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Evaluation of Different Types of LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

January 24, 2021

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights; Types And Advantages

LED gas station canopy lights are the best fit for gas stations’ illumination, especially at night. Imagine your car runs out of fuel in the mid of the night, and you cannot find any gas station. Thanks to the LED gas station canopy lights illuminating the stations at night, one can see a remote gas station.  These lights do not consume excessive electricity and reduce commercial electricity bills, thus saving energy. Moreover, they last longer and do not require frequent maintenance. However, some issues need consideration. The glare and light trespass can make the drivers blind and make it inevitable for accidents to happen.

This article discusses three types of canopy lights’ evaluation and how successful they were in dealing with the concerned glare and light trespass issues. It also sheds light on the advantages an LED canopy light provides.

led gas station canopy lights

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

LED canopy lights are beneficial for outdoor applications and provide more excellent quality illumination to walkways, gas stations, and parking areas. The canopy lights use LED technology that is highly energy-efficient and economical. The LED comprises a panel that carries several diodes and therefore provides even distribution of light everywhere. The LED lights do not use fuel sources, unlike conventional bulbs, and work using the PN-junction diode. Thus, the semiconductor diode makes it less harmful, and hence it is suitable for plants and nature in parks and walkways. Moreover, it doesn’t consume energy as the PN-junction works by transferring electrons from the higher density region to the lower density region.

Gas stations require a comparatively higher illumination to attract the drivers and to ensure their safety. Using conventional sources can cause more significant cost expenditure. Therefore, canopy lights are the best source to illuminate the gas stations at night.

Advantages Of LED Canopy Lights

The LED canopy lights have revolutionized the lighting technology completely. They are ideal for outdoor applications and finds extensive use in parking lots, walkways, and gas stations. The key features that make it exceptional are the energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, less maintenance, and brighter quality illumination. Here are a few out of the many advantages of the led gas station canopy lights.

Highly Energy-Efficient

The LED gas station canopy light uses LED highly energy-efficient technology. The LED technology works using semiconductor diode, unlike conventional bulbs, that use fuel or gas to transfer electricity. Therefore the incandescent and fluorescent bulbs consume more power. In contrast, LED technology works on the principle of electron transfer and therefore doesn’t consume electricity. Hence using LED canopy lights can help you save electricity and reduces electricity bills.

Durable And Long-Lasting

The LED canopy lights are excellent for outdoor applications as they are reliable and can withstand extreme and harsh weather conditions. The conventional bulbs run out as soon as they encounter exposure to unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore, LED lights are best for outdoor applications as they continue working in rainfall, snowfalls, and storms, thus making it safer for passers-by during rough and harsh weather.

Less Maintenance

LED lights are not only cost-effective in terms of their energy-efficiency but also require less maintenance. Moreover, it is durable and lasts longer than conventional light bulbs, so they don’t run out quickly. Therefore one does not need to invest in their maintenance. Moreover, the quality of brightness remains the same throughout its lifetime. Hence once instalLED, you don’t need to worry about replacement for a few years.

Environmental Friendly

The conventional metal halide bulbs use mercury and other gases, which in turn produces light. However, the emission of these harmful components into the atmosphere is dangerous for the environment. The lights in gardens, parks, and lawns must be eco-friendly not to harm the plants in the vicinity. Therefore the LED canopy lights are a better substitute to the conventional ones. They work on semiconductor diode technology and, therefore, do not require fuel or gases to produce electricity, and hence these lights do not cause any harm the atmosphere.

Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index or the CRI determines the quality of brightness light produces. The LED canopy lights have higher CRI and lumen output, enabling them to create a brighter light. The LED gas station canopy light has higher illumination and brightness. Since it employs the LED technology, it has a panel on which several light-emitting diodes distribute lightly evenly on the area.


In today’s modern world, everything provides comfort and ease due to automatic robotic operations. The led canopy lights do not require human intervention for their operation. They are photosensitive, which means they operate by detecting the original natural lighting. It sees the brightness of the original light and produces sufficient light which it finds adequate to illuminate the area. Hence it does not require an operator who keeps worrying about switching on and off the lights.

Evaluation Of The LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

The LED gas station canopy lights provide brighter illumination to the station. If one station employs a more brilliant light, it creates competition among the rest as the bright stations have high brightness, feels safe, and attract the drivers’ attention.

This competition is the reason why the LED canopy lights have been evolving for years. However, these lights had glare and trespass issues, which made their use dangerous for gas stations. Glare can make the driver blind from far away, and this can result in accidents. Therefore, evaluating the three types of LED canopy lights for gas stations has made it easier to illuminate the stations at night.

Non-Cutoff Drop-Lens Luminaire

The non-cutoff luminaire uses 320-watt diodes, which produce light after passing through the refractor. The refractor ensures the provision of brighter light at all angles, and hence distribute light evenly. Most gas stations employ this type of canopy lights as they provide better and long-range visibility.

 Full-Cutoff Flat-Lens Luminaires

The flat-lens full-cut luminaires involve flat and clear glass, which uses 320 watts vertical burning technique. It mostly projects the light in the downward direction, and hence, it is not visible from far away.

Cutoff Drop Lens Luminaires

The third type of canopy has the same structure as the full cutoff flat-lens, with the only difference that it uses prismatic glass instead of a flat lens. The drop lens stretches to 2.5 inches under the canopy and hence modifies the luminaire intensity distribution.

Results Of The Evaluation

The evaluation of three types of LED lights produced several conclusions. All three types of canopy lights consume the same power and energy. However, the non-cutoff drop lens luminaire delivers more glare and higher trespass than the cutoff drop lens and flat lens. The flat lens full cut of lights had proven them more successful in attracting drivers and helped the station increase its selling capacity than drop lens non-cutoff luminaires. However, after evaluating cutoff drop-lens luminaire, experts concluded it to be more effective for drivers turning in than the rest two. Therefore it sums up that drivers find brighter light safer and hence consider the stations with higher illumination.


To sum up, the evaluation in led gas station canopy lights successfully dealt with the glare and light trespass. The three types of gas canopy lights, drop-lens non-cutoff, drop-lens cutoff, and full cutoff flat-lens, find extensive use in gas stations and provide illumination with their particular and unique features.

They are ideal for marketing also, as the station illuminated with bright lights appear safe to the drivers and therefore attracts them. Moreover, their colossal advantages include energy-efficiency, less maintenance, higher quality bright light, durability, and flexibility, making them a perfect substitute for lighting outdoors.

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