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How to easily install led street light pole for outdoor lighting?
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How to easily install led street light pole for outdoor lighting?

led street light pole 2021
The specialists of our company daily answer dozens of customer questions about the specifics of connecting led street light pole. People are worried about the task of correctly connecting LED lighting fixtures to the power grid with their own hands.

We sell LED Street light of various types for home and office:

  • built-in
  • overhead
  • Ceiling
  • office
  • and many others.

The rules and methods for connecting luminaires are absolutely the same and do not depend on the design option.

What street light led information you will find in this article?

In this article, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions from non-electrical customers. We hope that our recommendations will help home craftsmen connect any number of LED Street light with high quality and safety.

For example, take a look at a photo of a standard led street light pole into a suspended ceiling. A small conversion unit and two wires for connecting to the mains are visible. The electronics of the unit rectifies, stabilizes and reduces the AC input voltage to the desired value.

How many connectors you need to fix led street light pole?

Often there is a need to connect 2, 3, 4 LED street light from one switch. For example, in an apartment with stretch ceilings and several lighting devices distributed over the entire ceiling area of ​​each room. In practice, three main schemes are common that implement different routing topologies:

Consistent: Plus: low consumption of wires and time.

Cons: decrease in brightness in proportion to the number of connected devices; if one device fails, all the others stop working.

Parallel: The brightness of the light sources corresponds to the factory settings. A malfunction of the lighting device does not affect the normal operation of the others.


  • Parallel wiring diagram of a led lamp
  • Beam diagram for connecting the lamp

One-button and two-button led street light pole switches

When installing lighting wiring, both one-button and two-button switches are common. Let’s consider their features:

Single- key – designed to control one or a whole group of led street light pole. One pair of contacts;

Connection diagram of the luminaire to a one-button switch

Two- key – allow you to turn on / off two separate LED lighting devices or two groups, for example, in different areas of the living room or hall ground connection.

Installation tools for led street light pole

In the process of installation work, you will need high-quality tools and materials. It is necessary to prepare pliers, nippers (side cutters), a regular and indicator screwdriver with well-insulated handles.

For wire-to-wire connections, Wago clamp-on terminal blocks are ideal. Standard plastic screw terminal blocks are a little cheaper.

Technological progress is doing its job. If earlier in the assortment of stores there were only classic incandescent led street light pole, today you can easily find, in addition to them, fluorescent, energy-saving, LED, LED street light. All of these names are present in the lighting market. The most popular are energy saving and LED street light. How do they differ from each other?



Compact fluorescent street light, invented later than the classic incandescent street light, differed from the latter, in addition to the principle of operation, in their reduced power consumption.  When the production of devices began, in which a semiconductor diode acts as a light source, they began to be called “LED”.

Led street light pole design

An energy-saving (fluorescent) lamp is a hermetically sealed glass bulb filled with an inert gas and mercury vapor under low pressure. The voltage applied to the contacts causes an electrical discharge and luminescence of the phosphor on the walls of the flask.

The led street light pole consists of a base, a board with LEDs mounted on cooling heat sinks, an electronic power converter and a plastic or glass case. The light source is a semiconductor diode.

Dimensions and shape of led street light pole

To increase the luminous flux with optimal overall dimensions, the bulb of energy-saving Street light has to be twisted into a spiral. But even this form in some cases does not allow it to be built into the plafond.

Unlike fluorescent light sources, LED light sources can be of almost any shape and be so miniature that they are suitable for any luminaire, including trendy spot versions.

Life time performance

Domestic and foreign manufacturers are represented on the lighting equipment market. Both of them claim that the life of energy-saving Street light is on average 10 thousand hours. For LED devices, the average operating time is set in the range from 30 to 60 thousand hours.

Both fluorescent and led street light pole sources fade over time during operation. Therefore, to estimate the service life, it will be more correct to take into account the warranty period of the device, declared by the manufacturer. LED Street light must have a trouble-free life of at least three years.

 Safety and environmental friendliness

From this point of view, energy-saving street light, unlike LED ones are not the best option:

  • the flasks are made of glass, which is easy to damage not only during operation, but even during transportation;
  • if damaged, the mercury vapor inside the flask can lead to poisoning;
  • Products require special disposal.

LED models, in turn, are durable and safe, which automatically gives them a serious advantage.

Energy efficiency

If we talk about the differences in the electrical parameters of the led street light pole, then their comparison is clearly in favor of LED. For example, the efficiency of an incandescent lamp is only 5-6%. The rest goes to heating the air.
led street light pole

An energy-saving light bulb has an efficiency of no more than 70%, even under ideal working conditions. With a decrease in the ambient temperature, the efficiency decreases, and in severe frost, the luminaire may not work at all. The same parameter for LED technology approaches 95%.

The Physical Parameters of led street light pole

The physical parameter “light output” is common to determine the efficiency of a particular light source. This is the ratio of luminous flux to power consumption.

A spiral energy-saving led street light pole has an indicator of 78%. The first LEDs produced gave a very bright blue-white light, and therefore covered with a diffusing plastic cap. Such variants had a light output of only 55%. For modern filament models (Filament LED) this parameter reaches 90%.

Luminous flux generated

This term defines the amount of light energy emitted per unit of time, measured in lumens. The higher the value, the brighter the lamp shines. When comparing parameters, you need to take into account one feature. The fact is that the luminous flux is the total energy emit by the source.

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