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Led street light vs hps street lights: 5 Tips for Home Décor
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Led street light vs hps street lights: 5 Tips for Home Décor

light vs hps street lights
LED lamps are increasingly gaining space in the market. They are here to stay and replace the led street light vs hps street lights for good. This is because of the many benefits that LED can bring.

Firstly, this type of lighting is currently the most cost-effective. With affordable prices and quality light, which really lights up the room. Not to mention that the life of LED lamps can be up to 25% longer than that of conventional lamps.

What led street light vs hps street lights carry?

Secondly, these lamps feature extremely low energy consumption and can offer savings of up to 90% compared to other options. Besides helping the environment, one of its best benefits.

Finally, we can also mention that the light emitted by these lamps does not emit heat or UV radiation, being great allies. It comes to keeping environments cool and protecting your health.

In addition, LEDs can be found in different shapes, sizes and colors, allowing for an even greater range of application possibilities in your home decor. Check out some tips:

5 tips for decorating your home with LED lamps

If you have already been convinced by the benefits provided by led street light vs hps street lights, then the next step is to know some tips. And ways to apply these lamps in your home environments.

  1. Take into account the style of the environment

As mentioned, LED lamps are easy to find in different colors, shapes and intensities. You have to choose yours according to the characteristics of the environment you would like to light.

For example, a kitchen needs to be brighter and have good lighting, especially over food preparation areas.

While in the bathroom, one of the ideal places for LED lights is around the mirror, especially to help with makeup use. The rooms, on the other hand, should have lights that give the feeling of coziness and allow the eyes to rest.

2. Choose the color and temperature of the light carefully


Color temperature doesn’t mean how warm it will be. This term is good to define the tone of the led street light vs hps street lights. With the most yellowish being the warm colors and the bluish tones referring to the cold colors.

Warm colors are good to create more cozy environments, while cold lights end up creating greater dynamism and increasing the level of attention in the tasks performed in that place.

3.Use indirect led street light in environments

Instead of having just a lamp in the center of the room, a great option for home decoration is to divide the light spots. It is in various points of the room, strategically, illuminating it indirectly.

After all, lots of light doesn’t necessarily make for good lighting!

4.Use all possibilities: led street light vs hps street lights

It is not only the led street light vs hps street lights that will decorate your home. But it is an important point. Take advantage of lampshades, chandeliers, sconces and place smaller lamps elsewhere in the room, behind panels, etc. It creates different aesthetic effects, depending on the environment.

  1. Also take advantage of the external lighting

If one of your goals with LED lamps is to save on your electricity bill, this tip can help you even more. Enjoy outside lights like the sun itself or city street lights. Use the windows and create environments in strategic locations. It is in order to take advantage of this external lighting and add even more sophistication to your home.

LED strip is very versatile and adaptable in various environments. Surely you have come across a decoration made up of LED strips.

The LED strip is available in different sizes, powers and colors. They are economical and have a long service life.

But what is LED strip?

The LED strips are widely good conductive power in Led for decoration that transform a small amount of energy into light.

light vs hps street lights 2021

LED led street light vs hps street lights strips are energy conductors composed of light emitters. They are semiconductor materials that can transform a small amount of electrical energy that passes through them into a beam of light.

The light is not intense enough to illuminate entire places. The light emitted by the LED strip is very specific to signal the decorative composition of various environments.

What is the impact of led street light vs hps street lights strips?

LED strips can make amazing effects providing comfort and innovation. Depending on the environment, you can use it on headboards, crown molding, handrails, stair floors and many alternatives depending on your creativity.

What is the difference between the 3528 LED strip and the 5050 LED strip?

The 3528 LED strip is measuring 8mm in width and generally 5m in length and 300 LEDs with a size of 3.5mm by 2.8mm. Its average consumption is 5w per meter. Moreover, it can be cut to the size you want, and it usually has spaces for cutting every three LEDs.

Learn more about the 3528 LED strip on the page LED IP 65

strip The 5050 LED strip is 10 mm wide, it is more powerful compared to the 3528, because in addition to having triple LEDs, its LEDs are larger, measuring 5 mm per 5 mm.

The 5050 and 3528 tapes are available in an RGB version, that is, in color, but they can also be purchased in a monochrome version.

There are other models of LED strips available on the market and they vary in size, colors, price consumption, which makes this decoration item accessible to all audiences.

Understand led street light vs hps street lights variables

It is very important to understand the variables that can increase the number of accidents at work. They affect the health, physical integrity of workers and can be tragic.

Employees who carry out activities in well-lit places are happier, feel safe and produce more. Therefore, companies are using lighting design as a strategy to stand out in the market. In this post, we will explain the relationship between work accidents and lighting in the professional environment.


Led street light vs hps street lights is a safety factor for carrying out many productive activities. The lack of visibility makes it difficult to use machinery safely and can cause serious problems for companies. Poor lighting hinders the performance of employees and reduces their work pace, in addition to causing errors due to a lack of perception of details.

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