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How does led solar light panel work? Beginner’s Guide

February 16, 2021

Solar Lights Operation and Advantages

Led solar light takes advantage of the sun’s energy for their operation. During the day they charge the battery with the solar panel. And at night, the battery has enough autonomy to be on for more than 8 hours at a time. In addition, all the models in LEDS-SOLAR are of LED technology in order to consume less electricity. And it better distributes the energy stored in the battery. Thus, solar lights consist of 3 main elements:

  • Solar panel to produce electricity
  • The battery to store energy
  • The LEDs that produce the lighting

However, combining these 3 elements bring good results. Moreover, they are leading the electric revolution towards a more sustainable model. It is a completely autonomous light comes. Similarly, it is capable of producing its own energy and not consuming any electricity from the electricity grid. Therefore, once the purchase is made, we will get free electricity for years, fully amortizing the cost of purchasing the product.

led solar light

Next, we will follow the process of the operation of a solar light, from the moment it produces electricity to programming them to turn on and off automatically:

Electricity Generation with the led solar light

It all starts when we place our sunlight in a sunny place and the solar panel receives the solar radiation on its photovoltaic cells. Thus, thanks to the photovoltaic effect, the led solar light panel transforms solar radiation into electricity.

Battery Energy Storage

The electricity produced by the solar panel goes directly to the battery where it is stored for later use. However, to avoid overloads and regulate the entry of electricity into the battery, the light incorporates a BMS. That is responsible for regulating and protecting the battery.

Thus, the battery charging process usually takes about 8 hours. Hence, it depends on the weather conditions of the day. Once the battery is charged it will be ready for when it gets dark, at which point the solar lamp will activate.

Led solar light Startup and Operation

The solar panel has a hidden function apart from producing electricity. When it gets dark, the solar panel detects that it no longer receives power from the sun and turns on the light automatically.

Thus, this sensor will also work when it is daylight. The solar panel will detect that it is receiving solar radiation again. It will automatically turn off the LEDs and start charging the solar light’s battery again.

However, part from the automatic on and off, most models of solar lights also incorporate a remote control with a remote control to regulate the light. There are several functions and you can turn the light on and off manually. You can turn the light power up and down, and activate the timer so that the light turns off automatically after a few hours.

Some models even include a motion sensor to only turn on when motion is detected.

Led solar light lighting at Cost 0

In this article we have been able to see the great advantages that led solar light have. And how they work from within? Its advantageous technology provides us with free and sustainably produced energy, the capacity to store it infinitely in the battery and a great power of light to illuminate any area where it is difficult to reach with electrical cables.

Proper lighting can make the difference between being comfortable in your garden and never going outside when night falls. As the pandemic continues to invade our social lives, it is more important than ever to ensure that our homes are comfortable and safe alternatives.

However, we can enjoy the company of our loved ones. For this reason, we have created a guide to help you select the sunlight that best meets your needs.

Thus, lighting the garden seems like a simple task. But the variety of options can be intimidating. However, to help alleviate any confusion, we provide you with a guide to help you understand the difference between led solar light.

Light Power

The power of the light is indicated by the number of watts and the number of lumens. However, if you consider the size of the area you would like to illuminate and the purpose for which you are purchasing the light, you can decide on the wattage.

Color temperature

Contrary to what you might think, the temperature of the light refers to the color of the light. However, if you imagine the typical light bulb, surely you imagine it yellow. Thus, LEDs have brought a great variety to the color of lights.

They can be yellowish of a neutral color or on the contrary a cold white color. That difference is measured with Kelvins and the higher the number of Kelvins the colder the light will be. Below you can see the difference between 3 values:

2700K: Warm light

4000K: Neutral light

6000K: Cold light

Why warm led solar light is a good option?

Warm light is perfect for creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere as it has a yellowish hue. The 4000K neutral light offers a neutral hue similar to the daylight produced by the sun. It is good to create work environments and to be comfortably in an environment.

However, cold light, on the other hand, has a bluish white tone. It is good to use for environments where you have to be active since there are studies that show that this color of light impacts our health and makes us be more active. Thus, see the different colors of light depending on the number of kelvins:

Number of Light Points

So, most of the led solar light consists of a solar panel and a spotlight, but there are also models. Here 2 cables come out of a solar panel and 2 spotlights can be connected. This could be an advantage if we want to illuminate 2 areas or from 2 different points.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor can offer us advantages if we want the solar lamp to turn on when we pass by. Thus, this way it would suit us well if we want to place it in a passageway or for surveillance functions.

Advantages of Led Solar Light

The advantages of solar lights are many, starting with the simple fact that they use clean energy from the sun, continuing with the savings in the electricity bill that they will provide and ending with the easy installation. Next, we are going to study all the advantages that led solar light offer us if we use them in our garden:

  1. Clean energy

The energy from the sun is clean and capturing it through solar panels does not generate any type of pollution or waste. So, thanks to the solar panels of the lights we can capture this clean energy. And transform it into electricity to store in the battery of the solar light.

  1. Inexhaustible energy

The sun is a source of natural energy and is inexhaustible. Moreover, every day the sun offers us hours of free energy. And it is a great opportunity to be able to take advantage of it. And transform it into energy to be able to illuminate at night.

  1. Savings on electricity bills

Led solar light do not connect to the electricity grid. They are 100% autonomous since they self-produce their own energy. Therefore, the consumption will be 0 and we will save money compared to if we had placed a normal LED spotlight.

  1. Simple installation, no wiring needed

The installation of solar lamps is very simple since it does not need electrical wiring or connect to the electrical network. By having its own solar panel, the installation will only consist of placing the solar focus where we want it.

led solar light


The vast majority of solar lights have a brightness sensor on the solar panel that makes them turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn. In this way, we can forget about having to turn them on and off, not forgetting the lights on or if, for example, we get home at night we are going to find the lights on.

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