardware, and intelligent equalization technology, cycle charging and discharging more than 6000 times

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