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Shocking Facts about led Street Lights Light Pollution
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Shocking Facts about led Street Lights Light Pollution

led Street Lights Light Pollution
The LED lamp is an electronic device that generates light while consuming little energy, so it has a longer service life and less environmental impact. Similarly, led street lights light pollution is also there. In this article, we shall go through the pros and cons of led light on environment. 

Definition of LED Lamp

Light Emitting Diodes (LED), is an electronic component common to transform electrical energy into light energy. This is the technology that an LED light uses to light up an environment. In fact, this lamp needs a lesser amount of power to generate the same brightness as an incandescent lamp. Therefore, it has a greater cost-benefit ratio than the others, in addition to many other advantages.

Advantages of LED Light for Consumer

These are the main advantages of the LED lamp, which make it the best option for consumers around the world:

  • Less energy consumptionto generate the same lighting as other types of lamps.
  • Greater durability, being 25 times more durable than incandescent lamps and 4 times longer than fluorescent ones.
  • It does not emit infrared and ultraviolet rays,which offers greater safety for those who use them.
  • Versatility of sizes and models, allowing you to decorate an environment in a different way.

For these reasons, its higher unit cost is reflected in a better cost-benefit ratio.

The ecological side of led street lights light pollution

The popularity of LED lamps reflects the global trend towards a more sustainable lifestyle. This is in line with the current needs of the planet. In this sense, in addition to the benefits presented to the consumer, the led street lights light pollution has some negative impacts too.

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lamps do not contain toxic and polluting substances, such as mercury. In other words, it is an ecologically correct product. It is easy to dispose of, both in common garbage and in recyclable garbage collectors.

The LED lighting is already a reality in thousands of homes. The economic and environmental benefits have boosted the large investment in the use of this type of light sources. This is increasingly avoiding the use of more conventional ones.

led Street Lights Light Pollution 2021

The Miracle emergence of led street lights

There is no doubt that led street lights light pollution has already emerged with the lighting monopoly of homes and businesses. In this way, the new European rules will force the extinction of halogen lamps at the expense of the former.

The approval of these regulations aims to progressively end with the monopoly of those types of contaminating lighting that contribute little to energy efficiency and energy savings.

Initially, LEDs could only emit red, green or yellow lighting. Currently and depending on their characteristics, they can already offer any color, with white being one of the most common, especially in bathrooms.

In fact, almost all mirrors for sale for this division of the house have LED lighting. Contrary to popular belief, they do not have led street lights light pollution intensity, nor do they break down over time.

Before betting on the use of these, it is recommended to consult the contracted electric power and tariff.

How does LED lighting contribute to reducing electrical consumption?

Of the various advantages of LED lighting, one of the most relevant is energy savings. Lamps that use this energy source consume up to two and a half and nine times less than low consumption and conventional lamps respectively. And these very positive values ​​are due to:

High energy efficiency 


This reduction in consumption is possible thanks to the fact that LED lighting is uniform, that is, it projects the focus on a certain point, preventing it from being lost through the house’s division. In this way, by having a greater number of lumens, it better optimizes the light that is emitted.

It is adjustable

Many of the lamps or LED lights have a knob that allows you to adjust the light intensity. To this, and thanks to home automation, others incorporate motion sensors so that the lighting load is greater or less, depending on the number of people in the house.

led street lights light pollution do not emit heat

LED lamps do not emit heat, a big advantage especially in the summer months. If, for example, you turn on your led street lights light pollution at this time to spend all night watching TV or even reading, it will not be necessary to turn on the air conditioning.

Immediate lighting

LED lights do not need a charging time to achieve full illumination, something that happens with fluorescent lights. Switching off or switching on is immediate, which has advantages in the electricity bill.

led street lights light pollution and the environmental impact

However, and although LED lighting can have energy-saving advantages, we cannot rule out the environmental disadvantages arising from led street lights light pollution. According to the researchers, outdoor lighting, through light pollution, degrades ecosystems across the planet.

In addition to more and more “we are running out of night”, due to the excessive increase in LED consumption, for these researchers, the migration from outdoor lighting to LED technology is not having the expected benefits in relation to global consumption of energy, jeopardizing biodiversity.

What studies say about led street lights light pollution?

Studies show that led street lights light pollution can compromise the well-being of any organism on the planet, including human beings. Lighting during night hours has long been considered a polluting environment.

This can affect the daily lives of animals, plants and microorganisms, but also humans, as it disturbs the circadian rhythm. Moreover, this can cause irregularities in metabolism. According to the German ecologist, Franz Holker, the increased use of LED and the increase in brightness at night will affect our sleep.


Some of the experts in the field indicate that this problem can be alleviated with a good shielding of these street lamps and other lighting elements that shouldn’t emit light above the horizon, in addition to not emitting more light than necessary.

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