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Saso LED Floodlight: The Buying Guide

December 21, 2020

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Saso LED Floodlight

The general use of Saso LED floodlight serves to illuminate the relative areas often to decorative and to provide reliable security operations

Saso LED Floodlight makes the majority amongst the widely used LED floodlights. Generally, the LED floodlight serves the purpose to illuminate the outdoor lightning. The LED floodlight is famous for lighting large public gatherings and covering domestic purposes for maximum gathering. The device is highly effective for large stadiums, garages, parks, parking lots, warehouses, etc.

Saso LED Floodlight

LED Floodlight also encompasses the street lights. This floodlight produces the brightest amount of light that makes it suitable for covering the large maximum areas. This is because LED is different from conventional HID lamps. Hence, the manufacturing difference also appears to differentiate the working principle.

LED floodlights hence are highly effective and durable devices. This makes them withstand both internal and external environmental challenges. Amongst the floodlights, there are specific types of floodlights which are called Outdoor LED Floodlight.

What is the SASO LED Floodlight?

Saso LED Floodlight is a broad LED floodlight with a high beam that serves the purpose of lighting the outdoor areas. The Saso floodlight is a parabolic design. It equips a reflector in the LED that helps in focusing on the desired point by a parabola shaped reflector.

The floodlight, therefore, works on the principle of reflection. The floodlight bounces the light away from the parabola reflector. This happens in a parallel beam. The device is a reliable product in the market and hence stands thousands of hours as a lifetime. This LED floodlight generally has a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The device is a fast-running product.

This is because, in comparison to conventional lighting, LED floodlights produce maximum brightness in seconds. Consequently, the Saso Led floodlights to prevent the chances of delay. Once the switch is on there is no delay not even when the sensor gets tripped.

Advantages of Using Saso LED Floodlights

There are many benefits that Saso LED Floodlight offer. Some of these benefits are:


Saso LED is known for promising the durability of the product. If you compare the conventional LED floodlights with Saso LED Floodlight, the amount of fixtures is stable and sturdy. This, therefore, makes the product reliable and durable and consequently offers more standard quality service.

These features thus also add more life to the product. The buyer if gets the Saso floodlight, he doesn’t have to worry about the hassle of often replacement. The light will run longer than it promises of 50,000 hours. This is why the Saso floodlight doesn’t get to phase out too early when it reaches the end span of its life.

Apart from the durability, the after-sale service of Sao floodlight is satisfactory. The device requires no such maintenance. However, at the end of the light, it doesn’t phase out completely. Conversely, the light dims out by indicating that it needs another Saso replacement.

Maximum Heat Dissipation:

Heat dissipation is one of the major issues that all lights face. However, Saso LED Floodlight ensures maximum heat dissipation. The conventional floodlights emit more heat and bare minimum heat dissipation. This hence makes the floodlights sort of electric heaters. This heat emission hence affects the overall life and performance of the HID floodlight. This happens only when the device consumes a maximum amount of energy. On the contrary, Saso floodlight uses a minimum amount of energy.

This makes the device emits less heat conversion and hence enhances its lifetime. The production heat hence goes to waste. This is because heat is the form of energy that ultimately dissipates in the air. Saso LED light doesn’t produce much heat and hence it saves a lot of cash in terms of cash and energy. The low heat dissipation helps the device to light up the areas of the cold location.

Eco-Friendly LED Device

Since we discussed that the Saso LED Floodlight requires the minimum need for frequent bulb replacement. This thus helps in reducing the hazard of maintaining the waste. The device also consumes less amount of electric energy. This thus makes the LED floodlight save a maximum amount of energy. As compared to the conventional HID floodlight the Saso floodlight hence saves almost 80% of the energy. The electric cost savings is effective in all purposes both domestic outdoor and industrial as well.

Therefore, the Saso LED floodlight is an eco-friendly device that offers sustainable energy consumption. The normal HID floodlight lamp offers 12 hours a day run time for seven days in a week. This requires a 1500-watt HID lamp of 30000 lumens to emit this energy. However, you can replace the HID with Saso floodlight that offers more lumens of 40,000 in just the device of 400 watts. Hence the device offers more brightness with less consumption of heat.

Buying guide:

The Saso LED Floodlight is making a wide share in the lighting market due to its variety of applications in large areas. This includes parking lots, a sports arena, a large building, shopping malls, etc. The LED Floodlight is suitable for high rise accent lighting and task lighting. So, for those who still feel confused about what to buy, here is a little tip guide to make your selection easy.


Finishing makes an important perspective to pay attention to. This includes the inclusion of finishing material such as copper, steel, and sometimes the lacquer (colored) with aluminum body. Feeling still confused? Go for the finishing color that matches your settings.


Location in LED floodlight comprises three important points. The fixture is the first point to avoid any possibility of glare by installing it at 22 degrees. The second point is to avoid its placement to disturb your neighbors. The third point is choosing the LED floodlight that must cover that area with a height of 9 feet at least.

Motion Sensor:

Motion sensor floodlight makes the most important aspect of domestic usage. They are affordable and user-friendly. The device uses an infrared sensor. Go for the device that must compensate the motion sensor from 180 degrees in angle of covering and 75 feet in terms of range. The quality device indicates light for 1-10 mins thus ensuring a high level of safety and security.

However, before buying the mention sensor LED, the user must endure what level of security he is looking for.

Color quality:

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a unit that measures the color quality of the floodlight LED. There are different ranges for each color of the bulb.  The range of CRI ranges from 1-100. The 100 is the highest level, which ensures that it carries a broad spectrum of colors.

The fluorescent bulb in LED floodlight offers a CRI of 70. The difference exists because of the level and quality of production for each CRI. The CRI number will help you to choose the right color quality of the light that you are looking for. The CRI also helps in deciding which CRI suits better for Outdoor lightning. This is important because the external light of the day is more than the LED floodlight itself.

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