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How to use portable led flood light in shopping centers?
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How to use portable led flood light in shopping centers?

At present it is known that there are many advantages portable led flood light provide. However many people and companies have not yet decided to carry out modifications in terms of lighting systems.

What you’ll find in this article?

1 What are Led flood lights?

2 How do Led flood lights work?

3 How to choose a Led flood light?

3.1 Led flood lights for home

3.1.1 Issuance

3.1.2 Tone

3.1.3 Temperature

3.2 Led flood lights for large spaces

3.2.1 Minimum energy consumption and high efficiency

3.2.2 Greater durability

3.3 Lighting in shopping centers

3.4 Lighting in industrial buildings

3.5 How many watts does an Led flood light consume?

3.6 How much do Led flood lights cost?

4 Solar powered LED luminaires

In many places, conventional luminaires continue to use that produce unnecessary heat. They have a short useful life, are not considered ecological, and mainly, their energy consumption produces costs that could be saved.


portable led flood light


Why portable led flood light are popular?

For these reasons, as specialists in the manufacture of portable led flood light, we will try to let you know all the benefits and facilities that your home, office, construction project, among others, can obtain when using LED lighting systems.

These Led flood lights are becoming more energy efficient and economically accessible. Here are some relevant points about these luminaires, as well as the different spaces where they can be common.

What are Led flood lights?

An LED fixture consists of a solid-state bulb that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the light source. They are easy to find in different bulbs and shapes for use in small or large and long lamps.

When we speak of a diode we refer to an electrical component with two terminals that conduct electricity in only one direction. By having electrical current, the diode generates a bright light inside the bulb.

It seems simple, but thanks to this mechanism, Led flood lights have a long useful life and great energy efficiency. Today, they are the most effective lighting systems on the market.

How do Led flood lights work?

More technically, these portable led flood light use what is known as SSL (Solid State Lighting) technology.


So instead of emitting light from a vacuum (like incandescent light fixtures) or a gas (like fluorescent bulbs), an SSL produces light from a piece of solid matter.

Speaking of a traditional LED, that piece of matter is a semiconductor. That is, an LED emits light when electrons move through the structure of its semiconductor.

What is led flood light semi-conductor?

A semiconductor consists of a positive and a negative charge. The positive side has holes (openings for electrons), while the negative side has free electrons circulating inside it.

The moment an electrical charge hits the semiconductor, the flow of electrons from the negative side is activated, and instantly the stimulated electrons emit light as they flow through the positively charged openings.

How to choose portable led flood light?

With technological advances, it is possible to find portable led flood light for an infinite number of spaces and uses. On this occasion we will try to focus on the home, office, industrial buildings and the applications of these luminaires with solar energy.

Led flood lights for home

These Led flood lights for use in the home provide excellent light intensity due to their low energy consumption.


They can achieve savings of up to 80% of electricity in the home compared to conventional luminaires. Although a little more money is required in the first investment to buy Led flood lights, the savings they generate over time ends up being profitable.

In addition to energy savings, some people look for other aspects in these Led flood lights, such as emission, tone and temperature.

Issues with portable led flood light

The light emission that conventional luminaires emit is through incandescence, that is, through heat.

The above is different when we talk about Led flood lights, because their way of working through electrons instantly causes less heat compared to conventional lights.


Each of them can vary, there are yellow or white, the first being ideal for places such as bedrooms or living rooms. While the white tones are good for places that require greater intensity of illumination, such as offices, even warehouses.


This aspect of lighting is directly related to the tone, it is possible to find warm, cold or neutral temperatures.

Depending on the tone, the yellow light portable led flood light can acquire a warm temperature, while a luminaire with white light will look neutral; the use of this is good for areas that need tranquility, such as medical offices.

Led flood lights for large spaces

For example, using Led flood lights for industrial buildings or other large areas provides several advantages.

In general, an important factor in the business of the industry is energy saving, as it becomes economical. Which provides LED lighting thanks to three main points:

Minimal energy consumption and high efficiency

This kind of lighting stands out for the capacity of its bulbs:

portable led flood light 2021

  • Consume between 80 and 90% less than incandescent bulbs
  • They use 60% less energy when compared to fluorescent technology.

Increased durability

There are Led flood lights or LED bells that are special for large spaces, such as warehouses, supermarkets, sports facilities, even parking lots.

Portable led flood light in shopping centers

Any shopping center needs an efficient lighting system, since they cover large surfaces that have practically no natural light.

For this reason, this aspect implies a significant expense for any property of this type, so that finding the best solution in terms of energy and lighting is vital for this class of business.

In general, portable led flood light are common to efficiently light large spaces. However, the range of Led flood lights is also useful for illuminating small and medium-sized spaces. Additionally, Led flood lights can increase productivity in ways that retailers cannot imagine.

So having the support of experts in the solution and installation of Led flood lights will always be very important to illuminate large spaces.

Lighting in industrial buildings

There are situations where spaces like these require highly demanding lighting systems at all times. The foregoing is due to the fact that the vision has to be adequate to carry out the work activities in each section without stopping, sometimes during whole day shifts.

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