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Top 10 LED Flood Light Manufacturers

March 28, 2021

Market reports seem encouraging about the growth of the LED floodlight industry

The global annual market reports are showing the promising growth of the LED floodlight manufacturing industry. So, it becomes an easy job, with wide availability, to buy the best LED from your local shop. However, this is not the case with retailers and wholesale dealers. For them, therefore, mic-LED and Lithonia LED flood light make the best choices. Mic-LED also provides extensive services to retailers that other companies are not willing to.

The company is working hard to provide them with their best and reputable range of LED floodlight products. There are some pertinent issues that other companies have not solved yet. This includes shipping cost, import and export cost, and maintaining the quality of the products. Mic-LED on the other hand fulfills these issues at greater length. This guide hence will tell you the top ten LED floodlight manufacturers.

Lithonia LED flood light


Mic-Led makes a first place in the list of top ten brands besides Lithonia led flood light. The most advantageous factor that makes it as standing out is its vast distribution network in 150 countries. It eventually is providing its wide range of LED floodlights and other products in the middle east, south Asia, America, and Europe.  The main reason for its global success hinges around its ability to spend and concentrate much on Research and Development. Furthermore, the professional technical team and experience count as well. with tons of products and ISO9001 and ISO14001 is its global authenticity.

Lead Wholesalers

Lead Wholesaler, the very first company that specializes to give an amazing quality product. The company sets the standards as Lithonia LED flood light does in manufacturing and selling the LED floodlight directly to the marketplace. Hence, in this regard where the company is directly tapping the marketplace, it is directly or indirectly taking its customers into confidence. Therefore, the company buys the LED lights in smaller quantities.  This, therefore, helps in selling it at a much reasonable rate. The Lead wholesale LED light eventually becomes a cheaper substance that comes in 10 different models. These models vary from 50W to 70W ranging to 100W. The lights work off to brightly lit enlarged areas.

Lithonia Lighting

Lithonia LED flood light, a renowned brand and a company as well, truly happens to be a turning point in the LED manufacturing industry. The undeniable quality is the benchmark that the company is setting. Lithonia Lighting works on a massive scale. Therefore, the abundant team works off to produce not just the lighting products but also the manufacturing products. The company works to produce an enormous range of lights and models. This mainly results off in outdoor security lights to large-scale industrial lighting applications. This is the reason that the mainstream products are productive. The halogen floodlights are one such wonder which promises potential growth and gain of the company in the future.


The Loftek follows the same fast and far-reaching strategy as the Lithonia LED floodlight. It enhances to work on customer satisfaction. The company is experiencing growth and an enormous rate of return as it solely focuses on a consumer-oriented approach. The huge success is because of manufacturing flashlights, portable LED floodlights, and surveillance cameras. This, therefore, gives them the liberty to manufacture the LED floodlights in the market in a slightly different capacity. The LED Floodlights that dominate are of 10W to 50W, that are flooding the marketplace include multiple color options. This consequently lifts an area in a bright manner. The 10W LED floodlight also acts as a charging station for cell phones.


Just like Lithonia LED flood light, the Fulcrum LED light company does not single out as a simple product. The fact it is it holds a variety, Fulcrum proves it. The company stands out in the latest technology of producing LED floodlights in different variants. Digital technology works in wider spaces. This, therefore includes kitchen counters, book lights, and even outdoor décor. Furthermore, the company has to make sure the uninterpreted supply of the LED floodlights. This is mainly because of the LED powerful operation that ultimately lifts bigger spaces. Nonetheless, the company is worth off at producing a powerful design structure that is convenient to use and can adapt to any environment.

EE Systems Group INC

The trend in technology is not declining instead it is taking a step forward. EE system company is setting one such trend by manufacturing its products worldwide. Although it specializes in manufacturing green-LED floodlights, voice-activated alarms, and industrial application alarms. But this does not end here as the company is jumping into expanding its product range. This eventually is making the brand surpass the Lithonia led flood light products shortly. Nevertheless, with the unbound technology, EE company holds onto introducing a new line of LED floodlight known as eLEDing. The fast-pacing digital application, therefore, saves from the hassle of paying those extra heavy electricity bills. This is because of the lights that have solar power energy.

Maxsa Innovations

When it comes to passion and compatibility, Maxsa company is turning the tables. Therefore, the company is taking rounds in the market. Hence, the company is striving to its dedicating customers. Nevertheless, it excels in delicately crafting its products in the latest designs. Furthermore, it’s not just the sleek and sharp designs but also focuses on giving a functional output. Maxsa mainly indulges in the production of solar power lights, power adapters safety vests, and flashlights. But the company diversity is moving it towards producing 14 different LED light designs. This, therefore, floods into a range of small two LED floodlights ranging to 150 LED light.

200 watt LED flood light


The energy resistant and unstoppable working force is what makes it to the sunforce company. Nonetheless, the sunforce company constraints itself in producing a larger quantity of LED solar floodlights. But when it does it does wonders. This is the result of the green product where it once laid its hands on. The company at this point is off producing solar power utility pumps, solar power cameras, adapters, and cables. But now with the upgrade in technology, there is a dire need to produce and manufacture more. Sunforce is in control of a huge market. Therefore, it must produce more solar-powered LED lights.


The enhancement and creativity never run out in the manufacturing industry, Lamlust is the result of it. Owing to an online shop, the small company runs to give bigger benefits to its customers worldwide. Therefore, Lamlust specializes in producing the LED lighting technology. This, hence includes garden lights, artificial candle lights and not forgetting the LED floodlight. The smaller company as it is, it does not specialize in the huge range of LED floodlights. Instead, the lights that it produces have a durable quality. Nonetheless, the LED floodlight, colors also add to its range. Lamlust is better at minimizing the quantity and therefore, it also supplies other manufacturers’ range.


The smaller the better is what the MicroSolar company is greatly resulting in. The smaller company is very well suiting and keeping in mind the needs of the environment. Hence, therefore the MicroSolar is the one that is solely focusing on the solar-powered light application. With this, therefore, the company is all set at producing shed lights, Wi-Fi compatible bulbs, and the LED solar floodlights. The range of floodlights is quite narrow. Nevertheless, the resultant product is quite satisfactory. The floodlight, therefore, works in good weather and has a good build in structure. Furthermore, it is water-resistant which works for hours.

MIC is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of LED lighting and solar lights in China, as well as the leading provider in energy-saving solutions.
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