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1000w LED Flood Light: Installation Guide

December 08, 2020

What is a 1000w Led Flood light?

A Led Flood Light is a wide-angle light. The high powered lights lighten up a large area using efficient LED technology. There are a variety of floodlights available in the market for various purposes. For instance, you have the 1000w led flood light for ensuring full brightness. The available shapes and sizes are as per the customer’s requirement. People usually install them in order to lighten up large stadiums and, on the contrary, can be used on a home lawn. Most LED lights have outdoor applications, but you can sometimes find them installed in homes as well.

1000w led flood light

Usage of LED Flood lights

The 1000w led flood light to brighten up a wide area in the most spectacular way. Using LED lights gained so much popularity over the years, but it still has not gone out of style. You can find the led floodlights installed in

  • Retail stores

Many retail stores make use of these lights. The retail stores are usually huge and require efficient and enough lighting to display their products.

  • Warehouses and storage places

Although the 1000w led floodlights perform their appropriate function at night, they are installed in warehouses for day use as well. Warehouses are dimly lit and require extra lighting.

  • Photometric studies

The Led floodlight applies itself in photometric studies for large scale projects. These lights can easily measure the brightness and intensity of light.

  • Large open areas

Areas which are huge such as stadiums and parks, use the led floodlights. The lights can lighten up a large area. Recreational activities at night are possible with the help of these lights.

Why use a Led Flood light?


A 1000w Led floodlight is quite useful. It is affordable. The common floodlights used are high in price but led floodlights easily slide in an affordable price range. The amount of light they produce is tremendous as compared to what you pay for them. In addition, they have a long life.  You don’t have to fret about replacing light bulbs. In short, their maintenance cost is much less as compared to traditional light bulbs.

Energy Efficient

As the led lights make use of light-emitting diodes, they are energy efficient. Only 70 to 80 percent of the energy consumption reports appear as compared to traditional lighting.

Easy to use

The led lights are easy to use, and anyone can install them.


Mercury and lead have no function in the 1000w led flood light. This ensures safety and environmental friendliness.


Installing a led floodlight is an easy job. However, as this is an electrical product, there are some safety precautions to be taken. Firstly it is recommended that a certified electrician install the lights. Nevertheless, if you are interested in installing them yourself, take the necessary precautions, and read the installation guide carefully. Below are some safety notes

  • The front of the led light is sensitive since it composes of tempered glass. If damaged during installation, the light will have to be replaced and disposed of.
  • The Led lights are extremely bright so avoid staring directly into the beam for a long time.
  • Do not touch the external surface at any instance. You may incur a burn due to the high temperature.
  • Do not touch or install the led light if the main cord looks damaged or frail.
  • Do not mount the led light on flammable surfaces

Choose a location

Once you have taken all the safety precautions, choose the location you wish the light to be. You have to decide where you need the most light at night. Usually you spot an LED light in spooky garages and entrances where you need light the most. You may also place the light in a dark place where intruders may come for surveillance.

Ensure that the place you install your led floodlight is not an area where a chemical or explosive atmosphere may exist. In addition, ensure that the area is properly ventilated. Most professionals recommend that you mount the 1000w led floodlight on plasterboard or wood.  You may also use Mansory surfaces. Surfaces such as plastic and polystyrene tend to come off as highly inflammable, so avoiding them is best.

The recommended height for installation is 2 to 3 meters.

Power Source

Once you have decided the location make sure the decided location has an available power source. You can also find an inside outlet from a wire that can run to the source. Make sure the circuit you choose can handle the additional load. The circuit load should not be more than 80 percent of the total load capacity. For example, if you are using a 20 amp circuit, your load should not be more than 16 amp. If the wattage exceeds the maximum with the newly installed light, you will have to use another power source or install a new powerful circuit.

Once you have made sure the circuit is fit for use cut off the power source while you install the 1000w led flood light.

Prepare the fixture

Use a ladder to reach your position. Remember, the higher the led floodlight is installed, the more effective it will be. Use an electric drill and hole saw to cut a hole. The hole should be large enough to accommodate the electrical cable to the junction box. The fish tape is the only thing useful when trying to seal the connection.

Connect Power to the fixture

The power of the circuit should be shut off from the homes’ main circuit board. You can verify using a high voltage neon circuit tester. If you feel unsure then shut off all the power from the main circuit breaker. A flat head screwdriver will remove the knockout at the junction box. Twisting the two ends connects the fixture’s ground wire to the one in the box. You can use needle-nose pliers to assist you in twisting.

The installer will connect the yellow wire to the earth terminal ‘E’. The brown live wire will go with the live terminal ‘L.’ Lastly; the blue wire will go into the neutral terminal. Once you finish with the wiring, make sure that there are no bare wires and the cable restraint is tight.

Test the light

Now the light installing process ends; it’s time to press the magic button. Reactivate the main circuit and step outside to see how illuminated your location looks.  If your light has an additional motion sensor installed, make sure you check if that is working as well. You can adjust the lighting, time, and distance knob on the sensor head.


The maintenance of a 1000w led floodlight is minimal. The led lamp appears sealed and irreplaceable by all means.

1000w led flood light

Take Away  On 1000w Led Flood Light

Installation of the 1000w led floodlight is an easy task. You have to ensure you follow the instructions carefully and take the necessary precautions during installation.

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