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How to install outdoor parking lot led light china?
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How to install outdoor parking lot led light china?

One of the most important points to consider in parking lot led light china is the lighting functionality. Knowing the space and the needs of each one of them is the first step in choosing the right luminaire. Similarly, it provides comfort and safety to the environments.

To discover the need for each space, just walk around the condominium and see which places need more lighting and which lighting should be softer or more attentive.

This assessment of lighting needs should always come at night. During the day making assumptions is often misleading.
parking lot led light china

How to install outdoor parking lot led light china?

As outdoor lighting usually has different needs than indoor lighting, so the tips are in two parts.

Internal Environment

In indoor environments, the proposal is, basically, to guide the individual during their journey. Parking lot led light china proposes greater safety and avoiding accidents. Check out more details about the lighting in each space and bet on the right products

Leisure spaces:

Places such as a ballroom, gourmet space, games room, need a mix of functional and decorative lighting, so that activities are performed properly, and leave the environments cozy and valued! For functional lighting, or as it is also called fill lighting, ceiling lights such as ceiling lights and LED profiles are highly recommended.

For accent and decorative lighting, spots and sconces fulfill this role well. A good tip is to choose parking lot led light china that follows the style of construction and decoration. More classic decor goes better with classic lighting, the same goes for more modern or minimalist decor, industrial style, etc.

Closed garage parking lot led light china:

Garages need to be secure, so lighting has to be adequate for this purpose. It should also be noted that garages are places where people stay for a short time and there is no need to invest in decorative lighting.

The priority in the garage is to choose luminaires with good luminous performance. These are competent in transforming the greatest amount of electrical energy into light and directing it to the places where it is needed.

Tubular LED luminaires are great for this purpose as they nullify well with little expense. It is important to consider installing motion sensors so that the lighting is only turned on when there are people in the area.

Hallways and entrance parking lot led light china:

Bet on good parking lot led light china and economy in these spaces! The AR70 and PAR lamps are great choices for uniform, economical and durable lighting. In addition to being easy to install, they feature luminous efficiency that keeps the environment safe and clear.


With LED technology, it is possible to bet on pleasant and decorative lighting without worrying about wasting energy, as LED lamps consume much less than conventional ones, especially compared to incandescent lamps.

In idle areas of the condominium, fewer lamps and products with lower power are easy to use. In environments where people stay longer or where attention is important in the activity carries out, the lighting must be stronger.

Important tip to choose led light

An important tip when choosing outdoor parking lot led light china is to select lighting fixtures and lighting poles that are resistant to weather attacks. Moisture and especially salt air can quickly deteriorate lighting that does not have corrosion protection.

It is necessary to choose luminaires with IP65 protection or higher and, in the case of lighting poles, hot-dip galvanized poles are the most suitable.

Access gate and garage entrance:

For the traffic of vehicles and people entering these places, the light must guide the path and signal the entrances.

The parking lot led light china present ideal directional light to indicate obstacles and exits, while the mini beacon posts efficiently mark out paths and, if well positioned and distributed, create very interesting light and shadow effects.

Gardens and living areas:

Decorative poles are the best option for filling lighting in smaller living areas such as playground, pet space, rest and leisure areas.

For larger areas such as patios, large grassy areas, open parking lots, internal access streets, public lighting type poles are the most suitable because they are taller and more powerful, therefore they are more efficient to light larger areas.

Gardens will become more attractive with beams of light directed at ornamental plants, trees, columns, walls and walls. For this, we recommend the use of reflectors and floor lamps.

Another decorative lighting option for outdoor areas is Sconces (wall fixtures) and moisture resistant LED strips. Decorative sconces add value to those next to the walls, especially when their design is good. LED strips are good for creating linear effects that modernize environments.

Steps and stairs parking lot led:

The steps do not need intense lighting; however, keeping a sign is important to avoid accidents. Tapes and spots can also help here. As they are low voltage products, they do not have exaggerated energy consumption.

How to calculate the number of lights in the room?

Calculating the number of lights in the room will help us calculate the number of lights needed to provide enough light and save money on buying lights, saving power consumption. There are three commonly important ways to calculate lighting as follows:
parking lot led light china 2021

Way 1

The first way to calculate room lighting is to determine the total amount of light needed in the room, then calculate the total wattage, thereby reducing the number of bulbs needed.

Depending on the size of the room, the arrangement of LED bulbs will be different

  1. Step 1: Calculate the total amount of light needed for the room according to the formula

Total amount of light required (Lm) = room area * luminous flux standard / unit area

Arrangement of recessed led lights depending on the ceiling size

Depending on the size of the room, the arrangement of LED bulbs will be different

  1. Step 2: Calculate the total required lamp power in the room

Total wattage = Total amount of light needed/luminescent efficiency

In which, the luminescence efficiency of LEDs represents the amount of luminous flux (lumens) emitted per unit of power, the unit is lumens/watt.

Conventional parking lot led light china have luminescence efficiency in the range of 80-130 lumens/watt. We will choose any wattage from this range to calculate the total power, normally 100 lumens/watt (average power of a good quality LED product)

C. Step 3: Calculate the required number of lights

After calculating the total wattage, we divide by the wattage of 1 LED to determine the number of bulbs needed. Lamp wattage will vary depending on the function room. Specifically:

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