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MYL-A-3 solar LED garden light
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MYL-A25-3 LED garden light


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MYL-A25-3 LED garden light 2750lm, Optional Hood, Low MOQ, 5 years warranty, Suitable for outdoor court lighting.

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Single Pillar Garden Light 25W MY L-A25-3 series


Minimalist designMinimalist garden lights, very modern style, installed in parks, gardens, roads, backyards, it looks more romantic

LEDsSMD 3030 100pcs

DriverUse the best power supply in the industry, MEAN WELL, with a 5-year warranty

Mounting holesThrough the screws on the side, you can install a light pole with a diameter of 60-80mm

Glow color2700K warm white light; 4000K white light; 6500k cool white light

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Led Power
Led chip
30pcs 3030
100pcs 3030
100pcs 3030
Luminous Flux
 Beam angle
 Symmetrical: 120°
 Input Voltage
 Optional with $10 extra cost
 Product Size
 IP Grade
 Carton size
 IK Grade
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