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How to maintain saber led street light 2022?
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How to maintain saber led street light 2022?

After using the saber led street light 2022for some time, you should carry out maintenance and check the lamp components so that the product can operate efficiently and achieve the best performance. Here, please refer to the article on maintenance of solar lights for more information and experience.

Prune branches and small trees around

Twigs or small trees around the light bulb, the solar panel can make the light of the lamp obscure, or make the panel not receive sunlight in the best mode, prolonging the time. Check battery charge or not enough power to power the lamp. Therefore, you need to cut and trim them to luminescence and help the lights work better. Depending on the growth rate of the seedling you can do them for 1-2 months or longer.
saber led street light 2022

Overall cleaning of saber led street light 2022

Saber led street light 2022will collect dust after a period of use, so you need to clean the panels so that they can receive the best sunlight, clean the bulbs so that they are not blocked by dust. . At the same time, cleaning the lamp also contributes to prolonging the life of the product.

When cleaning the energy lamp, you should pay attention to using a soft, thin cloth that does not scratch the battery panel or the glass, and does not affect the function of each part. Especially limit for water to come into contact with the circuit board or electronic devices. You can see detailed cleaning instructions here.

Check saber led street light

Bulbs are broken due to impact; burning a few leds is possible. Therefore, when maintaining, you should check the light bulb and consider other parts to identify the extent of damage so that it can be repaired and replaced if necessary.

If simple parts fail, you can repair saber led street light 2022. However, if the damage to one part is severe and affects the entire lamp, it cannot be repaired. You should consider replacing the equivalent product.

Check connections

Indeed, inside the bulb or connecting the bulb and battery in the continuous products, there is always a connection wire. You need to carefully check these wires to see if they are strong or not, if not, you can solder more to make them attach more firmly.

Check the battery of saber led street light

Batteries are an extremely important part of a solar light. The storage battery determines the efficiency and duration of the bulb. Therefore, you need to check the batteries to see if they are corroded. If so, it is necessary to remove the corrosive layer and dirt from the battery to make the charging process efficient and fully charge the battery.

If the battery is fully charged but the lighting time is too low, it means the battery may have reached the end of its useful life. You should replace with a new or compatible battery for further use.

Above is the maintenance guide for saber led street light 2022. Hopefully this information will help you gain more knowledge and experience. During use, to ensure the quality and longevity of solar lights, you need to clean them periodically. If you do not know how to properly clean solar lights, please refer to this tutorial article.

Why should we clean solar lights?

Solar lights after a period of use will collect dust, possibly dust or other obstructions. This can affect the battery charging process, not meet the full capacity of use and make the bulb not emit the best light. Therefore, periodic cleaning of solar lights is essential, ensuring the quality of operation and enhancing the life of the product.

Instructions for cleaning solar lights

Saber led street light 2022include 2 main parts that need cleaning, that is the light bulb and the solar panel. Each part will of course have different cleaning methods.

Light bulb cleaning

To clean the bulb, use a cotton pad or soft cloth, combine with a solution of dishwashing liquid diluted with water, and then clean the edges around the lamp body and bulb. Remove any dust or dirt from around the bulb. After you have cleaned the stains, you should wipe them with clean water again.

Normally, from 2-3 months of use, you should clean the bulb once to promote the best lighting efficiency.
Led CB IECEE street light in china

Note: Do not let water come into contact with the electronic components inside the lamp, controller. This can cause damage and shorten the life of the lamp.

Clean energy panels

Cleaning the panels plays a more important role than cleaning the light bulbs, because this is where the sun’s energy is received and converted into electricity and supplied to the light bulb.

You should remove all plaque or plants, leaves or other obstructions on the panel before cleaning. Then, use a toothbrush, or a soft cloth soaked in dishwashing liquid or vinegar and gently rub each area of ​​the panel.

You can clean the solar panels every 1-2 months or so depending on your area. If the area has a lot of trash, leaves or other items that often fly into the panel, it should be cleaned in a short time to ensure effective use.

Note: Do not scrub too hard as this may scratch the surface of the panel and affect or damage the panel. Do not let water fall inside the battery, contact the electronic circuit boards.

Today’s solar lights are often integrated with remote control. Help you use, configure the product more convenient and easy. If you need to buy solar lights with control, contact us.

Controls help you use the lights easily

Although each energy lamp product has been designed with a button to turn on and off basically. However, they have not been able to maximize the functionality and customization of the product. In particular, for products that are installed in places that are too high to reach, direct configuration is not feasible.

For that reason, saber led street light 2022 is often integrated with remote controls. You just need to stand a relative distance from the lights. You can configure the settings via the remote. Helping you maximize the power and correct the actual needs of your family.

Summary saber led street light 2022

The solar light remote is designed to be very easy to use. The top usually includes 7 buttons: On-off button, auto light setting button on and off according to brightness, setting off after 3h, 5h, 7h and button to increase and decrease the brightness of the lamp. You want to use any function or mode, just press the button above the remote to set.

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